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Beldingford Manor Silent Assassin Walkthrough

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Posted 26 April 2004 - 03:37 PM

Alrighty, since I couldn't find a better one that the 1 i did, heres the savvy.

Beldingford Manor: Home of the rich and famous...and also the bloodthirsty Lord Beldingford and son Alistair.

Mission Requirements:
Kill Lord Beldingford
Kill Alistair Beldingford
Rescue Richboy Giles Northcott

Step 1: Getting In.

Creep along the bank of the lake towards the right, where the maze is. all the way up to the corner where it meets the wall. Enter sneek mode, and head to the nearest tree to the south. Stay in sneek mode to avoid detection from the guard behind you. When the guard that stands in front of the entrance to the maze walks around the corner, go into the hedgemaze.

Use the map to get to the Southeastern exit of the maze, near the door out to the walkway that heads south along the mansion. USE SNEEK MODE to get by the guard that patrols the area between the house and maze. So i suggest saving here, as you might get caught. Once you are on the other side of the wall, along the path, sneek around the Northeastern tower, and hide on the south side of it, wait till the patrolling guard passes, heading south, towards the front of the mansion. Sneek up behind him and wire him, hide his body behind the bushes, and take his clothes. *NOTE* (You will not lose your Silent Assassin rating if you kill him, as long as it is with a wire, so don't be shy.) Once you have taken his clothes, and grabbed his shotgun, head south and around the front of the manor, keeping your distance from the patrolling guard, and the guards at the front door.

Step 2: Now that you are in... Rescue Richboy

Follow the South Eastern most guards that patrol the path between the stables, and the front of the house. As long as you walk, and keep a normal distance, they won't raise any alarm, or even suspect you. make your way to the back of the stables, and cut the satellite feed. Pick up your shotgun, run inside the barn, and wait behind the hay bails that are to the left as you enter. When the 3 guards pass by to check the box, go into the room that they just came out of, take the key off of the wall, and go into the northern room across from the 1 you just took the key from. Once they re-enter their room, pick up the weedkiller, and dump it into the automatic horse feeder that is in the room with the hay bails. Go back, pick up your shotgun, and run down to the southermost stables and free Giles. Once this is done, go back the way you came, avoiding guards, and to the front lawn again.

Step 3: Time to kill some noblemen.

Save again, when you get to the door that is on the path between the stables and front yard. The guards won't give any alarm, so don't pay any attention to them. Head towards the wall with the ladder, climb up it, and grab the vial of poison from the top of the dresser, and climb back down. Now, face east, and head through the little walkway, immediately to your left is a door, go through it, and be careful to avoid the guards, and make another left. To your left again, should be another door, your map should mark it with a lil blue lightning bolt. Go inside, and turn off the furnace. The lady in the shower will jump out, and go complain. Climb back up the ladder, run through the bathroom to the mirror. Surprise! It's a secret door. Make your way through here, and down and around, until you get to Lord Beldingford's room. I suggest you save here as well, you may have to do this a couple of times. Either while he is asleep, or while he is headed to the toilet, you can poison his milk. Or, if you like to be a little more down and dirty, you can smother him with the pillow. Either way, do so, and head east through the double doors, and on the right, hidden within the bookshelf, is another secret passage.

Step 4: The proverbial Drink of Death.

You will find yourself on the Northeastern Corner of the first floor, 3 guards, and a butler will sometimes enter this room. So if you havent already, SAVE! I admonish you to do this, or you may wish you had. When the room is clear, head through the double doors at the south western part of the room, the easiest way to do this is to time it so that as one guard leaves the room to the west, and another is on his way to the room you are in, to hide behind the door, in sneak mode, and when he opens the door, and passes by, you slip inside, and voila, there ya go. Once inside the dining room, head to the southerm door, then through the eastern one. So that you have gone around Alistair's room. Make your way down the spiral staircase, and wait for the guard in the basement to get lost. Poison the cask, and hide in the celler, until the butler comes down and gets the spiked whiskey for Alistair, once the butler has dissappeared, head back up the spiral stairs back to the first floor.

Step 5: Escape from Beldingford.

Once Alistair is dead, sneak into the room, and hug the western wall, all the way to the door at the north side, his buddy shouldnt notice you, and his back is turned towards the northern door. once the guards inside have vacated themselves, run up to the northern door and pick the lock, i suggest entering sneak mode while you do it, seems to help sometimes. Once you are outside, put the shotgun back into your hands, and walk back to your boat, If you wish, save once you pick the lock as well, just incase you get jumped on the way back, you can just reload, and sneak as needed.

There ya go, Silent Assassin! WOOT!

Questions? Comments? Need more pointers?
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