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Walkthrough: Plutonium Runs Loose

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Your little trick with the GPS transmitter has worked, and the Agency has found out where Boris' ship is docked. Unfortunately, they've also received last minute information that there is a nuke on board! not to mention the fact that Boris is likely to arm it if he feels threatened. Gee thanks, Diana - you could've told us sooner.


- Eliminate Boris
- Nuke must be disarmed
- Take ship to international waters

Contract fee: $75,000.

Suggested shopping list and course of action:

As this is a complicated mission, a map of the level is provided here, and will be referred to in the walkthrough:

Attached File  map1.jpg   158.03K   2 downloads

Note that there are stationary guards and patrolling ones. Patrolling guards come in pairs, and usually walk in opposite directions. The initial locations of the Dobermans are marked, although one would do well to remember that once one comes within proximity of a guard dog, it's not likely to remain stationary!

(there is no Easy Way Out method that is independent of the Cheapskate methods; I have found that the easiest approach also happens to be the cheapest to pull off).

Cheapskate Method #1 (Arms Depot):

- Pentagon knife ($50)

At the start of the mission, you will be dropped off at a quay at the harbour. Turn and climb up the ladder behind you, and quickly go into sneak mode. There is a stationary guard at the nearest corner of the building closest to you (see map), whom you'll have to eliminate if you want a disguise and a firearm. Make sure you circle behind him first before sneaking up to him and letting him have it in the throat - if you run, he'll hear you, and there'll go all your chances of getting through the mission unscathed. Once you're done with him, drag him around to the south side of the building. Notice that there's a patrolling guard who'll walk right up to where our guard was when we killed him; you may want to get rid of him as well for a second MP5.

After harvesting the weapons, you're ready to make your journey to the arms depot. Make your way north to where the two guards are standing in front of a gate. Remember this: in spite of the fact that you're in a disguise, you do not have the gate passwords, ergo you're going to get shot at if you try to go through them on your own. The trick is to follow a guard who's going in your direction very closely (to the point of contact) - he'll tell the sentries the password, and you get to go through the gate. You're going to have to do that each time you go through a guarded gate, by the way.

Of course we're not going to go through all the gates this way. We're going to use the route highlighted in the following map:

Attached File  map2.jpg   146.75K   0 downloads

That way, there will be only two guarded gates to go through (it's much faster than having to wait for people to go in your direction). Follow the purple route to the depot, and watch out when you go through the side gate to the north - there's a guard dog standing nearby, and you do not want to attract its attention in any way. At this point, there is no need to take additional (human) lives.
Attached File  hitman0012.jpg   28.78K   0 downloads

Once you go through the last gate, take out your MP5 - there are dogs to take care off. Kill the two by the warehouses, and then continue south until you come to the supply trucks. A third Doberman will be standing guard there; get rid of it. There's no need to shoot the fourth one, which is on the other side and is therefore unlikely to become alerted, but that really depends on how much you hate the damned things. Go into the first supply truck. Jackpot! There's a whole lot of firearms in here: a Franchi PA3, two Berettas (one is suppressed), a Hardballer, a suppressed MP5... and best of all, a Walther WA2000 sniper rifle. Grab the lot, but leave the shotgun; you're not going to need that.
Attached File  hitman0010.jpg   25.01K   1 downloads

Now make your way back to the warehouse closest to the gate (follow the pink route). Note the position of the snipers in Map 1; you'll have to take care of them, alongside all of the sentries and the one guy to the right. (Ok, so the rooftop guards aren't snipers - they're carrying M16s - but let's just think of them as snipers, to make life easier). To the north of your warehouse is a staircase leading up to a platform - an excellent vantage point for sniping. Get rid of all four guards on this side of the gate, then run quickly to the warehouse where the first sniper was before you gunned him down. From here you should be able to snipe the guard to the north (on top of the water tank; you don't really have to kill him because he's got his back to you, but do him anyway) and the one atop the building after the second gate. Shoot the two sentries, and you're home free.

Drop your Walther - you won't be needing it any longer - and run south to the two warehouses. That white limo that Ivan drove to the gang meeting is parked next to one of them, and is guarded by one guy. There are, however, two patrolling guards, so you'll have to wait until both are out of sight and hearing before you drop the guard. Drag him behind the limo - nobody's going to look there - then get rid of the two patrollers.

In case you're wondering what's with the murder and mayhem here, it's to prevent patrollers from witnessing yet another murder: one that will get you a sailor's uniform so that you can infiltrate the ship. But first, let's fix Boris' car so that if he decides to leg it, he's going to be in for a nice surprise. Take out your bomb and attach it to the driver's side (cutscene). That's it! No need for a remote control this time round: the minute Boris starts up the car, he's going to go out with a mighty bang.

Now back to the ship. Notice that there are three sailors standing around the gangway. Two of them are together; one is conveniently on his own, and that's the one whom you're going to kill. Drag him behind the gangway, take his clothes, and board the ship. Bear in mind that Boris will be arming the nuke pretty soon, so you'd better get the location of the nuke down pat:

Attached File  decks.jpg   92.99K   1 downloads

Attached File  hitman0013.jpg   40.84K   0 downloads

It's right down there on the third deck, and if you were to head there right away, you'd find Ivan in there along with several crew members. If you don't particularly want to get shot at, though, it would be best for you to simply walk around in the ship and poke your nose where it doesn't belong. (Alternatively, you could quietly kill off a guard and leave his body where somebody is likely to stumble upon it). You will then see a cutscene of Boris arming the warhead and crushing the remote under foot before running off. If you want, go back outside and watch his car blow up to smithereens. (A lovely cutscene here).
Attached File  hitman0017.jpg   31.6K   0 downloads

Back to the nuke! Now that it's armed, you have three minutes to get back down to the engine room and disarm the thing before you get blown up to kingdom come. Follow the route marked out in red, and you won't get lost. (After all, it is a big ship). Ignore the crew members in the engine room; your job is to disarm that nuke. (Another cutscene). Phew, that was close.

So Boris is dead, the nuke is safe; all that remains is for you to take the ship to international waters. Of course there's no way you're going to be able to seize control of that ship as long as crew members are around. (Blue-coat sailors don't count). Three of them are in the engine room; a fourth is in a U-shaped chamber at the stern on deck 2. Get rid of them. Then go back upstairs to the main deck where you started out. You'll see staircases leading upstairs. Go all the way up until you come to a pair of doors with steps under them. Go outside and climb up the ladder to the bridge. Kill the captain and start up the engine, and you'll be treated with a final cutscene of 47 navigating the ship into international waters.

Cheapskate Method #2 (without car bomb):

- Pentagon knife ($50)

If getting through this mission fast and dog-free is your aim, forget about the car bomb. All you need are as many guns as you can harvest.

Begin the mission by killing the two guard and taking their MP5s. Head out first gate and, once you're out of sight, kill the guard who led you out and take his weapon. (That's what I call gratitude). Follow the railway tracks north and turn right, and go through the second and third gates the way you did the first. Do not kill any patrolling guards here - if you haven't already noticed, the place is swarming with snipers, none of which will hesitate to open fire at the slightest provocation. After going through the third gate, head south to where the two warehouses and Boris' car is, and get rid of both the car guard and the two patrollers, and the solitary sailor (grab his uniform while you're at it). The guards are carrying M16s, so grab one - you'll be needing it pretty soon.

NOW. Because you do not have a car bomb, you're going to have to do a mob-style hit on Boris. You could board the ship and wait for him to be provoked into arming the nuke, or you could go and quietly kill off another guard (there are patrolling guards to the north of the ship), leave his body for others to find, and wait for one of them to run and alert Boris that there's a madman cutting down his guards. Wait near the gangway until he shows up, and then mow him down with your M16. (Or one of your many MP5s).

Once the nuke has been armed Boris' men are going to run for their lives off the ship, so you won't really have all that many people to worry about. If they come for you, well, you've got all those guns, right? Head down to the engine room, disarm the nuke, kill off the crew members and captain, and seize the ship.

Alternative Method:

Walther WA 2000 Sniper ($9,525) plus ammo ($12 for 6)

If you're the sort who likes indiscriminate violence, bring along a sniper rifle and mow your way through to the ship. That way you won't have to wait for patrolling guards to take you through the gates. (Consult Map 1 for positions of guards, sentries and snipers. If you run out of ammo, you could always go to the arms depot to get more). Remember to take out patrollers and stationary guards before you do the snipers (assuming you're not standing out in the open where they can easily spot and get you): they're the only ones who aren't likely to go running to their bosses the minute the shit hits the fan.

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