1 Year of HITMAN



When we kicked-off HITMAN back in March 2016, we promised weekly live content for the rest of the year and we’re proud that we were able to deliver that. So far we have released 22 Elusive Targets, 44 Escalation Contracts, 4 Challenge Packs and over 100 Featured Contracts plus three Bonus Missions and our Holiday Hoarders surprise – and all of that live content was included for owners of the full game.

Now, you know we’re famous for our infographics ;-). But as a picture paints a thousand words, we wanted to show you some of the things you’ve seen, done or enjoyed in the game if you joined us on this incredible journey.

By the way if you haven’t tried out Contracts mode in a while, there have been a few changes. There is a search and share system plus there are now tags so you can quickly select the type of contract you want to play - so if you love Sapienza and sniper rifles, then you can quickly find a Contract to your liking and with over 250,000 Contracts available to play today that’s a good thing.

We are having a blast making this game, and we hope you are enjoying playing it, whether you joined us a year ago, more recently with the launch of the box or you’ve just joined today…! The HITMAN community is continuing to grow bigger and more awesome every day.

Now is the perfect time to join.

The whole team at IOI would like to thank you for your continued support, feedback, open-mindedness and, of course, your sweet assassinations – keep them coming…!


Sorry guys,gals i messed up the links/images, posting from a phone is a pain in the butt.


70 million challenges completed :open_mouth: holy crap
110 disguises!
This ensures Season 2 will be even greater.


But only 2 prosent(like me) Killed Ken morgan with coconut;)


lolololololol good game


Looks like IOI spent the first months of 2017 making an assessment of S1. Great. Now, they can work on S2. :yum:


Hey IOI, since you like statistics so much, how about bringing our stats screen back? :wink:
@Travis_IOI @Torbjorn_IOI


I’d be interested to see a list of the Elusive Targets sorted from most- to least-played. The Blackmailer being first is interesting… it suggests that the disc release did encourage a big boost in sales.


I wouldn’t have used the word “toughest” - I might have used “unfairest” though. The fact they worded it like that shows they give zero fucks about Courier-gate. “The least successful” wouldn’t have had such a 'HAHAHAHA!" feel to it.


Over 70 million challenges are completed in the game.

I’ve done some counting to know that there’re about 870 challenges including Escalations, Challenge Packs, Elusives, Easter Eggs, Sarajevo Six and Professional Difficulty challenges.

So… how many people have bought the game?


i would like to play Contract Mode more, if there will be cash system, and something that can allow you to progress (like in Absolution was). I don’t have any motivation right now to complete contracts, that don’t gives me nothing.

I would like to have something like a Career Mode, where you can earn money - spend on weapons, gadgets, addons, suits which you could buy in game etc… and some kind of reputation that could allow you to unlock better and better equipement.

Contracts mode at this point is boring for me and pointless, because there aren’t any obiective which i could archive.


I feel you man, but I’ve given up hope on a currency/customisation feature to return. They’ve laid the groundwork for the next few seasons and I don’t see it changing an awful lot.


The blackmailer was the most played one. Ofc cause he camed out during disk release


Most interesting fact for me is how the AI dialogue contains more more words than the lord of the rings trilogy. It really demonstrates how accents in the game would be pretty unfeasable, as it would require than to rerecord a huge amount of lines.


Wow, its so hard for me to imagine hitman ai having more dialog than lotr trilogy combined. I mean that’s absolutely insane. The ai dialog writer for the game could might as well write a hitman trilogy. But I wonder who at IO took the time and liberty to sit and calculate the total number of words in the lotr trilogy lol. Did he/she also include the words in the introduction and about the author xD.


Contracts mode wasn’t made for rewards. The reward is playing the contract. A money system would be broken as so many contracts are very very easy.


It’s always interesting to see some statistics, although I would rather see my own instead of a player wide summary.

I’m having a hard time believing that the AI dialogue contains more words than the Lord of the Rings trilogy, that’s 1660 pages with about ~ 470.000 words.
Even if that’s the case, it’s a bit sad I guess that they weren’t a bit more memorable. All I can think of now is, how many words dialogues such as ‘snail soup’, that is repeated multiple times, account for.


I think the dialogue in this game is super memorable. The writing is great. The occasional bad line or lines you hear all the time stand out, of course. But I love it when you come across uncommon gems that only turn up in weird situations.


Would you mind giving some examples, perhaps I might have overlooked something.


Of uncommon gems that only turn up in weird situations? Stuff like when you steal someone’s clothes and they get woken up and see you, they’ll chase you down saying, “Are those my pants? Hey, give me back my pants!” while people around shout at him, “Put some clothes on, asshole!” Or all the dialogue about specific locations comes up very infrequently. If someone searches a storeroom and you’re hiding, they’ll say “Nothing in the storeroom but… storeroom stuff. It’s storing storeroom stuff.” I love coming across fairly unique pieces of dialogue like those.

If you want examples of good, memorable writing, Strandberg’s speech when you’re giving him a massage comes to mind.