1 Year of HITMAN


My thoughts exactly. I’m not calling IO liars but… come on. It can’t be true.


I disagree with that logic as an answer to the question of ‘why is there little incentive to play Contracts?’

They could take several steps to ensure a balance with a cash system, such as only allowing 1 completion of any created contact, and having low parameter contracts with little restrictions or single targets that seem ‘easy’ rewarding you with less of a payout.

I enjoyed the style of Absolution’s Contracts way more and see no reason why they cannot tweak that system to work in this title.


There is no way of ensuring balance with the cash system, you’d have to simply trust people not to abuse it. For example, I could make a contract killing Rocco and 4 secluded people in Caruso’s mansion disguised in the suit and with a pistol and it would pay the same as a contract which is a lot more complex.


There are ways, they can limit the High Value Contracts based on your current Challenge Mastery level of the location the contract is on for example, so you have to gain a reputation to advance up the ladder for more lucrative contracts. If they obtain the licenses for the real model weapons a reward system unlocking more weapons in this mode could be introduced and give the players a sense of career achievement as their reputation on a location advances. Maybe seperate te Mastery equipment items from weapons altogether and unlock them in Contracts using a Weapon List level system based on the specific Challenge Mastery the player is at, and allow the availability of these weapons in their player created contracts as a reward. Players with high reputation on a location will turn into arms dealers essentially making their Contracts worthwhile for others to complete. They could do many things, the 1st season is one giant experiment of ideas, they just need time to conceive and implement.

A cash system would benefit Elusive Mode also and fit the “Hitman Fantasy” format they’re doing with that mode, certainly better than getting a pair of gloves with an outfit already owned.


Please no, I wouldn’t want to grind to level to play contracts.

An elusive targets economy system would be awesome. I’d rather gadgets be left to mastery, while suits and weapons (like MP5s and actual weapons) and you can gain money from Featured contracts (IOI select the value of the contract) Elsuive Targets and completing the Main Missions (so you can grind main missions if you want to).

My point still stands that contracts mode should be played for enjoyment and not reward, however.


Not really what I am saying they should do, MY point is there is opportunity for them to do many things while you’re argument is nothing can be done.


I’m sure an economy system would be great, but I get annoyed when people say ‘I don’t play them because there isn’t any incentive to play them’


I play them I am.just one of the opinion that the mode can be better. What’s your thoughts on escalations?


Oh yea, they should have rewards too. I play the good, but I don’t particularly enjoy most of them, so I don’t play them. Doubt a reward would change that, unless it was very valuable.


But does Hitman season 1 really need more rewards? If it does, what rewards would you all have that we don’t already have?

Rewards is cool, but i don’t need more rewards, because my agent 47 have everything he needs and more :blush:, so now i play escalations for the challenges, well i have always played escalations for the challenges, not just for complete 10 escalations to unlock the gun.


Maybe IO-I could save some of the rewards and use it for rewards in escalations instead?


If you’re one of the opinion that a lot is missing that isn’t currently in the game, or that what we do have isn’t very useful then yes absolutely


Like what? Don’t say the briefcase :smiley:, i know we miss that one.

I think all rewards is useful, i don’t use everything, but they are not useless for others, that’s why i’m curious about what rewards we need that we don’t already have.


I am too burned out on that topic I am afraid, visit the Square-Enix hitman forum and you will see a lot of ideas and suggestions. I will say that I would like to see items that have always been in the traditional franchise return, especially the ones that symbolize Hitman as a brand.




actual game:


Absolution had a money system and it worked beautifully. Did it not? So why not use the same system?


I don’t know, I never played Absolution.


I did, money reward and buying upgrades worked very well in Absolution, so i was a bit surprised it wasn’t in Season 1 :cry:.


Agreed, as much as I enjoy contracts mode in the latest game and the freedom that it provides I think the monetry system in Absolution was brilliant.


Believe it or not, it’s true… And yes, even if snail lady said snail soup a couple of time, its still a lot of … words. And yes words, not a coherent narrative. When writing AI, memorable is not something that you aim at, actually you go for things that are as generic as can be. So I’m actually quite happy with the Not Memorable AI :slight_smile: And I know, sometimes a specific lines seems to haunt you all over, but we really go for huge variation in number of AI lines, to make the game even more replayable…


Yeah, even now, a year after release with 800 hours of gameplay, I sometimes hear some new dialogue :smiley: