10 New Featured Contracts (5th May)


Congratulations to @Urben, @Ed_ll3, @JosephMartin, @Quine, @LSxO, @Bending_Cheese67, @hitwoman47, @_jrok and all the other who got their contract featured!

Interesting note: This batch has a contract from every location but Colorado (thanks IOI)

Also, what is up with Witness Protection Program? It still has an ID (the first digit is 0) and the creator is Anonymous instead of Community.


Before you guys play my contract: I’m sorry :open_mouth:


These look like a really good bunch! I realized how much I like Featured Contracts when I started playing them immediately instead of the new Elusive or Escalations.

Mirror Mirror forces you to do a loud explosive kill that isn’t an explosion exit! I had a hard time figuring out how to enforce something like that. Looks really interesting to play.

High Time is identical to an older contract I played called A Business Holiday by JRok. But I think that’s the same guy who made this one, so I think he just updated it. It and Not Exactly Bulletproof Glass are both solid sniper contracts.

Stay Outside the Fence is mine, and I’m pleased with it. It’s quick to complete (I can do it in under a minute) and I doubt it’ll be anyone’s favorite, but I’m proud of it because the gameplay is so unique… it turns the game into a carnival shooting gallery. Plus, it does something interesting with the ICA facility, which is rare.

Congrats to all!


Why are you sorry? It wasn’t supposed to be good enough to be featured or the difficulty is unbearable?


Yea both. Noone has a SA yet and me neither. I try to make a good score atm. The thing is that the contract is not focused around flow but a songtext.

There are really easy ways to kill the targets. Just not in a good manner I fear.

EDIT: I fear I submitted it a long time ago. Didnt thought about it then again after it got not featured. Would have put it back if I knew that. Well you guy’s problem now :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s like that on PC too. Also, the icon on the thumbnail isn’t a star.


Last Resort got featured. Now you guys will have some fun


Thanks @Silverballer! @Quine High Time and A Business Holiday are both my contracts, just with alternate titles.


Thanks @Silverballer @Quine.

Was a bit like this when I saw Mirror Mirror on the list instead of the Gelateria contract-

However I did only put that on the DB and SE site yesterday morning, so to be expected I guess. I think only @ILikeGAMESish and maybe a couple of others have played MM on XB, so it’s still fairly fresh. Hopefully whoever does give it a try enjoys it, and congrats to all the others with contracts featured. :slight_smile:


Well done man! Like I said before, top contract that needed some love :smiley:


Hey, congrats to all who got their contracts featured this time around! :smiley::+1:

Awesome job guys!


So if that’s how you feel about your own contract then what is the criteria that ioi uses to pick contracts? Makes you wonder. O.o


pro kiniu rekt me


The last times they chose the one with the most leaderboard entries (in my case) and… well went pretty okay with it I guess. Now with an ET at The Icon they might wanted to have my contract so much featured, that they closed one eye too much for other criterias?

We can only guess.


Or maybe they don’t play them at all and they are picked by the screenshots :upside_down_face:


I Call Shotgun 1.26 on PS4.


I am almost certain IO just has a nice, big top hat they draw names out of. Do a little dance, as well.


I haven’t tried Sunglasses at Night, so I don’t know how it plays… but it’s obviously not picked randomly. It has a really strong and really apparent theme. (“Look at all these bozos wearing sunglasses at night. Let’s go kill them to the sound of Corey Hart.”)

Experienced players don’t really care about theme at all. But it’s important to have one or two contracts like that each time – especially front-page contracts – in order to get new players interested in contracts mode. You see a lot of people online thinking that Featured Contracts suck because they’re just random targets around the map. These players don’t get it yet. You can pull them in by showing them contracts that have something obviously neat about them. And then maybe they’ll explore the system.

Of course, a contract shouldn’t be featured if the gameplay is a total disaster… but I bet this one is not a total disaster.


I Call Shotgun - 1:42


Yea this calms me down somewhat.

I still try to do the contract in a way I have in mind, around 5:30min. But the ammount of random events make it really hard. Gonna continue tomorrow.