10 New Featured Contracts (5th May)


I Call Shotgun - SA/SO 1:19

Credit goes to @o_O , i just remixed his route a little bit. Can be grinded down to 1:16, maybe less, with enough luck.


Great sniper contract. Pretty enjoyable!:grinning:


I Call Shotgun SA/SO

I’m sure there are faster ways, I just wanted a route with the Terrorist Attack trick and a Crystal Ball huehuehuehuehue.



Mirror Mirror SA rekky:


Last Resort SA (3:31)




Mirror Mirror SA sub 5 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


nice one mate, i didn’t thought about that starting position i suck


Low skill Requiem suit special:

High Time (1:57)



That’s awesome.Hope you enjoyed my contract. My time on Ps4 is 2.43 starting at restaurant. I never knew that turning on the sauna for that guy makes the other woman walk away. So now I know of 7 different ways to kill her, but I thought knockout and dump is body found?


Yea, your contract is awesome. Think I should improve my time since yours are nearly 1 min faster than I did. And to my knowledge, it’d be body found if you snapped her neck or shot her to death, in other words, non-accident kills will result in body found.


Pushing is no body found but subdue and dump was body found did they change it


Improved I Call Shotgun a little more, now 1:16


My run on my featured contract “Sunglasses At Night” (5:23min) music included!
I wrote a longer description under the video, you might want to check it out :slight_smile: I had alot of fun doing it, but I am glad that it is done.


Damn man. This song coincides with a serious of very hellish events in my life. I like the remix you used. Btw the last target has a wrong target picture than the actual noc right


^True, told IOI that back when I submitted it. I guess they don’t care too much.
Glad you like it. I cut the audio myself, wanted to keep it more instrumental. :slight_smile: If it coincides with you past, I hope you can make something positive out of it, atleast something more special than with “regular” contracts.


If you know any more songs with good beats like this, message me them


No idea how I did this but 42s