10 New Featured Contracts (5th May)



It’d be body found when the dump (No Eliminate) prompt pops up and you press dump.[quote=“LSxO, post:34, topic:16375, full:true”]
Pushing is no body found but subdue and dump was body found did they change it


Now that @LSxO has beaten my own best time, I can post a video of my best run for Stay Outside the Fence. 49 seconds… still topping the PC charts. I could shave off a few seconds if I were better at aiming or using a mouse, but 42 seconds is ridiculous and has gotta be using a slightly different strat.

(Edit: oh, there’s a 43s run already on Youtube. Now I see the trick! A trick, anyway. Blended some strategies together and got 41s!)


Neo_rah has got 32 seconds now on Ps4


Was #1, but a certain noted cheater posted 0:11. I’m sure that’s totally legit. :unamused:

EDIT: Also I just wanted to note that I’d consider this a good contract that isn’t fun to play at high skill level, so to speak. There are way too many random factors (I’ve almost gotten 28s multiple times but been boned by pure RNG). At this point improving my time is a complete coin flip; my execution doesn’t change, the only thing that can push my time lower is for things I have no control over to go my way all at the same time. That’s extremely frustrating.


Reminds me of the worst mechanic in the history of games: random headturning


sub 20 possible. Just keep on trying!


My route of The Evil Stalker. :slight_smile:


I feel that possibly if it wasn’t in the title of the contract maybe people wouldn’t figure out you can do it quickly inside the fence. People would waste time going inside and ud be #1


I rekt the cheater huehue


silly question, but how do you get your contract featured?


Considering that 2 or 3 are pretty much exactly the same, I wouldn’t doubt it.


I hope they did. I never liked the ko then dump as as accident. Or they need to separate Pushing/pulling.


Just create something that you consider it’s really good in many points of it’s structure and submit it. A colorful description and title help quite a lot.


Submit it here for the best shot at a featured: http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=188606


rip kiniu


Slightly delayed, but all the new contracts have been added to http://www.hitmandb.com/contracts.php

To my positive surprise, only 3 of the 10 had to be linked to the placeholder account (Unkinown creator). If you made Last Resort, WITNESS PROTECTION PARADISE or The Evil Stalker and want to have it linked to your HitmanDB account, let me know and tell me what your account name is.