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Is anyone else experiencing this bug on Sunglasses at Night? Whenever a guard picks up a piece of contraband, they immediately drop it. It affects all the guards I tried. Weirdly, the bug isn’t present on the main Icon mission.

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I think it’s related to player checkpoint proximity. The same thing can happen in A House Built on Sand when guards are taking things into the weapon box in the cafe through the front entrance, if you’re too close. There’s a checkpoint directly beneath where you are.

Try being very far away and see what the guard does.


Interesting… OK, I’ll try. But I tried on two other guards as well, and they did the same thing, so it’d be pretty coincidental. (Also, what’s a checkpoint in this context?)

Edit: Huh, you’re right, moving away worked. If both the guard and I are in a certain area, he’ll drop the item, but we’re safe if only one of us is in the area. The top of the clock tower is also broken in this way.


Checkpoints are areas where a guard is standing and informs you that you cannot pass. The behavior of AI near these areas seems to change when a player is within a certain distance from the checkpoint itself. The Icon has a number of checkpoints due to the layout of the movie set, and I’m guessing these checkpoints have some degree of Z axis reach just in case. Possibly infinite, if the tower is also a problem, as there’s another checkpoint directly adjacent to the tower on the ground level.

Another good example is the guard on the set near the special effects crew area. Not only will he not respond normally to distractions, merely being near him will cause other NPCs to not respond normally to distractions either.


Aha, thank you! I’ve noticed for a while that guards who frisk you don’t respond to distractions correctly; it’s frustrated a few contracts I’ve tried to make before. I didn’t realize that it has to do with the space that they’re in rather than something about the individual guards’ AIs.

Edit: on reflection, it’s weird that I couldn’t replicate this issue on the main Icon mission, because the checkpoints are the same. Maybe I wasn’t standing in the right spot, or maybe this glitch weirdly only affects contracts mode.




Sick, great job, bit of coin luring abuse tho wouldnt u say, and how does the falling object kill work? She never sits under the falling object


The lamps of Hokkaido can be sent flying laterally if you place a explosive in a certain way.


^believe this guy, he has business with flyin’ lamps.



1:29 with glitch



@Urben: I’ve been trying desperately to do your excellent contract, but one of the security guard targets continues to pick up a weapon I dropped and drop it himself over and over again. Very frustrating. :unamused:

He complied once on one of my practice runs. I completed it anyway after getting spotted to get a sense of the time, but nothing I do now seems to help. I’ve gone to the other side of the map (testing out the proximity theory), he still drops it over and over again. I’ve quit the game, restarted the console. Nothing works. Now to my embarrassment I’ve completed a contract without SA rating and there’s nothing I can do about it. :angry:


Yeah… gotta solve the contract without guards picking up contraband, unfortunately. It makes that target a real annoyance.

There are a few other options. Sometimes he takes the body killed with an explosion down to the bathrooms. But this is quite slow, and it’s random which guard takes the body down. You can also shoot him in the arm from the lawyer’s office or hippie’s room to lure him, but I had a really hard time consistently doing this without getting spotted. I was working on this for a while but I eventually quit… I’ll go back to it soon.


Aw that sucks. I’ve seen this bug too, but not that extreme like you guys. Have you tried different weapons? I dropped a gun right before his feets and it worked out. Really weird.


I found that if I drop something at his feet then the security guard standing by the toilet area entrance comes over and fumbles with it. However, when it did work, that’s what I did. I dropped a gun at his feet, the other guy came over, picked it up and dropped it. I then dropped a BC where I did in the video, picked up the gun which the other guy dropped, someone reported the BC to the target, who then picked it up and went off down the stairs to the toilet area. I might experiment with that, but it’s all wasting time and ruining a well designed - and difficult! -
contract. The fibre wire kill on Bosco is a challenge! I’ve got two strategies, but both are critical on timing and this weapon drop fiasco is affecting the likelihood of pulling it off. The only other option is to lure all the guards one at a time using an audio distraction into the lawyer’s office foyer, but that takes too long.


What can happen is that if he reacts to your weapon dropping (“hey you can’t leave that around!”) another guard happens to be triggered by the weapon as the target is still busy with you. Try to drop it in a blind angle for other guards.


I spent nearly two hours trying everything I could think of (I’m sure you’ve seen the short video I put in the bug thread), but all to no avail. Anyway, I found a workaround. I could probably shave about one minute off this time if the weapon drop worked. It’s such a shame because I really enjoyed this contract: the placement of the targets and trying to figure out an efficient solution.

Sunglasses At Night (6:08)


Yea too bad it didn’t worked out like you wanted. Still fun to see your run, it is very different to mine. :slight_smile:


High Time w/ 2 kills from oob, @WRP_Beater found this trick


With ten new ones tomorrow I seem to be so far behind with these. Here are another two. Nothing special.

I Call Shotgun (2:01)

Luigi Murder (2:06)

Did anyone else have massive problems losing No Bodies Found / No Noticed Kills bonuses on I Call Shotgun? Unless I got a double headshot then I always seemed to lose one or both.