10 New Featured Contracts (Aug 11th 2017)


It was the featured contract: Finalize Robbery in Bangkok.
You started off at the party room and fired a shot toward the ceiling.


Vampire Blood (3:51)


Ok, Bending Cheese. In your mission you posted for “The Lang Kiss Goodnight”, you carried a sniper rifle in your suit???
Don’t they spot that as a crime?
Or was it because no one saw you.
I noticed you were bumping into people. Was that for a reason?

Thanks. Very good execution.


That’s some true dedication. :+1:


On the Lang Kiss 56 sec. mission, I would not necessary call that stupid.
He did accomplish the mission.
Whatever works.


I was fast enough, i just kept running and they didnt have enough time to spot me


Fkgfw: In your Enforcer Hunt-Gardener featured mission gameplay you got never spotted and no noticed kills or bodies found in your rating.

When you threw the remote duck you blew up the mower which in turn blew up the target.
I see that.
Then the next target you shot him in the leg then shot a barrel?
The next part, I have no idea what you did. It looked like you shot one guy in the leg then knocked the other guy out who was running away.

Very efficient take downs.


There is a chandelier above the target’s seat. It can be hard to see the chain sometimes because of the balloons but all I did was shoot the chandelier down onto him. You have to do it quickly because he’s sitting down and once he does the chandelier drop will kill the guy sitting next to him as well.


Fkgfw, I watched your “The Mysterious Funeral”.
In fact I watched it several times, and I still don’t know what your did.

It was awesome though.


General question:
When you tackle this featured contracts, do you plan what you are going to do ahead of time?
I would think you would have to know the map pretty well and where the targets are.

Some pretty impressive performances.


Its not my run but I can explain the two kills for you.

Leg shots work this way: When you leg shot one or more without them spotting you doing so and take them out before they get back up you wont get spotted.
The the second kill works this way: All vehicle explosions are accident kills (so no body found, noticed kills or anything like that). By leg shooting him he gets in the proximity of the bike and with one bullet he leaks the gas and with another lets it explode.


That was sooo beautiful. GG


Ok, I understand the leg shot and knock out move. But what about the target who ran away, then got knocked out with the propane I think? He then dragged and dropped him over the balcony.


Right. Throwing targets over a railing counts as an accident too.



Another one:

Fail at the end.


BC is so uesful, a good bc= a silenced ducker


Silver Lining SA (1:29)


Your play is bedazzling! GG


In that Silver Lining contract, did you plan 2 remote explosive devices?
How come the guard did not see the first one?
Or was it because you did in a blink of an eyelash?