10 New Featured Contracts (Aug 11th 2017)


The first BC is not visible to anyone, as for the second one I kind of glitched it into the corner so it’s invisible huehueheuhue.


Blood and Muscle | Xbox


vampire blood 3:36


I’m so far behind with these featured contracts.

The Finalize Robbery (1:31)

@SpeedsterRunner217: I enjoyed this so much after streaming it, I had to go back. I’m pleased with how it worked out in the end.


@Euler13 That was a splendid run! I liked how you used the propane flask to your advantage to panic the groundskeepers on the atrium roof. I’m really glad you liked it! :sunglasses: (Really liked your stream as well)


Thanks. I’ve watched a few runs on YouTube now since I finished it myself - including your amazing run in just over one minute! - and there are so many slightly different, interesting solutions. The hallmarks of a really great contract. Great job, @SpeedsterRunner217 ! :clap: