All destinations feel like America! Hokkaido, USA and Bangkok Disappointment!


I was disappointed that every every destination didn’t feel different! The only language in the game is English which breaks immersion!

Bangkok and Hokkaido were super disappointing destinations! Dont get me wrong, the levels were superb designed, but… you were inside a 5 star hotel and a super hi-tech clinic! They didn’t feel like Asia at all! I was hoping to see Thailand and Japan, not an international building in Thailand and Japan…

Sapienza got the Italian theme quite well (thats why its the best map), it really feels like you are in Italy (then everyone speaks in English and you go meh…). France is so-so, you could of added more, maybe a mission in a cosmopolitan (outdoors) place of Paris!

USA is the map i disliked the most! It’s just not interesting. I was expecting that small town, not just the militia camp!

Please keep this in mind on future missions.


The language/accent thing is beating a dead horse at this point, friend, by the way, welcome to the forum! As for the feel of locations, I kinda agree, especially about Hokkaido, the map is great, but some sci-fi clinic doesn’t really feel much like Japan, Colorado could be basically anywhere in the world, I mean it’s a farm. not much you can do with it to give it an identity.

The rest of the maps is fine imo.


Yeah we already have a few threads about this.

No it breaks Realism. Immersion and Realism are 2 different things.
INB4 boss thundero


It breaks both actually. You’re less immersed from a lack of realism.


Thread title like:


Actually, I think the clinic feels pretty Japanese: the garden, the town, the lanterns, the music, feels like Japan to me.


But wouldn’t that imply games like Mass Effect can never be immersive due to them not being realistic?

Generally I remain immersed from a creative standpoint as long as established rules of the fictional universe aren’t broken.


Perhaps immersion and realism aren’t the same thing in SOME games, but I feel like realism being immersion in HITMAN as an assassination simulator.


Voice actors cost money. Right now most of the generic NPC lines can be reused in future missions. Giving them a region specific accent means that you have to record every generic line of dialogue six to ten times. Having everyone speak in their native tongue means that you have to record every generic line of dialogue six to ten times and have to hire more voice actors.

Games like Wolfenstein and Max Payne 3 have it easier because you only have to deal with one or two foreign languages and not six to ten. Take make it more feasible to have everyone speak their native tongue.


Well, I don’t mean to suggest a lack of realism always means you’re less immersed. Though, Mass Effect is realistic within the contextual parameters the world sets up.

But expectations shift when you’re attempting to recreate an actual setting.

I think it’s safe to say IOI aren’t creating an “alternative” version of the world where 90% of the population speaks with an American accent. Their aim has always been to create both immersive and realistic maps, since the nature of the game demands it.

It’s just been cheaper and quicker for them to use the same voice actors for each location.


I love when immersion is used for an argument for/against literally anything


Remember when Hitman had prostitutes, bad neighborhood, brothels and drugs? I miss those times. But hey, let’s not scandalize those players who never left often their houses that things like these exist outside


47 only goes after the best of the best, and everybody knows the global elite walk through Detroit


What’s with the wave of hatred against immersion and realism on this forum recently? A game like Hitman is grounded in realism - it’s what makes pulling off a successful hit so rewarding. You feel like Agent 47. If the environments aren’t immersive enough then that satisfaction is lost. And yes, obviously a game with such dark subject matter can’t take itself to seriously - IOI have a pretty firm understanding of this. But stating that factors like ‘immersion’ should have no influence is absurd. They are absolutely critical to moulding the Hitman experience.


My point is that 99% of the time people use it it’s an argument with no substance - people overuse it and say that they want something because it helps immersion… somehow.


If IOI has a good idea for a mission in a bad neighborhood involving drugs and prostitutes, I wouldn’t mind. Adding sex and drugs just for the sake of it, however, is a bad idea. Darker themes don’t automatically make the game better.

Rosewood in Absolution took place at night in an Orphanage full of dead nuns and masked killer. Great atmosphere and very dark but ruined by the fact that the goal was to fetch batteries for the elevator. A fetch question in Hitman – a new low point for the franchise.


I really don’t care about this, there is so much more important things to improve than adding prostitute into this game

They have to focus on improving the AI in season 2 (reacting to the bloodpool for example) and include features like human shield,add a briefcase… etc


People didnt reac to blood in CN47 to Contracts


Well, they are 12 year old games.


same thing with realism