Atheism, Religion and related discussion


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Do you mean for actions or words? It sounds to me like you’re saying that if you oppose the use of violence against neo-Nazis and other white supremacists, you should advocate the substitution of legal, or “hard,” censorship.


I’m pretty sure with the prevalence of white nationalist spree shootings, burnings of black churches (in multiple states on the same day), disproportionately high instances of police brutality against people of color (along with department refusal to discipline the officers who do so), systemic laxity that allowed Joe Arpaio to be a sheriff for twenty-four years, etc means that the USA is far from being some sort of Utopia where only targeting people peacefully speaking on soapboxes could result in more arrests.


Thank you for clarifying.



Oh, God, how could you remind me of her! Urgh, she’s just the pinnacle of genius, honestly,


The only things I say about religion are:

  1. If you want to believe in a higher being, keep it to your church and home, I don’t want to hear about your religion and how great it is. If God wants me to be enlightened, he’ll do it himself. For instance, for Easter we had two people from a church come in and basically tell us to read the Easter story because it will make us better people. I’m not even part of a Christian school, so I don’t know what gave them the right to come and say what will/won’t improve my life.

  2. Have a mind of your own. By this, I mean don’t blindly follow the word of some higher being you have no evidence of. Use their teachings as a way to base your life off of. Biggest example is the religious that don’t like homosexuality, only because some old guy thousands of years ago said it. Make your own opinion, do the research into homosexuality and then you can say what you think about it.

  3. Don’t indoctrinate kids. Babies are far more susceptible to ideas than children, ideas that can stay with them for their whole life. My opinion is that kids should be told about religion at the point that they are able to talk well and properly think for themselves, if you get what I mean.

I won’t be answering to any replies of challenge or comment, as I have been known to get into quite heated debates on this subject, and I would like to try and avoid that, for everyone’s sake.


Atheism is my spiritulality



I’m Atheist. I resigned from the church last year. First time i started doubt God and Religion was in 5 Grade


I am practicing Judaism, and soon I will make my first visit to a Synagogue.


I have always been religious grew up that way.
I don’t even understand the concept that there is no creator. The idea is as hard for me to understand as is the idea of something never dying.

My best friends have been people of either no faith or of a different faith than my own. Atheists, Hindu’s, Muslims I respect the person and pay little mind to their religious beliefs. So long as they have solid character I care little as to who or what they attribute that to.

I am only passionate about two topics in life, religion and race.

Growing up I was read bed time stories from the old testament and the new testament. My favorite old testement story is “Shadrach Meshach and Abednego” or as my father would say “Shadrach, Meshach and one bad Negro.” I still have the same mind about the story now that I did as a child. My favorite stories all around always involved Jesus. As a child I loved Jesus. He was so cool to me. He always knew what to say, everyone seemed to like him alot, he was always helping people and he seemed very smart. I remember vividly wanting to meet Jesus and hug him. I still feel the same way. I think that my love of history comes from the fact that as a child in my imagination I could see Jesus walking around talking as a real life event that took place. It made me enjoy hearing about the past.

So yeah I would do the same for my kids and read them stories from the bible. I still consider the bible to have some of the greatest stories of all time. I honestly consider God to be the greatest writer ever.

IRL if folks want to talk to me about religion or get philosophical about the relationship between God and humans or even the idea of God I am very eager, but I never force the issue or try to “win” debates. I just like expressing my perspective but mostly getting others perspective too. I am just fascinated by the idea of God and others relationship or understanding of him.