Bonus mission crashes (PS4)


I’ve been having constant crashes when trying to load any of the bonus missions on PS4. Has anyone else had this problem, and is there a known fix?

@Travis_IOI FYI


Hi, I’m
Having the same issue, it shows the Diana introduction and allows me
To plan the missions, but when it starts losing up for me to play it crashes.

I haven’t found a fix yet and I’ve been looking for around a week


Still no fix here either and I’ve been looking over a month. Other users have reported the same problem.


Why there is this website if developers give no answer? I can’t play the bonus missions, stuck at loading screen.


You’re best off asking on the Square Enix Forums.

@Travis_IOI @Morten_IOI this is really starting to get highly annoying now there are limited time ETs in the bonus missions. I can’t imagine the frustration for people who don’t have both consoles.


As far as we can see, it’s not an issue that is affecting a large number of players. That said, we are looking into it and want to get anyone access to the missions that they should have access to.

Can you tell me details about how you got the episodes? Meaning, did you buy the digital intro pack and then buy the disc? Or did you only ever buy the disc? That would help speed up our ability to reproduce the issue.


Full disc. I only have the disc on my PS4. Thanks for looking into it.


i’ll pass that on. Did you buy the disc ‘new’ and redeem the code that came with it for the bonus episodes?
Do they show as installed on the console?


I bought the disc new and installed to bonus episodes. I can’t check the second point but I will get back to you tomorrow.


One other minor thing, do you know for sure whether you redeemed the code for the bonus episodes before or after the other episodes? Let me know what you see on your console and any info to what you’ve already tried to ‘fix’ this would help too.


Yea I just tried the bonus missions yesterday, and they crash for me aswell, it’s quite frustrating


Did you have any digital HITMAN purchases on your PS4 before you put the disc in?


I redeemed the code for the bonus episodes a few days after installing the other episodes. I’ve yet to try anything to fix it but I think I am going to try uninstalling/reinstalling and I will get back to you.


Happening to me too and I downloaded the full content off the playstation store


So you’ve never had the disc version of the game at all?


Nope just a download


Interesting. Can you tell me;

  • what error message you see when the game crashes
  • whether you are always in online / offline mode (or a combination during the install process)


The reason for so many questions is so that we can reproduce the error/issue and look at how to fix it. Everything we can see here (even on the PS4 I have) loads the missions as they should be. Thanks for helping us look at this.


Yeah I have the same problem. I purchased the disc version of the game and installed the bonus mission after playing it. When I try to load them, it seems to only affect Sapienza map missions.


Same problem here.I have digital version & have no disk.

Solved.I downloaded summer bonus episode from my add-ons & reinstalled it (about 8.1GB)without restart


I can confirm that uninstalling and reinstalling fixes the issue.