Bug Report Thread


Not sure if posted, but in the Colorado barn, similar to the ‘Ether’ dialogue bug in Sapienza, the “Rose? Nasty little prick.” dialogue repeats over and over again if you bump into the AI or leave the room. PS4.


So, either I was having a stroke while playing the Landslide mission last night, or something’s wrong with the game in the town hall. I keep seeing these green dots in the stairwell. This is on Xbox.


It was the same on PS4, so no you didn’t have a stroke :joy:.


I don’t know if this is replicatable, because I have no clue what caused it, but on Landslide I just had Abiatti continue the arms in the air he does when he enters the church. Basically every time he was walking he held his arms in the air like that. Weird.


Isn’t that from the security camera?


Ah, I just double checked and you’re right. At first, it looked like something was up with the level’s geometry, but it seems like it’s showing the camera’s field of view…I never knew about this. I guess I should have posted this is the “Things You’ve Just Learned About Hitman” thread haha.


On PS4 in Pro Mode in Colorado, after a while everyone, targets and NPC’s became enforcers, while I was not compromised and there were no alerts. Challenges triggers would not work. If it went into lockdown mode, they would be on high alert AI, but the enforcer status would go away and then resume once the lockdown was over. It took me a while to realize what had happened, I just thought for a while that Pro Mode was ridiculously difficult.


haklo ok. im off. suicede is the way



In the mission The Icon, when I am disguised as a kitchen assistant and am in the Lawyer’s office (non-trespassing zone) there is a tiny area next to the windows where I am trespassing. (possibly because the film set’s boundaries seeped into the room a bit.)


So I’ve been playing Landslide lately and experienced quite a few freezes in just one brief playthrough. The game itself didn’t crash, it just froze for a few seconds. It seems to occur during combat only. Anyone else on Xbox having similar issues?


Pro Mode

  • When you shoot a camera, a guard comes to investigate, but sometimes the guard is someone from across the map who is nowhere near the camera. At other times, someone near the camera comes to investigate. If this is intended, it’s really weird.
  • Cameras don’t notice you carrying suspicious items.


  • Can’t enter the ICA apartment building using the key. A lockpick is required.
  • When you toss The Big One, the nearest NPC will stand up quickly and briefly get a question mark over his or her head as if you threw a coin, but the question mark will quickly disappear and then he or she will go to watch the sputtering with everyone else. However, sometimes the question mark doesn’t disappear and the NPC goes into normal coin behavior. This can be annoying if it’s a guard, because they’ll call in that they heard a noise, and by the time they finish with their call and start to walk toward the firework, the firework ends, so the guard doesn’t go anywhere and you’ve accomplished nothing.


Map: Sapienza: Landslide (02.06.17)
Noticed that bodies sometimes fall through the roof of the chruch, and get stuck in it.
Video proof:


Map: Sapienza: Landslide (06.02.2017)
Xbox one
Shadow of 47s winter suit bugging.

Sorry for the bad quality


it’s bugged everywhere :slight_smile:


Oh ok :sweat_smile: Thanks for the update.


This belongs in the Alien UFO thread lol





Obviously everyone here has been talking about this since the January update came out, but given we’ve not heard an official word from IOI (here or on Twitter), and on the incredible off-chance everyone at IOI are oblivious to it, @Travis_IOI, I thought I’d upload a video to show a very typical experience on Xbox since last Tuesday.

The Hitman servers on Xbox have been intolerable, with incredibly long load times, screens locking up, almost always getting blank score cards, and occasional disconnections during missions.


I don’t remember it this bad as since launch. I’m on Xbox and couldn’t even play for the first week. Load times are excruciatingly long since update. Not to mention had to update twice which was painful in itself.


Ok, I had a very strange bug.
Xbox one - Bangkok - 02.08.17
So I stunned everybody in the entrance hall with the gas, because I wanted to kill both targets. After killing Ken morgen, I went to Jordan crosses body location. But he was gone.(I’m not sure if he was dead/ stunned(but he must have been stunned, because of the gas!)) I checked the map, he was walking straight trough the hotel. Instinct said the same, so I tried to catch up with him. I failed, and had to stop at the map border. While cross was still walking, out of the map. Then I shot him a few times, he died, and fell through the “out of the map ground”.(Which means that he wasn’t dead in the beginning or he got somehow alive again…)
I hope you can understand what happened.
This was so strange, and creepy.
If you have any questions about the bug, ask me.