Bug Report Thread


Jordan Cross is truly a god!!


Only played Landslide thrice, all three times with combat. Never noticed any freezes.
I had freezes before but that was because the Xbox’s RAM was full and it kicked me back to the dashboard.

Sure, that’s a bug?
I think it’s just locked that evening.


I just wanted to finish the “coconut” challenge, but then this happened…


Yeah, I’m confused by this one. The front door (from the street) is locked, but if you climb up the drain pipe then you can use your key to get in. Is the bug that the front door to the apartments should not be locked or is it that we shouldn’t have a key? Also, who is the guy in Rokko’s apartment? And how did the guy sitting on the chair get there? Does the safe-house apartment belong to him?




This one is old. When the footsteps were audible back in normal mode, Chef Marcello sometimes goes to the balcony just outside the backdoor of the observatorium. He smokes. If you run on the second floor where the pipe to clim to the roof is, he will hear you and will take a look.


Didn’t you know? This is Pro Mode. NPCs break the fourth wall here. Chef Marcelo was on his way to kill Silvio and to avenge his pasta sauce.


This one is on pro mode.I will try it again without running…


This used to happen a lot on normal mode back in April. he goes to smoke and he can hear you runnig. Just don’t run and you are safe. You can also KO him and save you all the problem.


I didn’t run but he still comes…


Maybe it’s a new pattern. I think it’s better to just KO him to save you all the trouble. Pretty senseless change if this pattern was intended for being honest.


I will upload a video for this.Fuck him


A really bad decision making him go into the building in the first place.


The strangest thing just happened in Landslide. During a contract I placed a breaching charge to distract one of the bodyguards and I discovered moments later that the guy in the yellow shirt has assumed responsibility of security personnel on this map.


Have you ever heard about off-duty cops? Still, pretty annoying bug. I just hope he is the only case of this.


Yeah, this has happened to me a couple of times in several locations. Sometimes civilians just assume the behaviour of a guard for whatever reason.


Not the only case at all, from what i’ve seen it can happen everywhere.


Was it on the Landslide map or did it happen with you on other maps too? I must say that it made me chuckle. I caught him out the corner my eye running and wondered what he was up to at first. I thought he was going to report something, but then I couldn’t figure out why he ran past all the bodyguards outside the church and who he’d be running to, then I saw it in his hand. :laughing:


Happened to me in Paris, regular Sapienza and Marrakesh.


@Travis_IOI melee non-lethal weapons are not showing up as available for certain ICA drop locations.