Bug Report Thread


Music for Holiday Hoarders is not the xmas themed remix we used to have at the beginning of the level.


Hokkaido AI is broken when it comes to the sniper challenge. Especially in professional setting. You can wait on the mountain top forever, watch Yuki do her rounds 50 times, she never comes to the garden. Running back to the guest space waiting until she almost sees the doctor so I have enough time to run away does not trigger it either. Very frustrating for a map I used to like.


Can’t connect to server…just connects forever


Pro Mode in Colorado on PS4, after a while all NPC’s turn into enforcers even with no compromise status. Disguises become useless. I don’t know what triggers it. Very annoying. I may have to quit playing until it’s patched.


I noticed the same thing in Marrakesh, if you climb down the pipe from the headmasters terrace there is a spot just by the pipe where you are not tresspassing the school area.
It was actually pretty useful :slight_smile:

This was on pro mode, haven’t checked if it’s the same on normal.


Hm. I don’t know if it was patched yet, but I know that in Bangkok, on the second floor of the Class’ building the doors to the outside terrace, skylight place, there is a slight line at the doors where you aren’t tresspassing.
But that’s old news. I saw that like 3-4 months ago


PC Version? Anyone noticed texture streaming issues recently? I’ve been noticing that some textures in the levels don’t properly load .


While playing Bangkok’s Professional Difficulty on Xbox, I poisoned the b-day cake , and waited for Cross to come downstairs. He never came, he just stood in the same place looking at his phone, next to Dexy, and I had to go up to the top floor, and distract him just get him moving again. I had a similar incident occur with Marco Abbiati in Landslide.

EDIT: I also seem to be encountering a bug where I am occasionally unable to pick up objects I’ve thrown (crowbars, concealable baton, etc.). It seems to be happening with more and more frequency since the last update.


This happened to me one time as well, the wxact same problem. Eventually, he starts moving around the suite again. You have to reload and he will go downstairs as usual.


When the bug happens I always do something illegal and waiting them back to normal huehuehue or just knock them out and let others find them
always forget to save/load


I found a bug in the Bangkok level (PlayStation 4 BluRay version of the game, played on a PlayStation Pro).
When using the Bangkok casual suit, 47 has no head shadow.

Sorry my PlayStation Pro is not having internet and I use a camera to photograph the television. I cannot upload high quality screenshots.

The second bug is my 47 protagonist is never holding his signature weapon the infamous piano fibre wire in his hand. He has only bare fists without any weapon 3D model while the piano fibre wire is activated and is also strangling opponents without any weapon 3D model.
Please bring back a 3D model of this great stealth signature weapon and the old blood money strangling animations.

The third bug I noticed is a mislocated 3D element of the telescope in Silvios house in Sapienza, Italy.
After 47 is activating the telescope, one of the fine tuning wheels of the telescope get`s dislocated.

Here are the screenshots:

Maybe you great developers will fix these little bugs to make the best Hitman game I have ever played 100% flawless and bug-free :slight_smile:


Plus 1 here on PC for the exact same issues I’ve had before:
(1) Something goes wrong after poisoning birthday cake. The two just stand there unless I take action.
(2) Frozen item on the ground after thrown: I found this since January update, not a big issue but sometimes annoying (can still shoot it to make it move, can’t pick up anyway).


When trying to subdue a guard from behind it went to combat mode immediately and caused me SA in the last ET. Yes, I am still bitter about cause that one would’ve unlocked the winter suit.


That’s actually another thing I’ve noticed, since the January update, the punch glitch seems to happen more frequently. I believe it happens more in Pro Mode, from my experience anyway, but it’s been there for months, and has surely been brought up on here before. I tried to poison Novikov’s bodyguard with the emetic, and he’d go into the bathroom. Once I emerged from the closet behind him, he went into full alert. If I try to grab him or throw something at him I either enter the QTE or he detects me instantly. I actually had to put the coin on the counter by the sink so that, after he was done, he would go over, and then I could do it.

Of course, that was until he decided to throw up in the trash bin just outside the kitchen, rather than in the bathroom in the perfectly accessible toilet…making any effort to get his radio impossible.


When we load an old save from Bangkok after the last update :joy: :joy:



The game is still messed up for me since the Landslide patch :confused: . Been facing lots of crashes while on the loading screen, or the infinite loading screen bug, as well as sometimes having texture streaming issues when I do manage to load the level…


Dude, they’re busy ordering the suits and shit, you think they have time to make the game work for you?


Some advice:
– buy a new system
– play a different level

God, I know those weren’t funny, Gimme a break. :frowning:


A lot of people have been having trouble getting The Headmaster’s Revenge challenge to fire on Marrakesh Pro mode. I think I figured out the problem. There is a requirement for the challenge that is not stated in the challenge description. Details here.


I’ve been having my game crash a lot lately.
Xbox, Professional Mode, Sapienza. Every time it’s been in or near the tunnels near the brick wall breach point to access the lab.
Of course, it’s when I’m headed to destroy the virus and finish and escape. Never at the start of the contract,… nooooo. :frowning2: :thumbsdown: