Bug Report Thread


The most glaring LOD problem I’ve seen is that Claus Strandberg’s glasses won’t pop in until you get quite close.


Anyone know how the fuck to get Jordan to come down for the goddamn cake? I keep putting the damn topper on and they line up for the song then resume their routines. If you didn’t notice… I’m getting pretty angry about this.


He sometimes just doesn’t come. I don’t know why.


Because this game is fucking broken, that’s why. It’s almost one year old, and it still has major issues. :rage:

I got pretty frustrated today because of two major things that need to be fixed:

  1. Most of the time when I want to subdue someone, I just puch him in the face instead. Other players have been complaining about this for a while, but it still hasn’t been fixed.

  2. Pistol headshots aren’t fatal most of the time. I went on a killing spree today, but most of the time when I shot someone in the head with my Silverballer, they don’t die.

IOI, fix this shit please. This game is almost one year old, and it still doesn’t feel polished. :disappointed:


Is this on Professional difficulty or Normal? I’ve heard players complaining about this only on Professional though.


Is this clipping issue never gonna get fixed? I haven’t worn this suit since.


What range was this at? I’ve never really experienced this.


I thought I was the only one feeling like this game has major glaring issues. I can barely play Professional Mode because of the glitches and flaws. I get so f***ing tired of the punch glitch at corners. I want to subdue the bloody person, not start a fist fight.


It was on Normal, during a custom contract. So I had to start from the beginning everytime something went wrong. I was getting pretty frustrated.

The range wasn’t that long. But it doesn’t matter; when you shoot someone in the head, they’re supposed to die.


Head turning gives magical 360º vision.




** Drops Weapon **

“What kind of idiot drops a weapon?”


What’s better than one idiot dropping a weapon?


This was fun at first but now it’s unbearable.


Those happened in consecutive runs, it just took a little while for the second one to load up. Turned the console off for a bit after that.

It’s the same with the Steve Gaynor Cool guard standing in the Ice Cream Parlour too. I would say it’s the Icon map that’s broken, but this occurs in the Himmapan for me as well. :pensive:


This is incredible. I din’t have these issues so far but it sure has to be attended ASAP. Here we have a heavy game-breaking issue.


Interestingly I was experiencing my share of frustrations on this map last night too. Mainly security NPCs coming to investigate, seeing a weapon, and walking away, or completely ignoring items thrown near them; some even ignored the irresistible mix-tape! I even had one guard coming to investigate the mix-tape at the entrance to the lawyer’s office, he got to the door and said, “Nah!”, and walked back. I didn’t have the hilarious breaching charge find experience you had though. I know for you at the time it must have been annoying, but that had me in stitches. :laughing:


I think this may have been a February patch thing.

Another bug to add to the Xbox bugs list…


I am close to quitting this game. I cannot take the stupid punch glitch anymore. I walk up behind someone and magically they teleport 180 degrees and start a fist fight when I tried to subdue them. This wouldn’t be so bad on normal mode with a simple autosave reload but in Professional you usually have to waste another half hour going back to the position (especially in Marrakesh) and then hoping to God you can do it right this time.

PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME. I’m tired of waiting for the next update to fix shit and then it never does.


Yes, we all share the same frustrations. :disappointed:

I think I’ve said this before, but imagine a line drawn across the shoulders of the NPC. If your character has any part of his body behind that line then any attack should be silent/subdue.

I know there were other issues at launch, and maybe I’ve removed all horrible memories of it happening, but I don’t recall the punch glitch being in the game when it first launched. I believe the problems began when they introduced the random head turning. I could be wrong, but I suspect that the line I described above no longer correlates with the shoulder line, but rather the position of the head and their field of vision. Because NPCs now have a ridiculous field of vision, it means that if they turn their head even slightly then any attack from behind now turns into a frontal attack.