Bug Report Thread


look at this guide, it explain how to trigger subdue not the punch glitch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The punch glitch we’re generally referring to is sneaking up behind someone. An attack from behind can now, without any warning, turn into a frontal attack. The corner subdue was never an issue before the latest update (or was it the January update?!). We shouldn’t have to go to the extreme lengths of dropping items right in front of us to perform it flawlessly. Previously if any NPC walked around a corner/through a doorway then almost everywhere on any map it performed a front subdue without any problems; I am sure that there were one or two rare locations where it was less reliable. However, now there are far too many places where it just turns into a full on fist fight. It’s almost like the window of opportunity where you can press the button is shorter than the natural reflexes of most people.


Now you have to be crouched to make a better use of subduing around the corner and the face punch is more common if you try to tap the button close to the target. It’s better to either star tapping it while you are getting close or just leave it pressed.


I didn’t realise you could leave it pressed. I’ll try that.


I wanted to do assassin’s creed kill, result :angry:


Not sure if this is a bug but… IO Where are 47’s sunglasses?


Two of my “favorite” bugs in one shell.

Both of them was here since release at March’16.

And I don’t understand IOI priorities to fix bugged rifle, but ignore frontal bs and x-raying. Actually, I don’t care about wallbangs, legshots and leaderboards in general, presence of this glitches\bugs don’t affect my expirience (and sanity). But x-raing, frontal attacks and insane-head-movements are.

And yes, I’m very frustrated, playing on pro I’m sometimes just ragequiting the game by alt+f4 because of this.


I’ve finally figured out why we’re getting spotted through walls. It’s because they have super powers. They can literally see through and have conversations through walls.

I’ve spent about two hours tonight trying to complete a contract and I’ve continued to get spotted through walls, the crazy stuff in this video happen, and the ultimate insult is when I finally finished my run (at around 10:45, so it’s not a trivial contract) the sever doesn’t register the final death until 13:20.


Lately, Jordan won’t come down for the birthday party roughly 50% of the time. (Pro mode- Xbox)
I abandoned Bangkok Pro mode due to this frustration.

Also: (xbox - all game modes)
An area rug on the floor now has the same subdue mechanic as stairs. That is, if you try to subdue with one of 47’s feet on the rug and one foot off, the subject will spin around into a combat situation. The same goes for doorway thresholds, cobblestone paving, that little uneven area in Hokkaido morgue where they are harvesting organs, and of course uneven ground cover such as rocks etc…
Why has this “stairway-subdue” bug never been fixed?
(Is it a bug? I’d hate to think this is intentional.)
It’s been like this as long as I can remember and is now worse than ever.
( Xbox- Eastern U.S. North Carolina - Multiple occurrences. All times, usually evenings )

I still love this game but lately the bugs are more of a challenge than any contract. :head_bandage:


I hate to say it, but I think this is a flaw that cannot be fixed. Probably more to do with the engine than being a bug. Not that I really know much about this stuff, so I could be wrong.


IO guys reading this thread: hmmm maybe we should start fixing these gamebreaking bugs that have annoyed players for months now, what do you think?

Leader of dev team: nahh thats not important, we need to focus on removing fun gameplay elements, because its important players only make use of our scripted opportunities. Who cares if they have fun or experience bugs anyway?


Considering how much of a mess this thread is, I’m not surprised how many bugs haven’t been fixed yet. Where is the structure? It’s a total disaster.

There’s 3 platforms (actually 5 now with mac and Linux added to the game), and hardly anybody states what platform the bug is from. A bug on pc won’t necessarily be on ps4 and vice versa. Also, have to state where you’re from as it could be server based bugs and if you just say you have a certain bug, it can’t be fixed or looked into if you don’t specify anything. They are not going to go through all their servers for all their platforms to find a needle in a haystack.

Plus then there’s all this unnessaessary chit chat. This should be bug reporting only that way the devs don’t have to sift though so much things that are irrelevant to the topic. It saves them time and gets things fixed on a much bigger and faster scale.

Hope you guys understand that.


The bugs Forthe is talking about are platform wide.

And IO-I know about them


I’m talking about everyone, not him directly.


Hope you understand these bugs have been there since the beginning, and they are fully aware.

But instead of fixing these bugs that actually break the game, they rather focus on removing fun stuff. Because thats what matters. Priorities…


Good point. I’ll go edit my latest to include location.


I have this problem on all contracts, all maps, all game modes. (Xbox Eastern U.S.)


I haven’t seen this mentioned at all, and it hasn’t been fixed in a long time.

The proximity bomb, and the proximity C4 are broken.

after the initial beep, (which attracts attention via sound) it continues to attract nearby npcs via sound although it shouldn’t do that after the initial beep.

I tested it multiple times, if you plant a proximity bomb, (or c4) and nobody hears it at first, but eventually when someone walks by, even if they are not possibliy seeing it, they’ll go “huh” and act as if they heard a sound and go directly to the proximity mine.

This defeats the entire purpose of proximity bomb and proximity c4, which in my opinion are some really fun gears.
Please fix if possible soon

P.S. This is on PS4
@Travis_IOI, @Morten_IOI


Sure that isnt intended? Because thats how the proximity duck works aswell, and thats intended.

Never played with the other proximity ones


This has happened repeatedly in a specific created contract in Bangkok. I cannot recall the contract name.
One of the two Himmapan security guards at the guarded double doorway leading to Mookjai’s office from the hotel reception area will react to a dropped decoy weapon dropped nearby by walking over to it, standing still for a couple of minutes (not moments. Minutes.), then walking back to his post without ever taking the gun. Other times he will leave to take the gun away but actually leave the gun on the ground.
Xbox-Community created contract- Eastern U.S.- evening)