Bug Report Thread


positive. the duck and stuff continuously make a noise you can hear. buthe proximity bomb and c4 do not. they used to not make a initial beep either. that was likely added to nerf it a bit cus you could just plant it where a target would walk by and thats a kill.

but when they added the jnitial beep. it seem to make it continuously beep tho an audible sound isnt being emitted at all.

i do agree with you they should stop nerfing stuff that are fun especially if they in no way affect SA.


Not to clog up the thread, but this seemed the most appropriate place to ask.

Most of my online gaming experience in recent years is with sports titles. These are usually rush-released and get patched a lot throughout the game’s (annual) life cycle.

Does anyone have experience of other games using Hitman’s episodic model, and would those people care to hazard a guess at how long we can expect new content and gameplay patches before Season 1 is considered ‘finished’ and the team move on to Season 2?


Season 2 is supposed to use the same base executable. So every patch made will affect Season 1 too.


Thanks, I didn’t know that. Hopefully some of the things mentioned recently will get fixed at some point then, even if it’s further down the line. Where is the best place to check for this kind of info?


Oke good to know. Like i said, i never tried the other proximity explosives hence the question.


well if they fix it u should give it a try. it lets u plant a trap for one target while going for the other. they’re not useful for SA tho. wut was really fun for me was to cause the target to walk in the trap while in position to gun down the kther. and the explosion would cause a distraction panic and i could gun down the second target while everyone was panicking. it was very very intense. now u cant do that because any npcs will hear ts non existent sound and go blow themselves up immediately


Here’s a funny bug I found in Marrakesh today.

I was walking around, and I noticed a thin wire stretching across the Bazaar. At first, I think ‘Fibre Wire? Is that you?’ But this is not the case.

Turns out a Handyman was carrying around a phone from one of the telephone boxes. This could be useful to track a handyman. I’m not sure what caused it, but it was quite cool (pictures aren’t very good, but if you look closely you’ll see the wire)


erm… i wonder if he gets electrocuted if you mess with it? that would be hilarious lol


That would be very funny. However, I didn’t get chance to tamper with it.


Wait, so they can put wires like that in the game, but an actual wire when you use the fiber wire is too much too ask? :sweat_smile:


OK, something that’s really been “bugging” me lately is that if you’re within a couple of meters range of someone they will hear the shot of your silenced pistol. Not only that, but they will completely ignore a bullet impact next to them in favour of checking out the supposedly silent shot they somehow heard.


That’s kind of the point. Krugermeier is totally silent if you want to use that, but it’s less accurate, has less bullets and looks stupid.


So,is there a bug with getting Dr. Laurent to kill Soders by uploading the kill list and then getting him some drugs? I tried this just today and Laurent just stands and quietly sobs to himself forever just outside the door into the facility from the helicopter platform.
The only thing I can think of is I got spotted while uploading the list…


There is a bug in Sapienza, where there is a certain spot in Caruso’s mansion where you are not “Trespassing”.


I quit. I’m done. I tried the Elusive Target today and I had another punch glitch and I ended up failing the entire mission. I’m tired of playing a broken game and getting punished for their mistakes. So now I would have to wait even longer for two suits. I’m fed up. I can’t play the game ever without restarting. This game is beyond broken.


Too bad this happened to you. These problems are getting pretty tiresome.


in the future i wish to see loud attacks and stealth attacks on separate buttons.

where loud can be down from any angle and stealth inly works if behind the enemy unseen.

that would solve this problem, but then you’ll need behind loud animation attacks for each weapon.


I think it will be better if in place of you having to quickly press a button, you had to keep the button pressed and then release it to perform some actions like the garroting or hitting someone. That way is more comfortable to find a proper acomodation rather than having to depent completely on the prompt not disapperaring when you press the button.


that is a much simpler and efficient solution. lol forget what i said.

though it would be cool if in the future instead of doing the neck slit wjth the fire ax. u can just full swing it to the top of their head from behind as well for a loud kill


Aaargh, fix your damn game IOI! One year after release, it’s still broken as hell.

On professional mode, everytime I try to poison the golf coach (Sapienza), he either doesn’t drink anymore or he doesn’t move from his location where he calls Francesca.

Professional Difficulty Level