Bug Report Thread


This kind of shit was funny for about 9 months but now, honestly, I think everyone who has bought this game should be entitled to a refund.

How can you market this as a polished experience?


It was completely fine up until January, when it all went to shit.


I had my first wallhack in the Prince Elusive Target, which was long before January.

I’m sure that bug has been in the game since it was released. It’s just it only happens when you make risky manoeuvres. That’s why it’s becoming more and more common. Because more people are getting proficient at the game.


Yep. Personally, my PC version has been super crash-prone since Landslide came, as well as a bunch of infinite loading screen bugs. So annoying


Wallhacks have been happening since the beta. It got better over the season (very slowly) but I think @Silverballer is saying it got worse again after the January patch. But me personally, have not seen an increase or decrease in its occurrence.


Wallhacks aren’t the problem: it’s only happened to me twice ever, and I don’t think it’s a major problem. However, there are other bugs that have been occurring with much larger frequency since January (see @Ed_ll3’s posts for more info)


Argh. You beat me to it. Well, I have a very similar one. another dead zone is right across from where you’re standing
(PS4) World of Tomorrow:

On the second floor of the mansion, just in front of a round painting there is a dead zone in the trespassing limits.

In the area where the fireworks remote is located, the bodyguard is glitched out. When wearing a security guard disguise, and I enter from the long grey stairs beside the stage, I am not in a trespassing zone. When I enter that area from the bodyguard’s side, I AM trespassing.
enter from the stairs… notice there is no trespassing sign on the map.

picture of bodyguard refusing to let me enter

when entering from the bodyguard’s side… notice there is a trespassing sign on the map, and the bodyguard is completely suspicious.

This Landslide Bug may just be due to my Security guard’s disguise being bugged or the Bodyguard at the entrance. He keeps saying “Sorry, bud. Not even bodyguards can enter through here.” I am clearly NOT a bodyguard, and there in fact ARE two bodyguards in the area behind him.
This Landslide bug really needs fixing.


I rage quit tonight. I threw my controller across the room. This game is fucking broken and I’m sick of playing. I love waiting months for an update that never fixes anything.


I guess I’m kind of in the same boat. I had to stop playing because of the noise from the November patch and even though they fixed it in January whenever I try to get back in I just run into a multitude of shit just not working or being broken in some way or another and I just don’t feel like dealing with it.

I never got mad though, just disappointed, just lost the urge to play. Hoping season 2 has some massive revisions or something I guess. Thank fuck there are so many good games coming out lately.


ive been runnning into a hella ton of scripting errors in pro mode. hopefully the march update fixes a lot of bugs



I don’t know if this is a old thing or not, but there is a van on Marrakesh that will set off its alarm when you restart the game.


@BernardoOne It’s really weird…


In case people don’t know, if you have the patience, sometimes if you delete the game and then reinstall it, it can clean up some bugs into your game.

A lot of times, when there’s patch after patch, some will see more bugs occur than others. So it’s good to reinstall the game so it installs fresh and gets only the lastest patch installed and not have it stacked. It’s kinda like when you load up an old save state. Lots of weird things happen.

So if anyone is seeing a lot of bugs occurring, try reinstalling your game if you have the time and patience for it. It could clean some out that occur quite a bit.


I was playing Bangkok and did a “pistol elimination” to the bartender from behind the bar (after I distracted him and lured him behind there) it was the 2nd floor bar…

Once the bartender came back I did the pistol elimination but “The Class” crew member saw me through the wall and ran to tell a guard. When he went to the guard he yelled

“Hey you gotta help me, there’s a crazy man “strangling” people.”
??? :joy:


I remember somthing like that happening to me, I even laughed about it. I just don’t remember what… :wink:


I noticed a minor bug today, as I am playing through Marrakech on Pro.

The sounds are a bit off here and there.
At the school area, you can hear the lady from the reception desk at the consulate. Even when you kill Claus and she tells everyone inside to not discuss the incident :joy: Which I find funny because now the whole market knows :joy:

And if you start as the janitor in the consulate, you can faintly hear the shisha club music play in the background :smile:


I found the same thing. If you kill Claus in the school, and his body is found, then she will broadcast it anyway.


I have discovered what may be causing the wallhack bug in some situations. There may be other reasons, but I did an interesting test…

If 47 is noticed before he goes behind cover then the NPCs seem to go into a high state of alert and they can see through game assets. In this video I deliberately get seen sneaking as I go behind cover and use a syringe on Sato. Then I do the same, but as running does not attract attention when I go behind cover and crouch I do not get seen. I mix up exactly five of each types and each time I crouch run into cover I get seen and each time I run into cover I do not get seen. My theory is that in trespassing zones if we are seen even slightly as we go into cover then the NPC can see through the wall. If we go into cover completely unnoticed then we will not be seen.

What do we think?


Any NPC that keeps looking at you even if you are behind a wall will see you through it if you do anything illegal. This happens when they turn your head at you after you walk close to them or if you bump into them (sneaking in front of them also equals this). There’s a delay of some seconds until the NPC loses interest in you and no longer looks into your direction.