Bug Report Thread


Well I had an interesting wallhack just now. I was in the morgue in Hokkaido on pro mode and right at the start point, i wa behind the wall near the back door entering the morgue, I wanted to distract one of the morgue guys there, so I shot the spotlight.

Funny thing is, one guy had his back to me and the other was facing my direction. When I shot the light, the guy with his back to me turned orange right away and knew where I was, told the guard and came to me. Crime notice notification didn’t pop up either. Wow.


From your examples, this isn’t a wallhack. The guy is seeing you through the glass. And since you’re crouching, it has npc’s focus on you. So when you crouch away, he is still looking at you and thus spotting you through the glass. Cuz when you just stand and walk, he is looking down and into the seats/mirror area. His focus isn’t in your direction. And That’s why the girl doesn’t see you. If she did, THAT would be a wallhack. He is seeing you through the glass cuz he is distracted and focused on you from crouching.

What you should test out is do this again, and focus on the guy that is spotting you. When you crouch to the girl, keep your camera on HIM just before you pinch Sato. And see if he’s actually focused on you or not. Because from what I see in your vid, when you stand, he isn’t focused on you and that’s why you’re not getting spotted.


Actually, NPCs can’t see through this glass. There are certain glasses that are a good cover as a wall and others that are completely transparent. This makes pretty hard to distinguish between both cases.


Yup. You’re right. Tested it out. Held my gun right out and aimed at many npc standing and even looking right at me and I don’t get spotted.

But I still think the crime being spotted is because of their focus. And I believe back in either the December patch or January patch, they lowered the “threshold” of an npc focusing on you. I think even IOI know that this is somewhat the issue with wallhacks. It’s just frustrating that they haven’t figured it out for the entire season.

What happens if wallhacks are in season 2?


Well, I dunno if there’s a reliable solution to it right now. Until then, you better keep your move through people smooth as silk and wait until they stop looking at you if you bump into someone.


Pro Paris:

Disguised as Helmut Kruger, go to the meeting place upstairs then make the phone call asking Dalia about the meeting place. After Dalia hangs up, a Vial of Cyanide magically appears on the coffee table.

It also totally works as I used this magic Cyanide to poison the Bareknuckle Boxer.

Note: Couldn’t check if this is a duplicate of the one one her body since her assistant walked in when I killed her during the meeting for the “More Than You Bargained For” Challenge.


Might have been a bug cuz it’s “suppose” to be just one. I got a bug once when I was doing a kill em all in Paris and I ended up finding 9 vials of poison under a bunch of bodies in the meeting room with a pile of like 20 guards and Dalia underneath. I just kept picking up one after another until I had 9.


I always clear out the room of guards and never had that happen. I also had a Mass Murderer spree in that area and it didn’t happen also. However, both those times I hadn’t done the Phone Call as Helmut Kruger.

Is it a flag maybe that is raised in the meeting room after the Phone Call to Dalia?


Not sure, but I didn’t do the phone call either. I tried to replicate it by doing the exact same thing and it never happened. I always needed up with 1 bottle of poison.


In contrast the one on the coffee table that spawns in the Meeting Room after calling Dalia is consistent. My exact steps were:

  1. Disguise as Helmut Kruger
  2. Clear the Meeting Room of guards
  3. Poison Dalia’s drink with ICA Lethal Poison Vial
  4. Make the Phone Call to Dalia
  5. Poison Vial appears on the Coffee Table (but Dalia’s drink is already poisoned)


My theory: The glass of the Diorama is transparent, so you can be seen by the people directly opposite your syringing position through the glass. However, they do not look at your direction unless they hear Sato’s assistant commenting about you sneaking. As they are rotated to face the Diorama you will get caught when syringing here.

Another theory: If you do this such that Sato is also facing them (and hence when you syringe you yourself are hidden by Sato’s body) there will be no Crime Noticed.


But did you check if you get another one? I don’t believe you do. The one that appears is part of the challenge as you’re “supposed” to poison her drink in the same room when she talks again on the phone with her back to you.

So are you saying if you take her poison off the table
But poison her drink in the same room but with he ICA vial, she ALSO gives another bottle thus having 2 from her? Or do you mean let the challenge work itself out by NOT poisoning her drink in the meeting room, but end the conversation and then go and poison her drink on the patio?

I’m a little confused as to what you’re getting at exactly.


I think what was intended was it only appears there when Dalia says: “This is for you. A last resort”.
In my case, it just popped on the table after the phone conversation with Dalia far away from the Meeting Place.

A second one did not appear at the meeting proper. And I wasn’t able to check if she still drops one upon death because at the time I was still going for SA and didn’t want to stick around when her assistant spotted her dying from the drink.

What happened to me was:

  1. I started the mission with an ICA Poison Vial and poisoned her drink before making the phone call.
  2. After the phone call, the Poison Vial from Dalia magically appears.
  3. I don’t know if this is a duplicate to the one she has on her person because she wasn’t in the room when it appeared on the coffee table.


It happens even when NPC’s don’t have their attention on you, and when you’re not trespassing

As you can see from the 4 videos here


I’d forgotten about your excellent videos. They demonstrate the point perfectly. If you catch the attention/gaze of the NPC as you go into cover then it’s as if you are performing the take down right in front of them.


This is happening since the update, the video is my run to show I completed the escalation,
but the feat challenge for the escalation doesn’t unlock, I also place on the leaderboards
only to be told to complete escalation to place on leaderboards…


This is happening since… ever. I mean WHY are toilets not the preffered place for vomiting?


The most recent Elusive Target, The Bookkeeper, is able to escape if he gets scared. I’ve now seen three people reporting that after killing the target, the escape timer popped up for them, and they failed the mission when the timer wound down. This should be fixed before more Elusive Targets who are able to escape are released.

Here’s a video of it happening to me. (I decided to run for it instead of letting the timer wind down. Got gunned down.) It seems the timing of his death right before Diana was about to say that the target was getting away caused the problem. I don’t know if this is causing everyone else’s problem.


I’m still being spotted through walls from time to time, playing on PS4.

That and I’m still having lots of issues where I will go to subdue a target only to have them do an instant 180° turn and punch them in the face. Very frustrating when you’re near the end of a long run.


Damn, that was intense and unlucky.