Bug Report Thread


While playing around in Paris I had such a bug when I went behind sayed walls and instantly did something illegal. I guess the engine didnt updated my invisible status fast enough. I tend to wait half a second to be sure this is no problem.


Don’t mess with you tablet guys…


Wow, that awesome! How do you get the tablet?


Get fake surrendered as you try blend into the auction


Plague Doctor disguise is still affected by the loud cloth sound that was mostly patched out a couple months ago. Please fix this.


Meh, I like the plague doctor one as it is. I rarely wear the disguise anyway, and it adds immersion when I do. Chef disguises annoyed me though.


Ugh, I just hate that sound so much. Haven’t used the plague doctor outfit in months because of it, as far as I’m concerned the disguise is ruined in it’s current state.


I didn’t see anyone mention this yet, maybe someone did but I missed it.

But in Bangkok, if you are near the outside bar (near the gardeners shed)

You can hear the Paris theme very faintly. The one that plays outside where you can meet Max Decker.


How am I only noticing this ugly detail now?


Game still crashes all the time, always fun. Thought today would be the day I get back in, loaded up Landslide and decided to walk around for the first time, moment I took out a guard and hit put on disguise the game crashed and locked my computer for a minute or two, guess it’s back to other games.


Sup guys, I was killing n00bs on landslide and must have gone too MLG as when I restarted the kills such as ‘Accident Kill’ etc were appearing in the top right hand corner. I don’t like to point fingers but this was Ed’s contract so I blame him. Anyway see the video below.


@Travis_IOI, @Morten_IOI: I know Xbox users continue to report this, but could someone from IOI please respond and assure us that you are really working to fix this issue? This is a video showing how long it takes from starting the game on the desktop to actually being able to play a contract (ET22 in this case). It’s all in real time. You’ll notice that I’ve not even played any of the current escalation because playing the game at the moment is a painful experience. At least I know how good the game is, but I cannot imagine the negative impact this is having on Xbox players who have recently bought the game.


This is why I keep playing offline, even when I’m designing a contract. Just play online when you are focusing in just one thing because otherwise it’s unbearable.


I was under the impression that the load times had to do with the online bullshit, which is why if your internet freaks out you will get locked in menus forever, or if you have a super slow speed the game literally never loads.

So uh, good luck with that.


Other players have the same problem on xbox ? It reminds me same problem I had in august 2016 on pc, @cjgarof and others players could no longer use some of their accounts, IOI fixed the problem some weeks after.


I just timed the time it took me to connect to the server (the load before the loading screen). 1 minute 47 (lol) seconds. That’s too long.


still hopin they fix proximity c4 and mine.


An that’s the case if you have luck. Sometimes I take up to 3 minutes. The worst part is that sometimes after wanting to initiate a contract, the servers show an error screen and throw me to the menu.


Fortunately I am very lucky to be in an area where we have really good speeds. Normally it’s 200+ Mbits per second, but even though tonight is slightly below the speed test I just performed doesn’t allow IOI to blame that.


oh my… that could have some nice uses. Does it get removed if you change disguise?