Bug Report Thread


I can confirm this!! Was very frustrating last night I’m also on Xbox and the load outs took forever!!! I gave up and went to bed. IO can add that to their next ad campaign.

Check out our Triple AAA game that’s been out over a year. It will put you to bed!


Your speed has nothing to do with this game. This isn’t an online multiplayer game like cod where you need a constant connection. You’re just logging into their servers and uploading and downloading small data at most.

With my old ps4, when I wanted to take it into my bedroom, I had to connect wirelessly and on that, it was very far from the router. So when I did a Speedtest with the ps4, I only got about 2Mb DL and 565Kb UL because of the extreme interference from the 2.4ghz channel in my building.
My wired DL/UL is 50Mb/10Mb. So when I am in my bedroom with the speeds I get, once it logs into the hitman servers, I never get disconnected and can play without any issues. This game doesn’t need speed to play the game. If you’re having connection issues, it’s something else. Not your speed.


Thanks for that information, @D1NGdong. It does confirm our suspicion that it is isolated to Xbox.


No it’s specific to you :slight_smile:


can you do a video on how to do it?


This is really starting to irritate me. I can (almost) forgive the initial startup time. But why on earth should the game need to connect to the servers in order for me to choose my loadout? This is all achieveable in offline mode, which tells me that the necessary information to select a loadout is saved to the Xbox. So why does it take up to 5 seconds for a starting location/weapon/suit menu to load?


I’ll try, succeeded once, just start havoc everywhere besides the auction, then run into it and blend in,
You literally have to tap blend as they try arrest you


Couple of things I noticed in Hokkaido. The surgeon who removes Jason Portman’s bandages now phases through one of the doors. Also, it seems that one of the morgue doctors having the neurochip conversation now moves in the opposite direction around the gurney. Obviously this doesn’t affect gameplay but I thought it was a strange (perhaps pathfinding) bug.


Can confirm the morgue doctor bug, also happened to me a couple of times.


47 missing his mark…

…and this just cracks me up XD


Wait a sec. Is that uh, a treadmill?:joy:


Wow! That’s longer than matchmaking time in CS:GO competitive arena.



Reading through recent posts it seemed appropriate to pop up this clip from Saturday. It’s got a non-target kill from the previous run being registered in the next run, a fairly excessive restart/load time (though by no means as extreme as it can get for us paupers on Xbox @Travis_IOI @Morten_IOI), and the new path on the Curator’s research aid fella.

3 for the price of 1. :wink:


Happens to me all the time when too close to a wall


It’s not just twice! When I was collecting footage for the ET#22 video (which appears to be where you saw this) I spent a couple of hours going between the four locations trying to get clean footage of all the dialogue and every time I went by it was going off. I felt sorry for the poor guy who kept going to investigate: “Hello. Is there anybody there?”, “If there’s anyone there identify yourself!” :laughing:


This car alarm bug has happened to me before, more than once. In my case it has always been the SUV that is being washed near The Point Man’s location. (Water tower). The alarm would go off, the guy responds, alarm is turned off, a couple of seconds later- beep beep beep! Car alarm. An endless cycle.
In my case I have not seen this bug for several weeks. But I avoid Colorado much of the time.


Ya and I remember even Bernardo reporting that the van in AHBOS would sound off when you restart.
But it’s just funny how it happens over and over. Lol.


Sorry for the late reply. We are aware of the issue and are working on optimizing this. Our internal testing shows reduced loading times, but we need to do some final verification before we can push the changes live.


A late reply is better than no reply, so thank you. I really hope your team of wizards are able to fix this. I don’t think a day has gone by since the initial release of this that I haven’t played this game. I still absolutely love it! However, the level of patience required to continue playing in its current state is simply not sustainable. Good luck!


your team of wizards

I apologise but this is immediately what sprung to mind.