Bug Report Thread


Recorded it from the beginning. Dexy leads Jordan to the Emperor Suite entrance and then stops to check texts. I even went upstairs and bumped her, hoping it would start the route but nope.


I found a bug while playing the Yuuma Tenacity. Unfortunately, I didn’t record it. When I went to shoot the camera evidence before killing the targets, to prevent a time limit, it said 'crime noticed, and two guards from upstairs to tell everyone in the morgue that there was a security incident, guns drawn!


I have a feeling like I’m at some crazy rave party near nuclear plant

I can’t post more than one image, being a new user and all, so here a little go-round

And for some reason it’s less eyes searing in the day maps, first two links. I quite honestly don’t know how to fix it and would really appreciate any help given


If you’re on PC, try using DirectX 11 instead of DirectX 12. If that doesn’t work, try updating your graphics card driver.


Can’t even change it to DirectX 12 and updated them just few hours ago


How are you trying to make the changes? Use the Options menu in the configuration dialog that pops up when launching HITMAN.

EDIT: Just reread your post and I understand that you don’t have the DirectX 12 option enabled. I got nothing if you’ve already updated your graphics card drivers.


Major glitch with Napoleon





So it kept distracting range after loading? lol


It keeps map data so the loading time is shorter but this should not happen lol


You need Windows 10 for DX12.


Not really a real bug but I want to do something where I have to pile alot of bodies but get already freezes when piling ~20 bodies.

Anyone has tips what to do to to avoid this? Ive seen videos or pictures of HUGE piles.


Are you on console?


No, PC.

Already found out that the key is to avoid too many ragdoll interaction. This might just limit how many I can stuff into the room though…


How much RAM do you have?



16GB with an i5-3570K and a 680GTX

EDIT: Is the physics-updates-per-seconds connected to the frames-per-seconds in the Glacier Engine? If not I could slow down the game-speed while messing with bodypiles which should reduce the workload… Gonna do some testing today.

EDIT2: Doesn’t seem to affect the freezes.


Well…sniping in HITMAN is still broken. :confused:


They still didn’t fix the Landslide bug where you can’t enter the building where the ICA safe house is? Boy… so lazy.


What do you mean? The outside door being locked is a bug? If that’s what you mean, how do you know this isn’t intentional?