Bug Report Thread


It has to be a bug, because it’s pretty darn silly. You have the key for your apartment… but you don’t have the key to the building? That doesn’t make much sense at all. Especially when random guards have the ability to open it and there are civilians in the building.


I’m not disputing if it’s right or wrong, but wondering why someone would say it’s a bug when EVERY OTHER DOOR that was unlocked in world of tomorrow are locked in landslide based on the lawyers story of him hiding.

To me, this sounds intentional.


I guess you really can be a Silent Assassin when yo ass is SEE THROUGH!


when i use the DX11 API, i can see the FRAPS FPS counter. but when i use the DX12 API, i cannot see it.

i have an RX 470.


Fraps doesn’t work well with DX12. It’s not HITMAN specific.


Just thought I’d suggest Bandicam if you want to monitor the FPS for DX12. Take it or leave it. :wink:


Hi guys, the toilets on the left close to theChurch Morgue in Sapienza count as trespassing if you walk near the wall with the sink.

I lured a guy all the way in there before being asked to leave. It was like the office Christmas party all over again :frowning:


Do you guys ever have issues recording with shadow play? Everytime I record HITMAN with shadowplay, it records only a black screen. With any other game, it records fine.


The trespassing part is a bug, but nothing new to games. You are hitting a seam between two rooms. Probably says trespassing because your cursor on the mini map is “in” the next room. Seen stuff like that MANY times before.

The bathroom part is not a bug. Places like that become persona non grata once an NPC enters.

I will give you a similar example that is scripted. In Colorado, notice that the bathroom in Sean Roses room is unlocked. The second he walks into it, it is locked. Even if you unlock the doors, when he goes back in, they will be locked again.

In Hokkaido and Sapienza, I have had people ask me for privacy when I enter the bathroom with them. Non-compliance can lead to a suspicion alert.


I was doing @scm97tl’s recent and excellent AHBOS contract, but came across a few glitches. The classic “attack from behind when someone is vomiting turning into a full fist fight glitch” is still ever present, but so too (in abundance) are enforcers going to get weapons and then either dropping them or pocketing them and walking away. I’d say this was happening almost half the time.

I wondered if it was to do with him reverting to a proximity alertness when I got too close to Kong, but I stood back and he still did dropped/pocketed the weapon randomly. When it didn’t glitch I often got really close and there were no problems. So it seems to be a random problem.


The glitch of guards dropping weapons is still pretty common but somehow it reduced at how it used to be before. I found out the longer the distance the guard has to travel to the weapon stash, the more probable it’s going to be he drops the weapon but at least it isn’t as far common (every single time) as it used to be some months before.


Oldest one in the books, didn’t have this happen before (on this map):


The ICA really needs an upgrade from paper thin walls at their facility.


I might be wrong but is the weapon-drop trick fixed? The one which can be used to drop a weapon behind a handrail for example by aiming and then pressing drop.

Also I tried to lure a bodyguard with shooting next to him. It doesn’t work anymore for me, he just walks around where he is. Is this also changed again? Or what exactly has to be done to do that?


Yep, exactly. Rose locks the door due to his OCD. So even if you’ve unlocked it before he enters, he locks it. A really nice touch to his character.


FUCK SEAN ROSE! Just did Cleaning up on Pro. That rotten bastid!


What’s a bastid? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


When some asshole counts to three before entering every room and washes his hands four damn times before leaving and you gotta mess with a clock and pencils and lace his cigarettes with LSD all so you can drown that fool in a bucket of water.

When you gotta put a poor silent assassin through all of that, you’s a BASTID.


Hahahahahaha Too damn funny.


Enforcers dropping weapons seems to have hit an all-time high (or low?) on The Icon map. Maybe I’m easily entertained, but this is comedy gold.