Bug Report Thread


same bug, more fitting music.


Wonderful, absolutely, wonderful. :joy:


Yuki gets stuck at the sushi bar in Hokkaido after passing by 3 or 4 times


In The Badboy elusive target briefing video, Diana says ā€œInterpol arrest orderā€ but the subtitle reads ā€œinternational arrest orderā€.


Thatā€™s not a bug, thatā€™s an oversight unfortunately.


Yes, agreed. I didnā€™t know where else to post it, and I am sure thereā€™s no point in them fixing it too unless they brought back playing these ETs at a later point.


Thereā€™s no point fixing it anyway considering interpol means ā€œinternational policeā€.


Right. Not ā€œinternationalā€.


Arresting is something that is typically done by police.


Why do you wish to justify a factual flaw?

Or more than justify, label it valid.


I encountered this bug while playing the Sunglasses at Night featured contract: multiple guards on the map drop contraband whenever they pick it up. Hereā€™s a video to show whatā€™s wrong:

Interestingly, I could reliably reproduce this in the featured contract, but not in the main Icon mission. (Maybe I just wasnā€™t standing in the right place.) In another thread, we had some discussion about this bug, and it seems that it occurs when you are located near or over a location where a guard is protecting a boundary between a trespassing zone and a non-trespassing zone. It might also affect how guards respond to distractions.

Thereā€™s a five comment back-and-forth over here which might help you isolate the bug, IOI: 10 New Featured Contracts (5th May)


the game crashes when i use bandicam in DX12


Thatā€™s disappointingā€¦ :disappointed:
Have you tried using the Steam overlay FPS counter? (Works for me)
(The only downside to using that is thereā€™s no toggle to turn it ON/OFF)


that works



Am I the only one having issues with the friends leaderboards for PS4? I can only see my own name and score thereā€¦ d-do I need more friends to wake the leaderboard up, or something?

Im not great at the game but I can find a lot of enjoyment, simply watching other players compete with one anotherā€¦ Considering the recent bad news, I would like to enjoy this while I still can. The servers are up for now but that may not always be the case. Soā€™z if someone can help me figure this out, I would really appreciate it!



Itā€™s not just you, itā€™s been broken since it was introduced, unfortunately.


Are you 100% sure that your friends have played the same contract? Double heck by asking them. If they have, shits do I know. :joy:


It is a fact that they donā€™t work. I canā€™t see my own runs from my other accounts on the main missions.


You must of missed the part where I said "shits do i know."


I have not been playing HITMAN since February and today I realised that optimisation is worse than beforeā€¦ :disappointed_relieved: