Bug Report Thread


There were updates during this time, right?
My performance is really bad right now… :disappointed:


I don’t know if it’s even worth reporting bugs any more, especially when this has been around for a couple of months now. However, it is almost impossible to efficiently do @Urben’s great featured contract: Sunglasses At Night whilst this "guards cannot pick up weapons bug that plagues The Icon map. Here are some more comedy moments…


@Euler13 [quote=“Urben, post:3229, topic:5297, full:true”]
same bug, more fitting music.



Dear IO. Who noticed these kills and how did they do so without spotting me or finding the bodies? Why are noticed kills even tracked when it’s mostly just a combination of Never Spotted and No Bodies Found?


I was apparently never spotted during this, I am very skeptical.


Accident Kill confusion. :confused:


Yea sadly it doesn’t work. I did domething else and will make a run of the contract myself today.


Okay. I already recorded my run and am uploading it. :sunglasses:


I was doing a run, dropped a gun for a distraction and Chef Marcello picked it up and took it to the weapons cache.

Never seen or heard of that happen before. Lololol.
But wow, how bugs just creep up in this game sometimes.


It’s a old bug, albeit quite rare. Sometimes civilian npcs just decide to turn into pseudo-guards and carry the weapons to the cache.


Too funny nonetheless. Chef Marcello is a boss. :rofl:


nah, you gotta do it with a shotgun, no that would look pretty boss


There’s your next assignment. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Make a protestor carry a gun into the consulate :stuck_out_tongue:


I lost Trust Level 3 aka. Regular, for the 3rd time whats going on?


Why did you post this in the bug report thread?!


Because… Maybe… This is bug? I dont know just wanted attention :slight_smile:


Did any of your posts got flagged? How active have you been on the forum since earning regular?


I got it, i am not really active out here :smile: thank tho :wink:


Best post on this forum! Haha lmao :joy: