Bug Report Thread


My target is a guard I want to shoot from the distance with my Silverballer. I need a couple headshots, but I dont let him recover from his struggle animation until he is dead. His body never seems to be found, yet I get “body found”, “noticed kill” and “spotted”. Why?


you need a regular kill after that for it to work. That’s the so called “legshot bug”, in which you get noticed kill/body found if you kill someone you legshotted while they are down/in struggle animation. The only solution so far is having a clean kill on another target after it.


Just made a test contract with only the guard on the ruin tower as a target, and killed him from the distance with a Silverballer with several shots and got SA. How comes this is possible when sometimes it is not?


Kept on testing, the single target test contract still gets SA if I deal only shots which doesn’t put him on his ass. If I do, he gets up and I am spotted.

My actual contract doesn’t seem fixable, even after killing a second target cleanly. I will have to wait and hope it to be changed by IOI because I quite like the contract.


So, has anyone encountered problems with performing the fireworks double kill i Paris lately? You know, you push Dalia off the balcony onto Victor?

Well, it isnt consistent for me anymore. Sometimes she just lands right next to him. I made sure that he was standing still every time,

I don’t remember this ever being a problem before, or has it always been like this?

Added to this: I cannot make the double kill work at all if I try to pull Dalia (from a hanging position) rather than push her.


Yeah a lot of these scenarios are entirely context based and not physics based. Pushing her triggers a script, where as pulling her just does the regular behavior. This is the same case with Landslide, if you pull him, he won’t land on the needle.


So today I was playing the Kerner Disquiet escalation and I tried to pick up the shotgun in the security room downstairs while disguised as a security guard but I immediately got compromised. I tried this three times and I was compromised each time, and I was even compromised when I tried to grab it and I had turned off the fuse box meaning the two guards weren’t at their computers (however one of them was still in the room and he saw me grab the gun). I haven’t tested this on the main mission or other missions (as in, if picking up shotguns/large weapons in a security disguise is illegal now) however this almost breaks the last level of the Kerner Disquiet as it means it is extremely difficult if not impossible to SA the last level now due to the Terminus complication.

Tagging @Travis_IOI for FYI




I see we still can’t push eliminate on 47’s balcony :unamused:


You can’t push or even dump eliminate off of other balconies in Sapienza other than Rocco’s and where he stands only.

And then there’s spots where you can dump eliminate someone but a push won’t work.

Kinda dumb.


The one that makes me chuckle is in Marrakesh on the headmaster’s terrace. You can dump an unconscious body over the wall at the top of the stairs on to the same level on the other side and it eliminates him/her. Meanwhile in the church tower in Sapienza you need to get towards the top of the third flight of stairs before it changes from Dump to Eliminate.


Ya, I think it is bugged…pretty badly.

It’s even like this in the water fountain behind the guards of the front gates of Villa Caruso. And even the small wall behind the helicopter escape in Paris.



Now that IO’s business is in order, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix proximity bomb and proximity c4

It’s impossible to set up awesome mouse traps now because they always behave like they’re making a sound and attracting the attention of the nearest npc.


Anyone else on Xbox getting horrible load times and some connectivity issues since the servers went back up?

I’m open to it being our internet, though everyone else is on currently and not having any issues. The game seems to be running as it did a few months back (post-Landslide bad).


I’m currently online and experiencing no issues, but I’ve never really had issues with the game at all before.


Thanks, I’ll try again tomorrow in case it is our side.

Did you really not have any issues on XB at all in the couple of months after Landslide or at any other times in the year, when we were getting disconnects, kills registering in the next run, impossible load times, and such?


I had blank scoreboards and some pretty hefty load times around Landslide, but that stopped after the February patch.


Yep, however minor that issue is back too as of this evening, plus kills not registering promptly/exits not appearing (as it was a few months back).

Hopefully it’s just our side, and it’ll be alright again tomorrow. No fun at all atm.


It’s not just you, @Ed_ll3. I’ve not been able to connect for some time now. It’s like déjà vu for us Xbox players. It seems that whenever server load increases - possibly due to new players curious about getting a free trial version - we suffer. Remember when the disc release came out in January… ?

@Travis_IOI: Why is it that only Xbox players seem to experience/report these problems?

[edit]Actually, I’ve just noticed that @ingrobny has reported the same issue, so maybe all platforms are being affected?[/edit]


Cuz ps4 master race. :joy::joy::joy:

I actually had some slow loading times today too after the update on my ps4. But it seems they have gotten better already.