Bug Report Thread


Wrench makes no sound when attacking someone with it.


Gamebomb guys stumbled upon this one some time ago. it was hilarious.


awesome shot vs legshot bug :frowning:


It’s funny you should just post that video. I have done “Winter is Coming” about seven or eight times now and every time I’m losing the No Unnoticed Kills bonus. Here is one playthrough, but I’ve tried so many small variations, all finishing between 1:57 and 2:01, with the same end result. Can anyone shed some light?


I know you wont like this, but have you tried to completly avoid legshots? Just for the test? I once had it in my prior contracts where I legshot a random guard, not a target. When I did not do that and used a melee throw instead I suddely got my SA.


You need to kill Smith before legshotting the chef’s.


Thanks for the replies.

@Urben: I did this contract when it was released to the community and I used legshots then and got SA, and I’ve had one or both of them in contracts before and not had any problems. However, it may be the combination of targets is causing the game to glitch and incorrectly register the mode of kill.
@BernardoOne: Is there a reason? Is it because it takes a very long time for the unnoticed kill to register with Smith or is something else going on? On one of my runs I blew him up on the corridor going towards the ramp that goes down to the cable car, but it was the same result. I’m concerned about doing it too early in case they find the bodies in the morgue.

In desperation I have watched some other videos of this contract - I never do that until I’ve got a route I’m happy with myself - and they all legshot in the morgue and the kitchen. One theory I have is that one of the chef’s unconscious bodies can be seen through the floor from above. On the other runs I’ve seen - and my original SA run, before it was featured - the chefs were legshot in different locations in the kitchen.

This game is completely bonkers sometimes.


I got spotted through the ceiling a few times; don’t think that’s what is going on in your vid though (all kills register unnoticed, don’t they?). :confused:

I was having ‘noticed’ problems on ‘Les Impardonnables’ yesterday. Now, I’m sure I’ve killed this guy at the window in dozens of other contracts, either by poison, push, or with a pistol; here, however, all those methods would result in losing the no noticed kill bonus.

As in the clip, I’ve even waited until he’s moved to get cover, and the bald guy opposite is still spotting me through the wall.

If I go from the attic start and trigger the conversation, or lure him further into the attic behind the crates, it’ll be unnoticed. All this adds about 15-20 seconds to the run I wanted though.


I’m wondering if this is related to current server issues? Like you said, we’ve killed all of these targets in countless other contracts and never had problems like this before. Maybe the servers are lagging so much that the body is getting found before it registers as an unnoticed kill? I imagine this normally happens almost instantly in the case of poison/accidents, even though the message does not appear. I know we should lose Body Found bonus, but perhaps it’s preserving that, but losing the No Unnoticed Kills bonus. Pure guesswork, but it’s very frustrating.


Had another watch of your run, and saw the ‘unnoticed’ doesn’t pop for the first of the stove kills. All the SA’s I did involved legshotting both, and I gave this a quick go just after the Featureds were released and it went fine: bizarre!

I don’t get this Paris one either. Just checked a couple of vids on YT, and in most this attic guy is getting insta-wrecked with no issues at all. Maybe it is the servers… tbh I’m getting sick and tired of fighting the game in recent weeks.


Just found a new (or old) bug. When using ALT to place a primary weapon, after the weapon has been placed you can still hear the sound for holding a gun while crouching/uncrouching, even if 47 doesn’t have any gun equipped.


This video shows no bug. There is one other guard right where the poisoned target is (he currently is looking down the fashion show in the video of yours) he spots the dead body. This alone doesn’t hurt your score as poisoned bodys can be found without losing the bonus. If you have a spotted kill this is not the part of your run where it happens.

EDIT: oh you meant the missing message. Yea my guess is that you did something before which triggered the bug. Had this in another contract. KOd a guard with a legshot combination and later killed my actual target, which death was noticed. When I KOd the guard with a melee throw, the kill later mysteriously is not noticed. Can confirm this bug to be there atleast since May.

But I also have problems with this contract, also having a noticed kill. I suspect the guard of my video above in this thread.
EDIT: I check if it actually is the attic guy like in your run now.


It does hurt my score though. Every time I kill this guy, either in front of the window, or waiting for him to turn and go, I lose the ‘no noticed kills’ bonus. If I lure him further into the attic (behind the screen thing by the vault prompt), the ‘unnoticed kill’ will appear.

… Hmm, just seen your edit, and at the beginning of the run is a legshot to lure the guard you were having trouble with (then the next action would be to run to the attic guard). Maybe that, and the next action being a kill (rather than a distraction), is what’s triggering the bug?

I assumed it was the opposite guard, but he never went into combat (though he did occasionally investigate and find the body). Maybe it is, indeed, connected to the legshot (then kill).


Try it again without legshoting the prior guard. I know some here say it is not the cause, but we dont know any better solution and I’ve seen before avoiding legshots might fix such bugs.

EDIT: I make a video where this effect is 100% replicable.


Yeah, you’re bang on. It’s definitely the legshot causing it and not the guard opposite; running straight from the auction and using any kill method brings up ‘unnoticed’ every time.

e: The distraction doesn’t seem to matter either; it’s just legshot then kill = lose unnoticed in this instance.


I tried to keep this clear and concise. The video has three examples.

1- Run straight from the auction to poison kill (unnoticed)
2- (0:47) Legshot then a distraction, then kill (noticed)
3- (1:45) Legshot then kill (noticed)

Added in the distraction just to show bringing him into cover with another action doesn’t help (and to confirm it’s definitely not the guard opposite).


This is really messed up.

Just to complicate things further, I don’t think the Unnoticed Kill notification is necessary to get No Unnoticed Kills bonus at the end. If I or someone else gets chance then it might be worth create a test contract to see what happens when the mission ends.


@Ed_ll3 there’s currently a bug where shooting someone will cause them to notice their own death, whatever happens. I’m not sure why, but it’s happened a few times to me.


From painful experience yesterday, I can say for sure that 2 and 3 end in losing the ‘No Noticed Kills’ bonus.

In the run I was trying, all three of the other kills are accidents, so whatever is causing it is tied to this specific kill and the legshot.


Noticed this when the target is a guard and is shot in the distance with the Silverballer, so you need multiple shots.

@Ed_ll3 thanks for the video. I see now we have the same strat (to this point) to solve this FC :stuck_out_tongue: Also accidents are a fix for this I’ve noticed. Push him down and it is not noticed.
I wonder if this bug is limited to guards being legshot’ed…