Bug Report Thread


When your earphone cable gets caught by the doorknob


Wallhacks. How can they even be a thing?
I don’t do programming but this seems like the kind of thing that would be entirely determined by line of sight and the geometry of the map. Those seem like straight forward deterministic things to me. Like calculating if a bullet hits a target or not?

Ugh. Anyways. Tried out some Escalations. One in Bangkok starts with killing Dexy Barat as a bodyguard. I tricked her into the room with the guitar and katana, closed the doors after her, and stabbed her with the katana. Got spotted by someone who wouldn’t even have a line of sight through the door if it was open. Instantly rage-quit.


Many know of this but I wanted to bring video evidence. You can hear the FE make sound mid air causing the gardener to come where the mid-air sound is caused but not where it drops and makes sound. And this is quite consistent in this spot with any item I throw (FE, baton, knife, letter opener). Also note, he has his back turned so it’s not as if he see it fly by.


I often notice this where the sound comes right from my throwing hand. I even began to include that into my strats to make people turn around when I throw something somewhere from behind their back.

EDIT: I try to find out how this bug works where you could leave the map. I want to walk around Sapienza at night for some video shots.


Weird spin


nah fam they testing the much missed feature from bloodmoney. spinning in place


So, doing a refresher course on A House Built On Sand, I ran into this.

I was hanging from this ledge on the rooftop where Kong and Mendola meet, and had placed a coin strategically so Kong would walk up to the ledge (previously having gotten rid of his guard).
Used the “Attack” from a hanging position to pull him off.

As you can see, he didn’t die, but rather he just got knocked out. I remember doing this before and killing him with it.
Considering that falling off of a chair is enough falling to kill NPCs in this game I think this is, if nothing else, super inconsistent with the rest of the game.

Coudn’t test if this is just for “pulling” as when I tried to push him with the exact same setup (just loaded a save I had dropped 15 or so seconds before Kong arrived) the prompt to push didn’t show up.

To be honest this is a bit confusing since it doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that would be the result of a bug/glitch, but something intentional.


Ever since the June update (Denuvo removal side effect?) the DX12 version of the game doesn’t always launch. If it doesn’t launch once, it will continue to not launch until I launch the DX11 version. Then the DX12 version will work again.



HITMAN (2016) Bug report

In the Bangkok level on the Atrium Roof, 47 can subdue somebody from the inside to the outside and then dump the body back inside. Fine…
However when you try to dump the body from the inside to the outside it will cause an elimination which seems rather inconsistent as it is the same height.


OK, so are proximity explosives broken, or is it just the specific cases I’ve run into that are broken, or am I missing something?

I wanted to do a bomb based run of Sapienza and placed proximity C4 under Silvio’s desk in the observatory, and a proximity mine under the desk in the upstairs office (where Francesca goes).
Both explosions killed guards instead of the targets, so I restarted and tried it out again in the observatory.

As soon as Silvio opens the doors to the observatory he sees the bomb and tells the guard watching the doors… even though I place the bomb in spots where it shouldn’t be noticable.



Yes they are! Ive been bitching about it for a while! They act as if they’re emitting a noise like the proximity duck and stuff but it didnt used to do this.

IO has yet to acknowledge this bug.


Tbh I dont think this is a bug but a feature. But I think it should be removed, too.


If it is a feature they should at least make sounds. Now it just seems like targets have X-ray vision or some shit.


sad thing is barelyanyone notices or cares. proximity mines get no love even though its probably one of the most fun tools to use :frowning:


You can’t use them right now if a group of NPCs are passing by but you can use it if you set it up in a isolated room. But ya, it sucks they can’t bring it back where it doesn’t make noise.

I enjoyed placing a proximity bomb in a weapons cache and then having a guard take a gun to said cache to blow up.


theres some pretty sweet stuff u can do.
i remember my first run through of AHBOS I set up proximity C4 to blow up both targets as they sat down for a meeting. that was probably the most thrilling ive had with hitman

sadly thats not plausible anymore


In my suit in Villa Caruso today I noticed this:

Standing without taking cover by the wall/corner: Trespassing

Standing while taking cover by the wall/corner: Not Trespassing.


On the Mallory Misfortune Escalation in Colorado, level 2 is clearly intended for the mechanic, and not the guy who stands in a room doing nothing. I have played every other escalation and this is the only one I’ve refused to do. It’s not even a challenge; it’s just a tedious meticulous waste of my time.


Honestly I never understood that Escalation… what you said makes perfect sense.