Bug Report Thread



There seems to be no sound when using the wrench on somebodies head :slight_smile:


I have encountered a bug with the last elusive target.
I started the target yesterday giving me 48 h to finish it but when I tried to complete it now not even 24 h after I started it it have disappeared and instead it is just saying “coming soon” on the target space.
And when I check the list of elusive targets it is listed as missed.


The 48h counter at the begin of the briefing is not the actual time. Sorry you have to look at the timer in the main menu.


This is not a bug. Originally ETs were released on weekends; unannounced for 48 hours. Then they were released after previous announcement for over 4 days. Then for a full week twice a month, then for ten days once per month… point is that the release format for this missions has fluctuated but the briefing videos stuck to the original format that was intended to be used at the beginning. 48 hours unannounced.

The fact that you took a briefing video as literal; opposed to the time that the main menu gives you… is quite odd.


I’m reporting this as a bug even though it’s not. Please remove the Elusive target coming soon tile! I can’t stand to look at that until Season 2.


I thought that you had the time that was on the timer to start it but after you started it you only had 48h to complete it even if the timer more.

Iirc the information text say: once you start you have 48 h to finish the target.


All of the back-lit art panels in Hokkaido lose the black ‘splash’ when you aim a weapon at them. These are the ones I mean (sorry for the terrible quality and lack of video footage):




Are corner takedowns ever going to be fixed?


Audio Distraction Bug

It appears that the audio distraction seems to linger for eternity. As far as I can tell, it never goes away until someone inspects it.


They work perfectly - you need to hold the subdue button as they approach, instead of tapping it :slight_smile:


I confirm, same when you subdue a NPC from behind. @stickpeted


I’m not having an issue with subduing people like this on XB1, not sure about other consoles.


Now if only they implemented this mechanic for the fiber wire, entering in combat mode will never be a problem again in case the prompt disappears.


Hokkaido Morgue Glitch
(messing up my “No KO” run)


Yeah this wallhack bug here precisely is very annoying to shoot the recorder… and is still not fixed :frowning:

Why ? You can still have SA rank after this, the surgeon did not see you.


It’s not that I’m getting seen, it’s that a team of Guards swarm the morgue and put everyone on alert. So not only do I have to hide for 2 minutes, but it also ruins everyone’s routine.

You can actually just wait for the lady-surgeon to go back into the Stem Cell room and then she doesn’t detect the gunshot. But then you have to wait for the next cycle where everyone aligns, and since they’re asynchronous, that can take a while.


After 1.12.1 update, Hitman crash regularly (25% of the time) after freeform training exit :

I have played this mission hundreds of times, this problem occurs only since the last patch.


Caruso should probably have a word with south coast road maintenance…


You’re lucky, my game usually crashes the first time I try to load a level in that given day. Then I might get hit with the infinite loading screen bugs in my second attempt. Then on my third try it actually loads :stuck_out_tongue: