Can anybody share an 100% unlocked offline savegame?


should be located at: Steam\userdata\5655378\236870
Thanks in advance.


You don’t like earning things by yourself?


Nope, it’s just second nature. Sorry😁


And I bet you totally own the game, it’s not like you’re asking for it because you’ve got a pirated copy that can’t go online, right?


Well OPs first and only ever post was this

Just sayin’


Well, I think this will not work anyway.
You can’t just copy and paste data from one account to another to unlock everything.



To answer your question… no.


Your local game profile is linked to your steam ID, you can’t share data with another account.


well instead of giving you a helpless answer like some of the others…
who ignore the guidelines
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NOPE their answer doesnt improve the conv. in ANY way !!

I’m just gonna go ahead and share with you a 95+% savegame, i hope it works for you… and i hope im not breaking the guidelines myself, i was to lazy to read the terms and conditions, but its not like im offering a virus or pirating the game

Site :


What conversation?

How do you know some of the others have ignored the guidelines, if you were too lazy to read the T&C yourself? As far as I can see, no guidelines have been broken so far. People have just stated what they’ve seen based on the posts from TC so far.

Btw, you don’t look that new yourself.


It’s completely and utterly terrible idea to share your saves. They are locked to your personal account. The only it can be used is by someone that is pirating the game. And if they can go online with the online crack, they will be basically using your account. That means they can play for you and they can screw leaderboards in your name.
Not only that, if the online crack starts getting bundled with your save, you might even get your account banned from Square Enix servers.


sorry for starting off in the wrong foot, well i was greeted by that guidline after login, thats why it was easy for me to quote

Its totally fine, i dont think anybody will be able to use them for online play, and if he pirated the game and uses the unlocks for offline play, i hope it works out for him, its disgusting but you cannot tame a wild cat, can you… pirates always find a way to profit from others products !.

And yeah… i dont like denuvo or forced online play for single player games… thats “renting” a game for 60 euro.

wish you all the best :slight_smile:


No worries, dude. Like @BernardoOne mentioned, it’s a risk in general, and everyone is better off not sharing game saves or any form of game content.


Well, you can easily change your username in steam and impersonate anybody right now. :grin: And hitman save data/profile data don’t contain your steam username, only steam id, I think.

If you use foreign savedata on your profile, game in most cases just detect it as corrupt, wipe it and download again from IO cloud servers. If you has no access to IO servers it gives you nothing.


The online crack worked a few hours. Last week, SE added an auto ban system. If the system detects that you don’t own Hitman, you’re flagged as a “pirate” and lately a system will auto ban you from Square Enix servers.


oi, thanks for the answers. I gather it won’t work. :slight_smile:


Just noticed this topic. Since when did sharing saves become so hated? The user obviously isn’t interested in the grind aspect of this release. It’s a game save not child porn they’re asking for. Accusing people of pirating is also out of hand.


Man sorry if this annoys you but can you reupload the files? Thanks in advance.


How to make it work is up to you to find out (if it does) I’m quite sure you’ll need to change personal, unique information in Steam, or emulate Steam to a point that it will read your save game.

However I’m not going to share; condone information how to; that leads to violation of the Steam TOS; Steam Subscriber Agreement; or the game itself.

Hitman Save Game


Sure you can, but I’m not going to give anyone the application I wrote that does said copying.

If you are online the data/information is synchronised – online isn’t a save file as such (unless something has changed in the last couple of months).

Pirates can’t make progress in the game right now, you need to be online (which requires a Steam AuthToken).