Colorado and Japan missions not working on Xbox one!


is the “my games and apps” i clicked on show details and it comes up to sell me hitman for $589. even when you click on the price it comes straight up with your credit card details.


sorry for the late response im in Australia so our time zones are out.


glad to see im not the only one having troubles, thought maybe i got a dodgey disc or something hahah


I’m also from Aus, maybe that’s part of the problem


maybe man, ive tried every way around it and still nothing. cause we gotta wait for a fix :confused:


It’s not working for me either


what country are you from?


United States :slight_smile:


well looks like its not just an Australian issue then


I really hope they fix this soon :expressionless:


tell me about it. i waited over a year for the disc release. all i have down is do updates, wait for maintenance like 3 times for an hour each time and uninstall all parts of the game like 5 times. next season they need to pay alot more attention to xbox. ps4 is getting everything nowadays.


Definitely this. We’ve had massive update sizes, so much more bugs than PS4, the re-installation thing after the latest update, it’s obvious IOI isn’t giving the Xbox players as much care as they should.


tbh ive never seen a game have so much trouble off launch on just the one platform. dont get me wrong ill happily wait for a fix but i just wish thy looked after us as much as the ps4


and even worse, there might not be a fix for a few days, its the weekend :confused:


I would hope a fix comes on Tuesday.


lets hope, so glad its not just me but, find out its Colorado and the bonus episode. didn’t realize till a few hours back, japan is fine i just don’t wanna start the mission because i haven’t played Colorado


It sucks that the episode they leave off isn’t even the last one. Has anyone had any luck reaching the creators? I haven’t seen any info about this particular problem besides on this forum


because this is where you go to solove the problem haha, they were running me through some stuff the other day but its the weekend so i dont think ill get a reply until tuesday h


Same issue here, bought the Disk and colorado doesn’t work.


what country man? just trying to see where everyone is!