Colorado and Japan missions not working on Xbox one!


Im the the UK im also having trouble playing ALL of the missions as they all say ‘get access’ eventhough i bought the steelbook edition and have already played through most of them, nothing but frustration since the disc release


im with you there man so many problems. looks like it a worldwide issue. sucks its the weekend. no fix till Tuesday at the earliest id say


Ohwell we’ll just pay £35-40 for a bug riddled game


I’m in the uk and have bought the steel box edition yesterday for Xbox one and can’t get the bonus missions keeps saying get access and taking me to store wanting to pay with my credits, when go to details for Colorado it take me to buy copy for £214.99


someone please help, i bought the disc version of the game, im up to the Colorado mission and it says “get access” says “this content requires an update, the content will automatically start downloading when you are online” thing is i am online and also the content is downloaded… have checked

someone please help asap


Taking it you’re on Xbox



sure am, others have posted with the same problem so im happy its not just me ahaha


so its been proven to be a glitch?? i havent heard anything yet


what do you mean “cancel it” and who is phil spencer?


Yeah it seems to be a common issue. I would advise to follow existing topics that IOI_Travis have replied to, to keep updated on the issue.

Just a running joke I use regarding Phil Spencer (Head of Xbox) cancelling games (Scalebound)


hahaha the topic that is currently being looked into is mine, i was the original person with the problem. sucks cause im in Australia so all the American devs arent online right now


The devs are Danish :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


hahah thats right! cheers dude. either way they’re behind Australian time so its monday morning 8:57am here so atleast gotta be sunday over there


Okay since the update I haven’t been able to play hitman at all. It will load up the game and everything but as soon as I click (a) to actually start playing and load everything. It will just shut down the game and send me back to the home? How do I fix this, if I can? I really enjoy playing hitman and I’m trying to do the exclusive target but just can’t even the very first main screen.


You have to delete the 17 GB base game and reinstall it. Then it should work.

Too late. :frowning:


Thank you, I will give that a try. I didn’t want to do that because I didn’t want to wait for it download.

And doing that will it delete my saves or will they be okay still? Since I play online? Or will it be a fresh new game again?


Saves will be deleted but all of your progress (challenges, unlocks, mastery) will remain.


Sweet, thanks. Very much appreciate everything, so quickly too.


Completely different issue.