Colorado and Japan missions not working on Xbox one!


Nope Travis is sorting out issues in thread.


Well I’ve just reread through that entire thread and there’s nothing about this specific issue, so… :confused:


Both require Delete and redownload


but both require deleting and redownloading separate things, and what has to be deleted here is different to what has to be deleted w/ the other issue.


your issue is an old issue. its the update issue. you have to reinstall the base game. then after you do that every level should work expect “colorado” because they need to fix it…


Today i loaded up Hitman on my xbox one console to see that absolutely none of the content is available to play only the training, eventhough ive played every episode before? Everything says ‘get access’ which is really frustrating because i bought the steelbook edition and have had nothing but bad experiences so far trying to play, ive already had to re-install the main game because of the recent update. Can anyone help me please to why its saying get access eventhough i already should as i waited 2 days to download all the episodes


Looks like im not the only one having problems on the XBONE everything says installed on mine when i go to ‘manage game’ but still can’t get access


I did get up to colorado after completing marrakesh but yeah now cant play any, i already had to reinstall it after the update so i don’t fancy doing it again, maybe I/ we wait for another update?


it seems to be an issue they are having after the latest update, some people are missing colorado and the bonus episode. others are missing all the episodes. if you have already uninstalled the base game after the update then you are fine, we just gotta wait for an issue fix


Wow, we are having a whole lot of people joining the forum to ask about fixes after the January patch. I should probably make a new thread where IOI can see all the problems, condensed.


its all xbox users im pretty sure


Yes, would you mind if I made a new thread for all the issues after the January update?


not really sure what to make of this. how could the game be so broken like this

Post-January Patch Problems

id rather my thread stay open as it was the original issue. could stem of it


Hey, The United States same issue everywhere, Also there’s this funny bug if you uninstall the game and reinstall while connected to the live account it will update colorado and it will work but no other chapter works


thats why its best to do nothing for now. wait for the fix. cheers for the heads up bud!


We’re obviously aware of this issue (Colorado not installing) and doing what we can here to investigate what’s causing it. We’ve also made Microsoft aware of the problem, to see if they can assist in any way too.

I appreciate that it’s hugely frustrating and want you to know that we are reacting to this issue and want to get it right as soon as we can.


sweet man, some people just like to complain


As we seem to be getting a few new visitors coming to ask about this issue.


As an update to my above message.

When you inserted the disc into your Xbox One for the first time, you will have been prompted to install/download an update for the game, which will have been approximately 22GB. Did you accept the update or did you choose to ‘Update Later’?

If you chose ‘Update Later’, one suggested workaround is to uninstall all HITMAN content, insert the disc again (as if it was the first time) and then accept this prompted update.

Please feedback here with any success or issues with the above suggestion. Thank you again for your patience.