Contract Series Thread (2016)


So I know there’s a thread for contracts, but I felt like there are probably some longer, multiple part story-based contracts that have been lost beneath the endless piles of challenge contracts and speedruns.
So I made this thread for people who have made story based contracts (2 contracts or more linked) to post their contracts.
If you haven’t made a story contract, I recommend it! It’s a lot of fun to think up of how you can tie targets together, and I for one enjoy reading intricate briefings a lot. It is a great time-killer when you have finished all the levels and most of the challenges, and is made even better when you know others have enjoyed them.
I will start off by putting my ‘Poachers of Men’ (Xbox one) contract series on here: an 9-part series with a storyline built in the briefings. You can play this contract for fun, or to see what I mean by story-based contracts.
To access the ‘Poachers of Men’ storyline either search ‘A Castle Built On Salt’ (the first contract) and follow the titles shown in the briefings, or take them from this list:

  1. A Castle Built On Salt
  2. Hollywood Heist
  3. Secrets of the Past
  4. Dead Drop
  5. A New Army
  6. Head of the Snake
  7. Hunters Hunted
  8. Justice
  9. Unfinished Business

Anyway, have fun playing/creating these, I hope this catches on as I really enjoy these, and well done for reading this long post.

Hitmanforum member contracts
Hitmanforum member contracts
Hitmanforum member contracts
ARC - Custom Missions (Xbox 1)

Cool. I haven’t played or created any “contract series” yet, but I may do both now this thread exists.


Good idea and good luck @David47!


It seems nobody has made any contract series :pensive:. Anyway, I encourage people to make them and post them here. I would love to play a series that I didn’t make :joy:.


Heyo, @Silverballer! I got a series right here… (It’s for PS4, by the way.)
Don’t expect to SA them or have them be too easy, I never had that in mind when I made them, I just wanted a good use for the gimmick costume of each level. [but if you want, the first level is a good SA. I know, I’ve done it.] So, welcome to The Black Death!

  1. The Black Death! Redux- 203685159001
  2. The Black Death! Chapter 2- 202643600901
  3. The Black Death! Chapter 3- 208843327301
  4. The Black Death! Chapter 4- 206339549201
  5. The Black Death! Chapter 5- 209202022401
    (I don’t have a part 6 for Hokkaido yet, but I will hopefully make one soon.)


Nice @TheChicken. Sadly I’m on Xbox one, but I’m sure some PS4 players will want to give this a go.


I’ve started working on a series specifically for this thread. The title is inspired by the titles of the Jason Bourne movies. It’s for PS4, too, unforturnely, Silverballer .:smile:

I’ll add episodes to this post as I make them.

The 47 Inquisition: Part One

The 47 Inquisition: Part Two

The 47 Inquisition: Part Three


@David47 this look like a great storyline man. Keep up the good work.


Thanks. I try, but it’s difficult when every description has to be 500 characters or less. I spend most of my writing time chopping sentences out and throwing them away. lol


I will do this later on today, love the briefing.


@David47 I know what you mean. To make good stories they have to have the story built up across multiple briefings.


The second part of my PS4 series, “The 47 Inquisition”, is now available. Please scroll up. :relaxed:


@David47 that was sly. Paris was code. And I like this letter format.


Thanks. Yeah, I decided to do it because I wanted 47 to have a personality in the story, and, naturally, I can’t get him to say much in-game. lol


Finally got these finished today @Silverballer. Good series: some cool contracts, and I enjoyed the story running through it via the descriptions. Thanks for making them. If you want me to add the descriptions to the videos, send me a wall of text or something and I’ll copy/paste them in.

Poachers of Men

1- A Castle Built On Salt

2- Hollywood Heist

3- Secrets of the Past

4- Dead Drop

5- A New Army

6- Head of the Snake

7- Hunters Hunted

8- Justice

9- Unfinished Business


@Ed_ll3 thanks for playing them! Glad you enjoyed!


@Ed_ll3 I’ve just watched all the videos. I love in Bangkok (Head of the Snake) where Vlad Volodin (the courier) is looking at his dead boss who just fell from a window, money’s before his death. I mean, in those moments, considering the message he was delivering (he wanted to warn his boss about an assassination threat) he must have know it was no accident. He must have feared for his life. (Of course he is a brain dead NPC so sadly he was just thinking ‘oh what a terrible accident this is’) And then he got blown up.
Ah, I love Hitman.

Also, I will never feel safe around fire extinguishers again.


Is it ok to post a series that isn’t all the way complete yet or would you rather wait til i finish it?


@STEVEORSOMTHING it’s your choice! Post what you’ve done now if you want or wait till it’s done if you want people to play it all in one go!


Vlad has some pretty good dialogue. I tried HotS a few times, and he’s often been on the phone to his wife saying how good the hotel is… apart from the dead bodies. :smile: