Contract Series Thread (2016)


Ya he makes great contracts, here is my latest run from his The Typical Culprits series. My only criticism of this contract is the lack of an exit strategy if you go for Maya last, unless you go all the way down to the south side for the quad keys. I find Maya to be time consuming in general so I didn’t want to do that.


Seven Deadly Sins #4


I’ve noticed your contracts they look great as well as all the awesome ones on PC by others but I’m on PS4 where lucrative clients are limited :wink:


If you’re talking to me feel free to re-create them from looking at videos of them :slight_smile:


I am talking to you Mr :slight_smile: I thought I replied to your comment I’m on my phone so I makes miss stake sometimes :wink:


Typical Culprits… Now that takes me back lol. I was just getting started on contracts in that one. I might have to go back and see if it holds up to me!
@hitwoman47 Thanks for playing hope you enjoy the next few levels!


The Cleaners

I couldn’t play Clean Hit due to problems playing Landslide and the Icon.

The Villa Caruso Job (2:23)

Himmapan Underground (2:36)

Sanitation Mishap (1:55)

Losing Hope (2:28)

Great series @STEVEORSOMTHING, glad I could finally record my runs. None of these runs are my best (I’m fairly tired, I think I was sharper when I first played them) and I’m not proud of Sanitation Mishap (talk about cheap tactics) but Losing Hope worked the best, despite probably not being the fastest route. All had excellent flow and was a nice series to take up the day.


Here is a suit only series, inspired by @Euler13’s Valentinian Heresies series. I really hope people make runs and give me feedback on this series, as they’re were some questionable targets in this series. This is a suit only 1-2 target series (with the exception of A Natural Dispute).

Forsaken Pasts

Sheikh Fasir Aq-Reed has been found dead in a river. Four people were behind this murder, and you must put a stop to this.

(1/8) A Way Of Escape - 3-08-7835187-49

(2/8) A Lost Lamb - 3-03-1716158-49

(3/8) A Natural Dispute - 3-02-3906809-49

(4/8) All Bets Are Off - 3-07-8015305-49

(5/8) River Of Sorrows - 3-09-3323324-49

(6/8) Black Mist - 3-10-2799203-49

(7/8) One Final Piece - 3-04-0425891-49

(8/8) Pinpoint - 3-08-1680258-49


Looking good so far, @Remedy.

Forsaken Pasts - A Way Of Escape 1/8 (1:10)

Forsaken Pasts - A Lost Lamb 2/8 (0:51)

Forsaken Pasts - A Natural Dispute 3/8 (1:33)


Took an eternity to get around to playing the final two parts @DruidJ. My bad!

Here’s the full series including 7 and 8:

Bellum Pestilencia #1: Eyes of IAGO

Bellum Pestilencia #2: Crossfire

Bellum Pestilencia #3: Head on a Platter

Bellum Pestilencia #4: Illumination

Bellum Pestilencia #5: Old Enemies

Bellum Pestilencia #6: Culling of Kings

Bellum Pestilencia #7: End of the Road

(There were pesticide samples in pesticide guy’s overalls; I definitely didn’t forget to pick up the bottle ;))

Bellum Pestilencia #8: A Bitter Taste


Two challenges, if you’re up for them:

BP 7: Complete SA/SO (you don’t need the Pesticide for this challenge)


BP 8: Taste of Their Own Medicine - Kill all three with consumable poison (Fugu, your own and the one in Portman’s bathroom) They all drink from wine glasses and one of them tries the fugu roll.


There is also one in the room with the guards that are working out


That’s right forgot about that one :slight_smile:


Foresaken Pasts - All Bets Are Off 4/8 (1:13)

Forsaken Pasts - Rivers Of Sorrows 5/8 (0:58)

@Remedy: I couldn’t find your 4th contract when I searched for “forsaken pasts”, and I don’t know if you’d realised, but you misspelled “Forsaken” on the 4th contract; I left the wrong spelling in the title in case anyone searches for it by title rather than ID. Another reason we so desperately need editing facilities for contracts in season 2!

I’m really enjoying these. I’ve not read ahead, so I’m curious to know who is this final operative and the mysterious mastermind behind it all. Given I’ll only be doing episode 6 out of 8 there’s a lot of intrigue about what lies ahead. :+1:


@Euler13 I need not realize I spelled it wrong! Thanks! And I agree with you, there should be editing options.

I’m currently on another series called “Lines of a Pastel,” where the famous Carvarrah Painting has been stolen.
It costs millions; which raises high suspicion around the world. Our target; the thief; is travelling far and wide. The painter;
Alfredo Mazzini, has requested that we kill the target and his potential buyers and recover the painting.

I really hope you and others play this next series; but I’ll let you finish “Forsaken Pasts” first. I might come back to this series after Lines of a Pastel. There’s more in-store for the Aq-Reed legacy.


Here’s a run of The Cleaners: The Villa Caruso Job, I got 2:28. Best is 2:11 which I would love to see the run! Am working at this one to get it down, very fun as usual Steve! :smiley_cat:


I posted these in the “Hitmanforum member contracts” thread by accident. To keep everything in its proper place I’ll re-post them here.

Forsaken Pasts - Black Mist 6/8 (2:01)

Forsaken Pasts - One Final Piece 7/8 (1:26)

@Remedy: I’m looking forward to the final episode. :sunglasses:


FINALLY got a good score and a rekky for now. :smiley_cat: :smiley_cat: :smiley_cat: I was very happy to take 39 seconds off my other time. I got 2:11 late last night, then my friend Dre rekt me at 1:54 so I knew there had to be a way. I didn’t watch any videos prior cause I really wanted to figure this one out. So much fun!

The Cleaners: The Villa Caruso Job in 1:49


Forsaken Pasts - Pinpoint 8/8 (0:47)

@Remedy: It was so fitting that I finished this final contract in exactly 47 seconds. The last one felt a bit easy, but it was also very satisfying that the actions of someone who has had such a destructive effect on others should meet his end in such a simple way. Nice series! :clap:


Thank you very much for playing this series! @Euler13

I would love to know your favorite out of the eight and maybe you’re least favorite target so I can improve.