Contract Series Thread (2016)


For the ‘Poachers of Men’ series, I have been playing it a lot today, and I can say that A Castle Built On Salt, Hollywood Heist, Secrets of the Past and Justice are all completable SA/SO/FWO. Of course, Unfinished Business can’t be completed FWO, but it can be completed SA/SO.


Working on it for PS4


@Mr.46 great! So looks like we have you series and @STEVEORSOMTHING’s series to look forward too.


@David47 have you created any more contract? Or have you been too busy with the Elusive Contracts thread?


Right now I’m too busy being a terrible hitman in the latest PS4 elusive. lol

I’ll get around to it soon.


If anyone wants some challenges for the Poachers of Men series, i was bored so i made some: A New Army and Hunters Hunted arent finished yet, so i cant give those challenges, but just ask if tou want challenges for any other missions.


The third part of my series, “The 47 Inquisition” for PS4, is now up. (Scroll up.) :slight_smile:


@David47 I really love this story. Even if I can’t play the contracts.


Thanks, Silverballer! I’m making it as intriguing as I can with the tiny word limit, and the fact that every single story point has to end with 47 killing somebody. lol


I’m still stuck trying to make a contract on Sapienza…it’s gonna be tricky! :slight_smile:


I’ll just post the first two for now. The last two parts are finished though.
The Typical Culprits 1: the Bangkok Play

The Typical Culprits 2: Maggot’s nest


What platform are these on?




I have plans for a new 6-part series. Will post once I have finished it.


I’m trying to edit my briefing…how do I do that?

EDIT: Guess you can’t

@Travis_IOI @Morten_IOI any way we can patch this in the next update?


Okay, so I said I was making a series before, I have currently created 2 of the 6 contracts that will be in the series, and I expect to have them finished by 2017. After I have finished that series, I plan to make a Sarajevo Six style series, which should be done pretty quickly. Both series will be shorter and easier than the Poachers of Men series.


Oh and @Ed_ll3 which Poachers of Men contract did you like the most? Just out of interest.


I have finally finished my series for Xbox One, ‘A Crown of Glass’! After a high-profile hit, attacks are made against the ICA: but who is really behind it all?

This is a six-part series, and the contracts are as follows:

A Crown Of Glass
ID: 3-02-3231895-41
Location: Paris

Vengeance of Kings
ID: 3-03-6622879-41
Location: Sapienza

Operation Red Sands
ID: 3-06-5666340-41
Location: Marrakesh

Sticks and Stones
ID: 3-08-2261578-41
Location: Bangkok

Silver Birds
ID: 3-09-7972695-41
Location: Colorado

The Art of Deception
ID: 3-10-4977692-41
Location: Hokkaido


I’ve been noticing lately that there’s alot of xbone contracts. What happened to all the ps4 contracts? :confused:


@TheChicken made one for PS4