Contract Series Thread (2016)


@Silverballer I play PS4 but know that I’d love to play those!

I will post Part I and II of my Contracts very soon but they’ll be PS4 unfortunately. I’d still be happy to send you the details if you ever wanted a challenge


Here’s the first contract of my Fire and Water series, for PC.

Feel free to recreate it in other platforms if you wish.


Hey guys. Sorry it’s been awhile since i last updated. These are the last two parts of The Typical Culprits Series. Hope i can make more serires later on as i had fun making this one.
The Typical Culprits 3:Cashing Out
Contract ID: 2-02-5260863-79

The Typical Culprits 4: Carrion
Contract ID: 2-09-9646385-79


Not finished yet, but I am making a new contract series based around the idea of people stealing money and using it for personal gain. They aren’t all directly linked, but each share that same theme. I’ll release them when I feel I’ve made enough of them. I’m trying to make them as SA-friendly as possible this time.


Sorry @Silverballer; I’m terrible keeping up with all these forum @s and such, and completely missed this post. Only saw it as I was scanning through for contract deets on the new series.

Erm, probably HHeist, though I liked the series as a whole tbh. HH mainly as it’s rare to go back to The Icon, so it was a refreshing change; and while not crazy difficult, it was difficult to get it how I wanted for that route.


Getting to the last target (the one buried right in the SFX area) suit Only is very hard.


Oh and to anyone that is interested I am working on another Xbox One series, might be a while though.


‘A Crown Of Glass’

1- A Crown Of Glass

2- Vengeance of Kings

3- Operation Red Sands

4- Sticks and Stones

5- Silver Birds

6- The Art of Deception


Yay! Will watch these later.


I always put a lot of time into my descriptions for missions on PC, and was finally satisfied with the narrative I created for the Horror Challenge pack on Bangkok. Won’t spoil the deets here, but do give all four a try!

[B]Title:[/B] Himmapan Horror; Ghost in the Hotel [B]1-08-8189232-93[/B]
[B]Location:[/B] Bangkok
[B]Targets;[/B] Abel de Silva, Niew, Rama Malee

[B]Title:[/B] Himmapan Horror; The Abyss Staring Back [B]1-08-5709833-93[/B]
[B]Location:[/B] Bangkok
[B]Targets;[/B] Lek Chalerm, Martin Holas

[B]Title:[/B] Himmapan Horror; Are you a Be-cleaver? [B]1-08-9077312-93[/B]
[B]Location:[/B] Bangkok
[B]Targets;[/B] Five unlucky souls in and around the kitchen

[B]Title:[/B] Himmapan Horror; Meating the Monster [B]1-08-1584037-93[/B]
[B]Location:[/B] Bangkok
[B]Targets;[/B] Chulabhorn Ratana, Anurat, Tharn Srisai, Miss Mookjai


I like the breifings, may re-create the contracts but not the briefings cus typing on Xbox takes ages.


I like the videos @Ed_ll3. Was especially impressed with the Colorado one, was very smooth.


No one gave any of mine a try? I’m gonna start working on a new series soon. Was hoping to hear peoples opinions so i can improve.


Okay, so I think I’ve done an ok job at making my new series Spending Spree. It’s based around the idea of people stealing money for their own benefit. I’ve only made four so far… But they are very open-ended and CAN be SA/SO. I’ve done it on all 4. FOR PS4
Spending Spree ; 2-02-0864841-01 (Paris)
Spending Spree: Withdrawal ; 2-06-9185445-01 (Marrakesh)
Spending Spree: In Debt ; 2-08-7828133-01 (Bangkok)
Spending Spree: With Interest ; 2-09-8210879-01 (Colorado)


I love open contracts! I’ll be sure to give this a go.


Sounds great @TheChicken. Wish I could play it.


Played the first one. I got SA/SO, but i had to knock out a bunch of guards. I’m sure there’s an easier way but either way i had fun!
My first run i got into a gun fight and i almost got out but someone got me as i reloaded. I usually dont mind my score. I love to improvise.


Well, you can! You just need to recreate them using… THESE:
Original: All on the top IAGO floor.

Part 2: The first 3 are in the parking lot, the other is in the checkpoint in front of a guy’s shoe shop.

Part 3: Holly is in the lounge on 47 Suite’s floor. Tunlaya is washing dishes(?) in the kitchen.

Part 4: 2 hackers on second floor, One hacker on first floor, Last hacker walks in and out of the first floor.


I’ll try and recreate, but I doubt I’ll have time sadly.


Well, good luck either way…