Contract Series Thread (2016)


Same here. I was progressing so well on Battlefield 1, until now…


Hey so i thought about it and i would like to recreate one of your series if possible.


Oh cool! Which one do you many to make?


Do you have a preference?


Nah, it’s up to you. Depends how much time you have in your hands: if you have a lot, I recommend the Poachers of Men, but if not, then Crown of Glass. PM me for the names and locations of the targets, although I might take some time to reply (phone is almost dead so).
Or you could just watch @Ed_ll3’s videos.


I’m planning a sequel to “The Kitchen Knife Chronicles”. Kill Viktor, Sebastian, Dalia, Hailey and Sophus with a pair of scissors disguised as a stylist.


@STEVEORSOMTHING’s contract series, Armour and Shields, has been recreated by yours truly for Xbox one. The IDs (and names) are as follows:

Armour and Shields
ID: 3-09-3873806-41

Armour and Shields 2: Cerebrus
ID: 3-03-2948567-41

Armour and Shields 3: Ringleaders
ID: 3-06-3930649-41

Some minor changes have been made to the briefings (mainly grammar because I’m a grammar Nazi) and the targets have been re-ordered (so the leaders are the thumbnails), and I plan to tr and do them suit Only and perhaps fibre wire only now.


Lol grammar is not my strong suit, sorry about that.
Also how do you control who the thumbnail is? I thought i had it before but then it selects someone else as the thumbnail.


You have to kill them in a specific order, leader first. I just dropped duckies at their feet, no care for SA while creating.


Same here! Although obviously I try to make sure it’s possible. Thanks for remaking!


Completed the first mission SA, SO, FWO with a reasonable time. Will upload a video if my Xbox cooperates.


Ok, so I did ‘Armour and Shields’ and ‘Amroir and Shields 2: Cerebrus’ Silent Assassin, Suit Only and Fibre Wire only. I really enjoyed both, especially Cerebrus, and making a SA/SO/FWO run was difficult to say the least. The first one was easy least in terms of strategy but kept screwing me over with bugs (like the garrotte-punch bug) so took me a while to nail that one, as for the second one getting to the place when I could lure the lead female scientist alone was hard along with the other female scientist being tricky to lure into an unexposed spot (as she is in the middle of the lab). Great concracts, sadly my times were longer than 5 mins for both so no videos @STEVEORSOMTHING.


So are there any Contract Series for the PC or are the PS4/ X-Box players more creative than us? :innocent:


I believe that @BernardoOne made one, not sure if there are any others.


I have my Fire and Water series.


Thanks. I’ll take a look. :slight_smile:


Never in my peasant life have i thought someone of the pc masterrace would say that. :joy:

Only goofing of course!


i’ll be posting the rest of them later, i have the whole series ready but haven’t posted them all because nobody played the second contract yet xD


@STEVEORSOMTHING well, I can confirm Ringleaders is possible SA SO FWO. However, on my way out, I was spotted by a ridiculously large head turn, rage quitted, and so haven’t completed it yet. But it is possible.


Nice! How did you get Javid? I always had to use the propane tank.