Contract Series Thread (2016)


Amazing work on the series @Silverballer @STEVEORSOMTHING. The amount of time, care, and attention put into it is evident.

I’ve just been looking through properly, and tbh - with them being so open - I’m not sure where to start with it. Thinking maybe play through the series one time, then come back and pick off some Level Challenges after that. :slight_smile:


Yeah, do your ‘extinguisher runs’ first (hehe) then do the challenges. I think that’s the way to go.


Fair shout. :joy:

Stocked up ready for the Plutonium challenge:



You guys think it’s best to post videos for the series individually, or as a set? Don’t want to clog the thread up with individual posts, but then again it may take a while to get through them.

Nearly finished something I’ve been working on, so should be able to get back to Hitman properly over the next couple of days.

What do you reckon?


Whatever you want. There’s not much on this thread, so feel free to post how you like.


Good evening agents…
A small update for any one who is interested. I’ve taken the liberty to update my profile page with a detailed list of most of my contracts and series. This list doesn’t have all of my contracts, just the ones I thought hold up. If you’re curious there is a slew of PS4 contracts to see there.
I would also like to inform you that I’m planning a new series soon as well as a few new contracts. Looking forward to making them. That’s all for now.
As always, Good Hunting Agents…


Had a fair bit of free time today and managed to SA to the half-way point of Absolved. No specific challenges in mind with these ones yet; was just playing them on the fly. :slight_smile:


Parisian Secrets





Series 1 - Lloyd Wyman
Series 2 - Copycat Wyman

The Wyman series continues with Series 3 - Wyman Culinary. I hope anyone who decides to give it a go enjoys it. Feedback is welcome as usual. Series 4 is very likely to be the last. (XBOX ONE)

“Certain personalities are attracted to certain professions.”

  1. Trattoria - ID: 3-04-6238066-54
  2. Estaminet - ID: 3-02-2236589-54
  3. Pastilla - ID: 3-07-7682172-54
  4. Fusion Cuisine - ID: 3-08-0404173-54
  5. Primal Cut - ID: 3-09-5043998-54
  6. Silent Green - ID: 3-10-0934498-54

Hitmanforum member contracts

Here’s the full Absolved series. @STEVEORSOMTHING @Silverballer

Thanks a lot for making these, and sorry it took so long to get through them; I’d do one or two and then get sidetracked by other things. Tried to add some variety so it’s not (quite) all FE kills. :smile:

The contracts overall were superb, and they were all enjoyable in different ways. I know you kept them open to allow for the various challenges, but the choice of targets and placement also gave the series a great tempo. Hope you enjoy, and hope others give them a try along the way.


Parisian Secrets




Going Rogue



Eve of Destruction


(Wanted this one to be better. Sure there’s a quicker way to the third potential 22, maybe with the light rig, but it was really tricky for me to get to him SO without a lot of KOs).


Awesome! I’m gonna watch these through tonight, thanks for playing!


Glad to see you liked it. @Silverballer and i really enjoyed working on this one. I think there was kind of this point where i just kinda wanted to see it keep going lol. I just finished going through an SA/SO play through of all contracts and next I’m going to do a On Site Procurement playthrough.
Thanks for taking the time to play! Your vids are really awesome! :grin:


@Silverballer Really enjoyed your Poachers of Men series! Each contract had a great flow and interesting targets. Nothing kills the mood for me faster than a target who only stands in the open where he can only be killed by a fire extinguisher. Most of the targets you picked were still challenging while offering a number of kill opportunities. Nice work :+1:


I know all you guys have started with your contracts, but there is something that I do when I play story contracts that really makes each contract feel connected. I never reuse used up, wasted or lost gear in the next mission (except for whatever I bring back with me).

So for example, you have a 4 part series contract. Mission 1 you bring breaching charges, lethal poison, silverballer and concealable baton. So if I kill my target with the needle, and I had to ko a non target by throwing the baton, if I don’t go get the baton and exit the mission, I can’t use it again for the remaining missions. And same with the needle since I used it. And if I used 1 breach, then I can use 1 for another mission (if you didn’t toss both away of course). And if you have to drop your silverballer for a distraction and you don’t retrieve it before you exit, you have to choose a different gun.

I always play these story contracts like this as it add a really cool dynamic to it.

Just a thought, guys, if you’re interested in doing it. It really makes each mission feel a bit more connected.


I’d like to see you do that with Absolved! Lol think you can keep track of all your items for 10 levels? :wink:


Pen and paper, dude. :wink:
But try it out. It adds a nice dynamic to the story and gameplay.


In this four-part ps4 series, 47 is tasked with crippling an international human trafficking ring. All suit-only.

Good evening, 47. The ICA has been tasked with eliminating key members of ‘Human International’, an organized sex-trafficking ring that caters to wealthy clients with a taste for depravity, cruelty and bloodsport.
Our first two targets have reservations at Thailand’s Himmapan Resort, and we have reason to believe that they plan to scout for potential victims during their two-night stay. Good hunting.

Bangkok, two targets
Contract ID: 2-08-5947366-23

Good afternoon, 47. Our client has pointed us towards the sunny town of Sapienza, where three Human International members are scheduled for a nighttime meeting with one of the church’s staff.
We believe that Andrea Penca intends to sell children associated with the sunday choir, we must prevent this meeting from taking place and eliminate Penca in the process. Be discreet 47, and good hunting.

Sapienza, four targets
Contract ID: 2-03-7404128-23

Your actions in Italy and Thailand seem to have rattled the hornet’s nest. Vincenz Senten, one of Human international’s “big three”, is personally making a deal with corrupt property-manager Nimr 'Arif Bahar.
According to our client, Vincenz is working to establish a new operation in Morocco out of recent concern for the organization’s general safety. Intel has indicated that Senten will not arrive until he receives the go-ahead from Faarooq, his eyes-on-the-ground operative. Good hunting, 47.

Marrakesh night, three targets
Contract ID: 2-07-2148353-23

Good evening, 47. The last remaining figureheads of Human International have been scrambled by the loss of Vincenz Senten in Morocco, and have gone into hiding at the GAMA private hospital and resort. They are not anticipating an attack, and will presumably be indulging in the resort’s fine pleasures.
I’ll leave you to your work. Our client has left us with a personal message regarding this contract,
“Make them bleed, for my sister.”

Hokkaido, two targets
Contract ID: 2-10-5937433-23


Good Evening Agents!
I would like to announce that I am working on a brand new series. This series will concentrate on a group of assassins called The Cleaners. My main focus for this series is to be a nice easygoing set of contracts, but still challenging enough for SA/SO.
If you have any questions about this series, feel free to ask in the Ask HMF Anything thread.
As Always, Good Hunting Agents. :slight_smile:


Good evening agents.
The time has come for you to take on my new series, The Cleaners! A fun and easy series I hope you can all enjoy.

The Villa Caruso Job
ID: 2-03-9233941-79

Himmapan Underground
ID: 2-06-5600357-79

Clean Hit
ID: 2-04-1328383-79
Sapienza (Landslide)

Sanitation Mishap
ID: 2-06-5943172-79

Losing Hope
ID: 2-10-6909071-79

I really enjoyed working on this series as it’s one I’ve been thinking about doing for awhile.
Good Hunting Agents! :slight_smile:


The second contract in my Seven Deadly Sins series is now available. It’s called Drowning the Past.


Bellum Pestilencia #1 The client is Locksley. I’m pretty happy with the description on this one. Xbox.