Contract Series Thread (2016)


Lol I was planning a Seven deadly sins contract. Looks like you beat me to the punch.


Ha nah do it yoursā€™ll probably be better than mine :grin:


#New Series Announcement

Hello again agents, Iā€™d like to announce that Iā€™m working on a new series inspired by Hotline Miami. While the contracts can be completed Silent Assassin, I recommend letting your Inner Animal out and going completely beserk, in the spirit of the game that inspired these contracts.
If youā€™re expecting a good story Iā€™m sorry to say but you might be disappointed. I plan on making Levels for this series for quite awhile. This will in no way interupt any other projects as this is more of a side series with no foreseeable ending at the moment.
Thatā€™s all for now.
As always, Good Hunting!


Bellum Pestilencia #2: Crossfire is out now! A grieving girlfriend has been caught up in the chaos after her boyfriend (a doctor) died from a prototype of the virus. There is also an Ether scientist who has been recruited into the evil forcesā€™ ranks.


Iā€™m starting a series called Fiend Order.

Mission 1:
Location: Paris.
Objectives: Kill Dalia, Sophus and the guard in Daliaā€™s room with a janbiya dressed as the Sheik and kill the Sheik however you like dressed as a CICADA guard.

Mission 2:
Location: Sapienza.
Objectives: Kill Francesca and the three guards at the terrace with a pistol dressed as mansion security.

Mission 3:
Location: Marrekesh.
Objectives: Kill the three janitors with a pistol and Erik Olander with a thrown combat knife dressed as a janitor.

Mission 4:
Location: Bangkok.
Objectives: Kill the three guards in the security room with explosives dressed as the stalker.

Mission 5:
Location: Hokkaido
Objectives: Kill Haruo Nakamoto by fibre wiring him dressed as the ninja and Jason Portman with a scalpel.


Weā€™re gonna need more info friend.
Mission names, contract IDā€™s, and maybe the console youā€™re using. Sounds like A fun contract though. Iā€™ll give it a play if itā€™s on PS4


I havenā€™t actually started making them. But the titles:

Fiend Order: The Mad Sheikh

Fiend Order: Etherā€™s Bullet

Fiend Order: Cleaning Up

Fiend Order: Alert In The Security Room.

Fiend Order: Jason


Sounds fun! What console or is it on pc?


PC. But since I added the details, you can recreate it on PS4.


The Mad Sheikh:

Etherā€™s Bullets:

The Cleaners:

Alert In The Security Room:



Good Evening Agen-

You have one new message.


Hey this is Darren from International Courier Services. We have a couple of new packages for you to deliver. You can find the destinations in the briefcase we left by your door. We expect our customers to be fully satisfiedā€¦



Hotline: Dead-End

Hotline: Pumped Up

As stated before these can be completed SA, but I created this so people can release their inner animals, so kill as much as you please. For fun maybe post some pics of your aftermath. No plans for a full story for this series yet.
Good Huntingā€¦



Bellum Pestilencia #3: Head on a Platter is out now. Itā€™s Xbox, set in Paris around the attic area. Kinda happy with this one :slight_smile:


High Powers is sadly cancelled. The planned story is everywhere.

But I will make a 6 parter soon: Dark Age.

Do you ever think that we use power for granted? These people do. Five people have been sent across the world, to turn off the modern age and bring it back to the dark age. While they are stocked, others will not. There will be a worldwide panic. We will not have a panic. They are all around us. Be careful, 47.


Sorry for the spam, but I tried @DruidJā€™s Bellum Pestilencia series. It was amazing.

Eyes of IAGO was a beautiful contract. I loved the movement of the second target. This can bring several outcomes, along with random NPCs getting in my plan. I might do it again for a better score.


Crossfire was my favorite. Both targets moved around the majestic map and it worked out in the end. After bringing both syringes, it was a good run. I can lower it by a few seconds, but it is acceptable.


Head on a Platter was the third contract. I wasnā€™t a fan of this one. I didnā€™t hate it, no. I liked it. But I didnā€™t really like the fact but all three targets stayed in one place unless manually moved by 47. It was good, but maybe expand and get targets and at least have a little route.

Iā€™ll play the rest as they flow out, I wish good fortune with this series :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback! I didnā€™t think anyone would like Eyes of IAGO, but maybe thatā€™s just because Iā€™m bad at the game :joy: BTW have released number four called Illumination. Itā€™s in the Marrakesh Shisha Cafe, itā€™s not too bad. If you have any good ideas for targets, would love to hear about them :slight_smile:


Had a blast on these today. @DruidJ

Bellum Pestilencia #1: Eyes of IAGO

Bellum Pestilencia #2: Crossfire

Bellum Pestilencia #3: Head on a Platter

Bellum Pestilencia #4: Illumination

Not sure if itā€™s an ongoing series, but played these SDS contracts as well. Having a single target was a refreshing change of pace. :smile:


Iā€™ll try this out.

Colorado has a ton of opportunities if you will do one of the contracts there. Just choose the best.


Well since youā€™ve played them Iā€™ll continue the Seven Deadly series :slight_smile:


Dark Ages Taking our power for granted? These people think so. Groups have sent across the world to shut down power in the main parts that will cause havoc everywhere, bringing people to the dark ages. Stop this madness from occuring.

The contracts are in order from first to last.

1 - Machine Unplugged - 3-10-2136490-49

2 - Cleaning the Attic - 3-02-7298100-49

3 - Undetermined Audit - 3-06-7762831-49

4 - Electric Guitars - 3-09-6841386-49

5 - Jester To The King - 3-08-6815019-49

Finale - Fathers of the Family - 3-03-4676017-49

I hope you all enjoy this series :slight_smile:


The descriptions alone make me wanna play those!

On which platform are the contracts available?