Contract Series Thread (2016)


You’ll be pleased to know that they’re on Xbox. @Remedy does some great contracts.

You can tell from the first digit of the contract ID: 1- for PC, 2- for PS4, and 3- for Xbox one.


Didn’t know about the first digit, also thanks for that. :slight_smile:
I will give them a shot then.


Seven Deadly Sins #3: Cold Fury. Colorado, XB1.


Bellum Pestilencia #5: Old Enemies

That file the ICA found has proven to be very useful. Hunt down three active agents of the last remnant of the Franchise. They’re attending the festivities this afternoon in Sapienza. One has even infiltrated Marco Abiatti’s guard. Good hunting.


Bellum Pestilencia #6: Culling of Kings

I know I make a lot of these but I’m loving Hitman and I really enjoy making stories around Contracts. So, this time, since the series is coming to a close, you’ll be assassinating the leader of the Franchise, Aaron Collier, and his personal bodyguard. Colorado, USA



Bellum Pestilencia #5: Old Enemies

Bellum Pestilencia #6: Culling of Kings

:+1: @DruidJ


Bellum Pestilencia #7: End of the Road

Bangkok, Thailand. Penultimate level. You’re there to stop the attack mentioned in Eyes of IAGO

Also, any ideas for the name of the last one? It’s gonna be Hokkaido, Restauraunt area, and I’m thinking of having one target as a fugu fish customer. Thanks :slight_smile:


Not the best, but it can work.

Bellum Pestilencia #8: One Final Dish


Bellum Pestilencia #8: A Bitter Taste

47, the end is in sight. Eliminate the Mastermind, the Creator and the Commander. Operation Bellum Pestilencia failed. IAGO and the Franchise are gone. The Keepers are next. Good hunting. Hokkaido, Japan.

Soon I will be posting a big post of all missions with their own images and a list of challenges for you to try. :smiley:


Yay! This series was interesting. I might be making my own series, WINK WINK HINT HINT.


That would be cool I’d love to play a series I haven’t made :smiley:


I have plenty in my bio if you want to play them :grinning:


Valentinian Heresies Contract Series (Season 1)

Title: Valentinian Heresies - Fidelity Matters
Episode: 1
Contract ID: 3-08-1926588-05
Platform: Xbox One
Location: Colorado

Title: Valentinian Heresies 2 - Licentiousness
Episode: 2
Contract ID: 3-06-4855703-05
Platform: Xbox One
Location: Marrakesh

Title: Valentinian Heresies 3 - Cain’s Crusade
Episode: 3
Contract ID: 3-10-1264018-05
Platform: Xbox One
Location: Colorado

Title: Valentinian Heresies 4 - Seth’s Seed
Episode: 4
Contract ID: 3-03-6141320-05
Platform: Xbox One
Location: Sapienza

Title: Valentinian Heresies 5 - Abel Absolved
Episode: 5
Contract ID: 3-02-1452448-05
Platform: Xbox One
Location: Paris

Title: Valentinian Heresies 6 - Hidden Refuge
Episode: 6
Contract ID: 3-09-4561351-05
Platform: Xbox One
Location: Colorado


Sphere of Influence - A Contract Trilogy

Welcome to Marrakesh 47, your Targets are Khair al Din Yusef Sarkis, a grifter and pickpocket known as “Turtle Dove” within the Marrakesh underworld, and Link Parr, a Sales Representative for a French Multinational Trade firm. Our client, billionaire Real Estate tycoon Vivienne Dumont, has the Agency on retainer for the week, so a safe house close to the Bazaar has been provided for the duration of your visit.

Full Briefing with Target Dossier’s attached

Good afternoon 47, your Targets are Yusef Sultan Asker, Marta Monarka, and Ameen Sahli. The first pair are assassins linked to an organized crime group operating in France known as ‘Le Milieu’, and the third Target is a local hitman known across the underworld of North Africa and the Middle East as ‘Mr. Omdurman’ who is providing logistical support for the team. This is Dumont’s second contract for us, nearly 48 hours since the last.

Full Briefing with Target Dossier’s attached

Good Evening 47, your Targets are Vivienne Dumont our previous client, Remy Quiron former CFO of the APEX Corporation, and Oliver Lapierre an ex French Intelligence officer and the architect of their plan to takeover Marrakesh. Our client is French Intelligence, and they have enlightened us with their reports regarding this trio and their schemes across Morocco and France.

Full Briefing with Target Dossier’s attached

Hey everyone, so this is what I have been doing with my spare time for nearly a month now, I hope some of you will give them a try. I ensured that they all can be done SA, however one of the Targets on the final contract of the Trilogy can be time consuming to get, but it is possible. I wanted the Target’s in the finale to give the feeling that they are somewhat untouchable and elite, so options are limited in comparison to the first two contracts in eliminating them. I hope nobody minds reading too much, because trust me you don’t want to hear my Diana impression. :grin:

Have a great weekend


Wow, this is awesome! I’ll have to give these a go when I get the chance!


Hey just did your contract The Cleaners: Clean Hit. Working on the others. Was really fun, thanks for posting!

Here’s a video if you are interested.


Damn, this was the only one I couldn’t play because I can’t play the bonus missions on my PS4 (they keep crashing). GL with the others, try and beat my rekkys!


Oh that sucks! I wonder why they don’t work? Thanks! I just played another but I’m like 145 off of your time so I’ve got work to do! :wink:


I didn’t realise you had both consoles.


Yes, I have both, but at different times (only have access to PS4 on Tuesday evenings and weekends). It’s to do with divorced parents.