Create Your Own Bonus Level


The hardest part was finding a far-fetched, yet plausible reason for Mario Abiatti to go berserk. I also wanted Marco Abiatti in a prominent role rather than just a cameo.

And of course, the gameplay situation had to be interesting. I wanted players to watch the briefing, start the mission and then go: “WTF is going on?!?” Hahaha.

The Target, by virtue of the design, is “accidentally protected” and can serve as a sort of boss fight. And that’s after you get over the initial shock of “Now what do I do?!?!”


The rest of the gags are lifted from various sources, both real life ones as well as ones from films like Mad City as well as the opening gag from the film Metro, and the scenario of a Mayor taking his own office hostage is partially inspired from the film Robocop.