Create your own fan-made elusive target


how did you make that picture @11117


I do that in Adobe After Effects
This is example


That plot is strange


Target: The Merchant

“Good afternoon, 47. Your target is Hector Salazhinka, a Serbian-born, American-bred arms dealer known for his ability to procure any number of weapons his clients so desire, at any cost. A few years ago, Salazhinka was the subject of a global manhunt, being placed on both Interpol’s and the CIA’s “Most Wanted” list. But, during a brutal firefight that left 26 dead and 13 injured, he managed to escape with 2 of his most trusted bodyguards, fleeing to never be seen again. Until now. Our clients, Interpol, have managed to locate Salazhinka to Marrakesh, Morroco, where it is understood he is attempting to negotiate a deal with General Reza Zaydan, who is himself staging a military coup as we speak. Aware of the political firestorm, we have been asked to find Salazhinka, eliminate him and his two protection detail, retrieving the memory stick on which he keeps a list of all of his associates and suppliers. The clock is ticking, 47, I shall leave you to prepare.”


Target: The Bachelor

"Good day, 47. Your target is Mark Henry-Armitage, the renowned playboy-philanthropist behind the famous “The Peek!” gossip magazine, a man who’s love for money has led to some dangerous results. Armitage has a reputation for being with women for the shortest times, mere flings at most, but last Summer, his girlfriend (the porn star Valencia Mattini) was found dead, seemingly to have fallen down the stairs of his million-dollar Miami mansion. Initial reports came up as purely an accident, but later evidence appeared which exposed Armitage for what he had truly done. With the case mounting, he used his immense wealth and political standing to have the evidence go mysteriously missing and the detectives who discovered it framed for crimes they simply didn’t commit. Our clients, the family of Ms. Mattini, deservedly want revenge on the manipulative mogul. ICA sources show that Armitage is staying at the private GAMA facility, a cutting-edge hospital in Hokkaido, for a minor surgery on his lower back. The clients have also specified a secondary wish; They want Mark to be eliminated in a way similar to their late daughter’s, so a little trip may be in order. Good luck, 47. Happy hunting.


Target: The Preacher

Briefing: "Good day, 47. Your target is the infamous preacher and American “faith healer” Anton Jaredson. Jaredson is one of America’s foremost “faith healers”, also known as the modern day snake oil salesman. He has made a fortune off of his practice, one of his most successful parlour tricks being his ability to make a paralysed man walk again. Of course he employs an actor, but some of his tricks aren’t so harmless. During a tour of the States, Anton claimed to be able to cure cancer. A woman, 60-year-old Gretta Danforth, a firm believer in Anton’s powers, was told to throw away her medicine and to “let the power of God heal you”. Unfortunately for him, the woman did just that, and ,within a few weeks, died due to her illness. Jaredson was quick to cover it up, claiming all sorts of falsehoods, and his career managed to stay intact. Our clients, Mrs. Danforth’s family, want the silver-tongued charlatan retired for good, and have paid a large amount to see him gone. We have traced Anton to Sapienza, Italy, where he intends to hold a sermon at the local church and espouse his “miracles”. Let’s see that this preacher never reaches the mass. I shall leave you to prepare.


How can the ICA ask us to eliminate him… If we are the ICA?


Target: The Attorney

Briefing: "Good day, 47. Your target is Vincent Aimes, a ruthless defence attorney with more in common with his clients than assumed. For years, Aimes has been using his wit and expert knowledge of the law to get easily-convictable criminals set free, at the same time striking up a deal and adding them to his vast, underground contacts list. With these contacts he has been active in the global smuggling industry, from humans to drugs, for more than 13 years. Up to now, Aimes has been able to evade police custody using genius loopholes, diversions, scapegoats and other law-breaking workarounds; However, our clients, the American Judicial Association, have finally been able to acquire enough information on Aimes to contract the ICA, and have asked us to eliminate him during his meet-up with one of the leaders of a militia operating out of Colorado, Sean Rose (a highly wanted man himself). We believe he is visiting with the intention of Aimes joining the militia as their top strategist. Extreme caution will be required, with the compound being on high alert in anticipation of his arrival. You must also retrieve Aimes’ “Black Book”, a small, leather-bound notebook in which he keeps the details of all of his contacts, which he is intending to share with Rose during their meeting. Good luck, 47, I shall leave you to prepare.


Targets: The Creator & The Facilitator

Briefing: " Good evening, 47. Your targets are wealthy painter Walter Harrison and his soon-to-be-married fiancee, the genius, yet dangerous, Amelia Westacott. Harrison’s foray into the art world has proved quite successful so far, earning him a net worth of just under 2.5 billion, which Mrs. Westacott is more than happy to capitalise on, What these two don’t know is the very thing that’ll bring down their precious facade. Westacott and Harrison are, in reality, both employees of rival mafia gangs: the Garamofis and the Martellis, two of the most dangerous gangs in all of America. One works to supply them with money through the sales of his forgeries, the other through her ability to retrieve any item, going to any lengths to do so. Both ruthless, both targets. They are currently attending the Sanguine fashion show, believed to be meeting with Novikov to discuss securing potential deals for their respective families, but our client, an operative undercover in both syndicates, fears this could be the final straw the pushes both groups into full-blown war. He has asked us to eliminate the two, and retrieve a set of files being held by Novikov regarding their exchanges. The clock is ticking, 47. Good luck.


Why did Westacott keep her surname when she married Harrison?


That mistake has been accounted for, thanks for pointing that out.


And I’ll attempt your suggestion of appearance, route and kill opportunities, might add something interesting.


Target: "The Negotiator"
Loaction: Hokkaido

Briefing: “Good day, 47. Your target is Benjamin Andrews, a first-class police negotiator whose unmatched charisma and manipulative dominance has extended much farther than his professional career. Andrews is renowned as the man to call in a crisis, able to convince even the most defiant to crumble; especially the rich and powerful. In addition to his successful law enforcement career, Andrews is also a prominent member of Providence, working as a middle-man between negotiations and a solution for when brute force isn’t an option. Using his own unique mixture of blackmail, intimidation and psychological techniques, acquired from years of study and practice, we believe he has more than 40 important and influential personas in the palm of his hand. Our clients, the family of Frederik Hardtman, a major banking executive who killed himself due to the immense pressure Andrews was putting him under, want him eliminated as a justice to the deceased. ICA sources have tracked him down to the GAMA private hospital in Japan, where he is to be meeting with the hospital director, for reasons unknown, during a minor check-up on the liver surgery he had 2 months ago. It is to be noted, 47, that Andrews takes a special medicine called “Litabentalene-7”, a specialised medicine developed by GAMA specifically for his liver, a new batch being made only yesterday, currently being held on-site for use some time during his stay. A unique opportunity. The clock is ticking, 47. Good hunting.”

Appearance: Andrews is 43, but appears much younger than he is; however, his professional experience shows in his physicality. As a big fan of personal fitness, so he is well-muscled, but is overall slim in stature and has a slight limp due to an injury he sustained as part of a police negotiation. He has dirty blonde hair combed into the typical businessman haircut and calm blue eyes, with a slight stubble on the lower part of his face. He has a slight cocky smirk, and his left ear is slightly deformed. He also wears contact lenses due to moderately poor eyesight. He wears a navy blue suit, with an eggshell white shirt and a grey tie with a spiral pattern to it.

Route: Andrews will start in Yamazaki’s room, lounging about on the sofa, watching TV, and then move over to the balcony. He will stay there for about 1 minute and have a short talk with one of his guards (Yamazaki’s default security). He will then make his way to the spa and check out the sauna, deciding to take off his contact lenses and relax in the sauna (due to his poorer vision, you will not be detected for 5 seconds while holding an illegal item by him). After he has left, he will briefly go into the main hallway bathroom to put his lenses back in, for only for about 10 seconds. He will then make his way straight to the Director’s office, where the director will be sitting down, waiting for him to arrive. They will have a 3 minute talk about income and operations, finally getting up and shaking his hand before leaving to do some exercise in the gym. Leaving for the surgical ward, where Soders usually lies, he will sit on the bed and have a quick medical check-up, before being escorted to the stem cell room and taking a drink with his pills in.

Standard Kill Opportunities: A) As he looks over the railing in his room, his bodyguard may be distracted long enough to push him over, but this is quite hard due to other guards in the room. B) When he goes to the sauna, you can throw a coin to lure him in, crank up the heat and lock him in, just like Yamazaki. C) After he has left the sauna area, you can lure him into a toilet stall and kill him while he checks on his contacts. D) As he makes his way to the Director’s office, you can lure him into many other rooms and kill him how you please. E) During his exercise, you can get rid of his guards however you wish, granting you an opportunity. F) Before he has his drink with his pills, you can poison it for an accident kill.

Unique Kill Opportunities: A) While he is sitting in the sauna, you have the opportunity to pull a Yamazaki on him and boil him alive in the sauna. B) When he puts his contact lens in, as he is bending down, you are able to slam his head down on the contacts, the glass will shatter and kill him. C) While he is exercising, if you can get the guards away from his room, you are able to smother him with the pillow that is placed beneath his head as he does press-ups. D) Before he takes his medicine, you can poison his pills and, if you fill them with lethal poison, he will keel over, clutching his liver, and die on the spot.


Hopefully you all like that.


It’s great! Not sure IOI would be willing to put that much work into an ET tho lol


Yes, I did think it was a bit much on the added assets side, but I thought “Heck, might as well go full force if I’m going to try!”


Target: "The Black Widow"
Setting: Paris

Briefing:" Good evening, 47. Your target is Harriet Marylebone, an oil heiress set to gain billions, but her current escapades are already proving quite rewarding. Miss Marylebone is known for her string of wealthy lovers, her most notorious being the famous actor Jimmy Cesko, who died, “accidentally”, when the brakes on his car failed and he went flying over the edge of the cliff just outside his Orlando mansion. She is well known for the many tragic “accidents” that befall her fiancees, from bathtub electrocutions to fatal “trips” down flights of stairs; earning her the unflattering title “The Black Widow”. She is believed to have a body count around 13, and people have always been suspect of the many, unfortunate deaths, but the police cannot convict as there is no substantial evidence that would stand up in court. Our clients, the family of one of Marylebone’s victims, who are insistent that she had something to do with the deceased’s death, have requested that we eliminate the scheming mistress the night of the Sanguine fashion show, currently being held at the Palais de Walewska, in Paris, as she is set to be one of the star models. A point of note, 47. Your target has payed Novikov an exorbitant amount to have her own segment, upon which she will be allowed free range of the catwalk; this should prove a nice boost to her already large ego.The clients have made the special, optional request that you find a way to kill her during her performance. However, you will have to make it quick; she has been allotted a small, 3-minute time frame alone. Once she has left the catwalk, she shan’t return for the rest of the event, so make it count. “Let the world see what happens to the wicked, make it a spectacle,” they said. Well, the ICA is anything but unadaptable, 47. Of course, how you eliminate the target is all down to you. I shall leave you to prepare, good hunting."

Appearance: Marylebone is just over 32, but still as stunning as she was 10 years ago. She has long, flowing, blonde hair, deep-set eyes as green as emerald, with small, thin lips lifted to form a minor smile. This air of mysteriousness and maturity that embraces her is what leads so many to their dooms. She wears be wearing a long, red dress with a black rose design made of lace decorating the front and back. Her hair rests on her shoulder and fall down her chest, a necklace of rare diamonds adorning her neck. A brilliant scarlet lipstick is being worn, with a piercing black eye shadow to really make her eyes stand out. A set of ruby encrusted bracelet are worn on her wrist, with a 24-carat gold engagement ring sitting on her finger, inlaid with yet another precious diamond. Her shoes are black heels, as high as can be and as sharp as a dagger. For an accessory, she holds a small purse, real, black crocodile skin leather, with a gold buckle and jewels encrusting the clasp.

Route: !! Note: She will be tailed by a personal CICADA bodyguard for the duration of the contract, unless you are able to remove him from the equation. !! She will start off in the bar, in the middle of the crowd at one of the tables, sipping on a wine glass (she will return to this throughout the event, allowing for a poison kill). She will then move to the garden, where she will stand just a few metres away from the IAGO invitation-holding photographer, smoke a cigarette and make a phone call to her fiancee (if you can get rid of the photographer, this is a good place to eliminate her). After this, she will head back inside and strut around the dressing room for a while, finally stopping to talk to Novikov. After he has left, she will ask Sato how long it will be till she goes one, and, after hearing it will be at least another 8 minutes, she decides to have a wander around the museum areas (There will be one more security guard in each of the ground floor exhibitions, just to make sure elimination isn’t as much of an easy task). She will wander through the museum until she receives a text from Sato calling her to the stage. She will make her way there, ready herself to the side of the catwalks and walk on, as stated before, completely alone (this is the time when you would invoke the client’s secondary request, but you can still get top score if you don’t use this opportunity). After this has happened, she will meet once more with Novikov before returning to the bar, repeating the “drink-garden-museum” sequence for the rest of the mission.


This is a really fun thing to do, thanks to whomever created this thread.


You should do a Bangkok ET.


Funnily enough, I was planning to do just that next!