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Target: "The Marketer"
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Briefing: “Good morning, 47. Your target is Robert R. Wade, renowned marketer to the stars and currently working with The Class, Jordan Cross’ indie-rock band. The target has a reputation for being able to shoot his clients straight to the top, having a contacts list that reaches even royalty. But, in fact, this contacts list is used for much more than marketing. Wade is, in truth, a prominent member of the Delphi Collection, an elite organ trafficking group operating in over 20 countries. Our clients, the human rights organisation The H-Project, have hired us to eliminate Wade before he is able to seal a deal that would see a further 5 countries added to his repertoire. With The Class currently staying at the Himmapan hotel, recording their semaphore album, Wade is staying with them under the guise of a simple audit. Security will be heavier than usual, but I do know how you love a challenge. The clock is ticking, 47, happy hunting.”

Appearance: Wade resembles every stereotypical hipster ever. He has blue eyes hidden behind aviator glasses, with a brown ponytail hanging down his back. He wears a fully buttoned up shirt adorned with gold flowers on a black background, with a dark brown suit over top. He has a gold wedding ring on his finger, and a gold wristwatch on his right arm. The sleeves of his jacket and shirt are also rolled up just over the elbow, revealing his arms. He wears loose-ish black trousers, with a gold seam and dark dress shoes, that reach a rounded tip. He is never seen without a cigarette in his mouth, and he stops to relight one every 10 minutes.

Route: He will start down in the basement, checking a box of (presumably) The Class merchandise. He will then make his way to the kitchen and take a gander at some of the food at the front desk. He will then take a seat at a “RESERVED” table, and a waiter will bring him some food (if you can note which food he desires, you’ll be able to poison it for a quick kill). He will then compliment the chef, take himself off to the bathroom and check himself out in the mirror. After this, he will go straight to the Queen’s Suite. He will have a talk with Heidi Santoro about sales, before going straight to his room and sitting down to type on his laptop (this is a good chance to remove his bodyguard and eliminate him). He will then repeat this cycle for the rest of the contract.


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Target: "The Shadow"
Location: Sapienza

Briefing: “Good day, 47. Your target is Leylon Kotch, a world-class mercenary lacking all empathy, capable of extreme feats, but only for the highest of prices. ICA files link him to over 40 assassinations since the 80’s, the latest and most notorious being of SolarQ CEO Cedric Hamilton. Koch is believed to have had army sniper training, is a master of various martial arts and has an extensive knowledge of all variants of firearms, from AR-15s to M1911s; a formidable opponent indeed. Our client, a shareholder in SolarQ, has been hit a heavy financial blow due to Hamilton’s death, and is worried for the company’s future stability. He has been tracking Koch’s movements and has pinned him down to the Italian coastal town of Sapienza, where we believe he is preparing to carry out a hit on a visiting politician. Note this, 47, Koch is extremely dangerous and cautious, so he will not be afraid to engage in a firefight and possibly attempt to evacuate if alerted to any overt danger. The clock is ticking, 47. I shall leave you to prepare.”

Appearance: Koch will wear an outfit almost identical to the one worn by 47 in Colorado, with black aviator glasses and short, black, military–style hair. He has a visible scar down his right eye, and that eye is completely white due to the injury. He is well built, but not bulky. More muscle than fat. He also wears black leather gloves, just like the ones on the Signature Suit. He carries a silenced version of the Bartolli (default guard’s gun), which he will engage you with if he is alerted to danger.

Route: Koch starts by the beach, leaming against one of the stone pillars by the tunnels smoking a cigarette (if you can lure him into the tunnel, that’ll be a good opportunity to eliminate him). He will then walk over to Jingles’ performance are and sit down on a bench for a second, taking a few photos of the buildings around him. He will then go straight to the top of the town hall tower, where there will be a silenced sniper rifle that he has left there (this will always be there, so can be used against him). After checking his rifle, he will wander around the town square, checking out the various shops and picking the lock to the art studio, walking through and checking on some C4 he has planted by the buildings struts (another good place to eliminate him if possible). He will then repeat this, smoking in various other places and taking pictures of different buildings.


Elusive Target #?: The Soprano

Briefing: Good evening 47. Your target is Gina Giordano, an up-and-coming singer who is performing in Marco Abiatti’s political rally to gain fame. Giordano was rejected by multiple agencies until she began to perform sexual favours for producers and managers, after which she quickly rose to being a prodigy of Monumental Records. Our client, the agent of a star who is also young and rising but has been neglected after Giordano’s rise, has requested we put Giordano out of business. She will not be performing yet, and will be found at the heart of the festival. Her agent will also be on site, although he is not a target. Good hunting.

Appearance: Giordano wears a blue sequin dress and has chocolate medium-length brown hair. She should be fairly easy to spot in a crowd. Her agent is dressed like a bodyguard but with a blue tie.

Routine: Giordano will start on the pier with the anchor, then she will walk back to the backstage area. She will talk with Cinque Cilleti as Abiatti is on stage, then she will go upstairs to the area with the fireworks remote. She will talk to her agent here, then she will smoke for a short time and go back down to the wine area where she will chat with a guest and take a drink. She will then go back to the pier and her route will repeat. She has one bodyguard. Her agent will patrol around the upstairs area behind the stage, talking to a few Stage Crew members. He will not have a bodyguard.

Kill opportunities: Taking out her bodyguard will open up a lot of kill opportunities. To take out the bodyguard, lure him into one of the houses near where she walks or poison his wine glass which he will drink from while Giordano is talking to Cilleti (not many enforcers nearby). Giordano can also be poisoned at the bar however reaching the glass requires a waiter disguise and there will be an enforcer (as with the normal level). You can also drop a speaker on her while she talks to Cilleti. In the event of a lockdown, she will go to the apartment with the bodyguard who vapes where guards will surround all entry points but not look at Giordano herself, who will conveniently stand close to the bathroom where she can be killed and hidden (the guards won’t guard the bathroom entrance).


Elusive Target #?: The Weapon and the Inventor

Briefing: Good morning 47. Your targets are HORUS, a US military robot intended for deployment in the Middle East, and Edward ‘Einstein’ Tyrell, a Cambridge graduate and the inventor who created HORUS. Tyrell is currently taking refuge at Sean Rose’s militia camp after he discovered the military planned to use HORUS for black ops against US citizens. The US military have contracted us to destroy HORUS and eliminate Tyrell before Sean Rose uses HORUS for even more unethical purposes. Be careful 47: HORUS is bulletproof, explosion-proof and resistant to melee weapons. He is also armed to the teeth and has the full militia stored on an internal database, so he will recognise you no mater what disguise you are wearing. Good hunting.

Update: When the player gets close to HORUS, Diana will tell the player that they have received word HORUS has a self-destruct mechanism which can be activated via a remote. She will also tell 47 the self-destruction has a low blast radius and won’t harm any bystanders.

Appearance: HORUS appears similar to Assaultrons from Fallout. He has a minigun on one arm which will kill 47 very quickly and his other arm is a claw. He is bulletproof, explosion-proof and immune to melee attacks but will die if shot or blown up enough. His body does not count as being found and guards won’t react to his corpse. He cannot be subdued or killed by lethal injection, and he never drinks (for obvious reasons). He uses guard AI but has unique dialogue. Tyrell wears a large coat and has fuzzy white hair. He looks similar to Einstein, hence his nickname.

HORUS: HORUS will stay in the garage area, near the technicians and the car lift. He will walk around, talking to the technician beneath the car lift (there is now a technician in the corner who smokes and will spot you dropping the car lift unless you get him out the way) and then he will talk to the technician working in the battering ram van. In a lockdown, he will run to the barn and wait in a corner near an oil drum, unguarded.
Tyrell: Tyrell will start in the area with the technicians and the satellite. He will then walk to the kitchen, where he will take a drink and make a phone call. If the signal tower is turned off (which would usually lure the interpol technician) he will investigate.

Kill opportunities:
HORUS: HORUS can be killed with the car lift if the technician nearby is removed, he can also be lured to the oil barrel near the technician working on the battering van. He can be lured to the upstairs part of the garage with a distraction, or to the slurry pit. In a lockdown he can be hay baled. The self-destruct remote can be found in a safe in the satellite area. The key to the safe can be found on Sean Rose. Activating the remote will activate HORUS’s self destruct sequence immediately.
Tyrell: Tyrell can be poisoned at the kitchen (requires chef disguise), lured to the water tower by deactivating the signal or killed in the technicians area to luring him with a generator. In a lockdown he will run to the greenhouse, where he can be syringed fairly easily.

Some more backstory: The technicians near HORUS can be heard discussing Rose’s plan to kill off Tyrell and keep HORUS for himself. On his phone calls, Tyrell can be heard talking to a man (most likely Owen ‘Protagonist’ Wagner, or the Black Hat) about contacting someone to help him escape.


Just a quick correction, his name is Owen Wagner, not Ewans.


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Target: The Janitor
Location: Paris

Briefing: “Good evening, 47. Your target is Gellert Marjkty, a Ukrainian-born mafia cleaner renowned by the criminal underworld for his meticulous and professional clearing methods. Many a case has been dropped due to lack of evidence as a direct result of Marjkty’s ability. Marjkty has recently gone into hiding after being placed on the Interpol “Most Wanted” list, after one of his previous clients was arrested and revealed his existence for shortened prison sentence. Our clients, Interpol, have managed to track the target to Paris, where we believe he is to try and make a deal with former oligarch Viktor Novikov. They ask that we eliminate Marjkty at some point during the show, and retrieve a dossier he is carrying, information for Novikov to be exchanged during their meeting. Note this, the target is highly suspicious due to his wanted status, and will attempt to flee if alerted to your presence. The clock is ticking, 47, I shall leave you to prepare.”

Appearance: Marjkty wears a black jacket with a navy suit underneath, and a black cap on his head. He has short black hair, black jeans and hiking shoes.

Route: He will start in the VIP parking area, moving inside to the bar and having a drink. He will then move to the catwalk and stand under a speaker. He will then got to the back stairs and make his way up, stopping at the second floor to quickly visit the bathroom and urinate. He will then make his way to the kitchen and talk briefly with Novikov. He will continue this, talking to Novikov in different places each time.


Cat of the royal breed
Good afternoon, 47.
Your destination is Sapienza, where the famous Andrew Ryden recently arrived. Your target, oddly enough, is not he, but his cat is Charles III. According to information provided to us, this cat was stolen by Raiden from his ex-wife - Marla. It’s not that the animal is important to him … In Charles III, namely inside his stomach, a very rare 600-carat diamond is stored. It belongs only to the family of Marla, 47th. Our client asked to immediately return the cat in order not to let Raiden kill him, and then sell the diamond. Now Andrey has just arrived in the laboratory “Ether: Biotech”,
That Silvio Caruso helped him as accurately as possible to extract the jewel. Remember, the client indicated in the notes: It is desirable that the cat remains alive, so you should just kidnap Charles.
Time is running. Good Luck, 47.


Elusive Target #?: The Antique Collector
location: Paris

Briefing: Good Evening 47,

Your target is Harcourt Blanchard a french antique collector that is known for his famous collection, but the target has recently joined IAGO and have been helping them a lot with economic issues they have been facing. IAGO has been more active and dangerous lately because of Blanchard. A client has asked us to eliminate Harcourt Blanchard along with stealing a famous antique which he plans on giving to IAGO. Note that the target knows who you are even in disguise and will escape on Novikov’s helicopter and will take the antique with him. Dalia Margolis has invited him to the IAGO auction, but the target wants to avoid public attention so he will likely not be there often. Eliminate the target and steal the antique he has brought with him. The clock is ticking 47,

Good luck!

In-game details:
Appearance: The target is wearing a black tuxedo along with a grayish-black looking coat over his tuxedo. He is also wearing glasses that are rectangle and has brown hair that is turning grey and his hair is parted.

Route: The target will start in the kitchen basement making his way to the 2nd floor. He goes on the stairs wear the bodyguards ask you to show your IAGO invitation and then goes around the 2nd floor. He eventually have a conversation with the prince in that floor and starts heading his way to the auction. Once he has made it to the auction he does have a conversation with Dalia Margolis and then goes back down to the 2nd floor.

Potential kill #1: You can make a chandelier fall on the target during the conservation with Dalia by distracting one of the guards to go in the bathroom and knocking him out and distract another and knock him out then thrown the coin in the middle of the room where the chandelier is and drop it on him.

Potential kill #2: you can push him off a ledge in the 2nd floor by distracting both of his guards and pushing him. Note: it will kill people when pushing him so it wouldn’t be considered silent assassin.

The Antique: The antique is located in the princes room and two guards are guarding a glass case. you can distract those guards and lock pick the case and find an exit. Note: if you use a breach charge it will break the antique and the mission will fail. common sense there.


Target: The Matron
Location: Hokkaido

Briefing: “Good morning, 47. Your target is Emilie Loerch, a private nurse currently under suspicion for medical malpractice and human rights violations, among other things. At 87, Loerch is well past her prime but has been able to keep up her life of sadistic games and torture for more than 50 years. Working in and moving around various Swiss mental health clinics, she would prey on the defencelessness of her patients, subjecting them to sick mind games and brutal torture; from electroshock to acupuncture, nothing is beyond her psychopathic imagination. Our clients, the family of one of the patients who died under her “care”, have contracted the ICA to eliminate the target before she can cause any more heartbreak. ICA sources place the target at the GAMA medical facility, in Hokkaido, no doubt waiting for the perfect patient to exploit. A warning: Loerch is highly suspicious and careful in her methods, evident in her ability to evade the law for so long, and will no doubt attempt to escape if she becomes alerted to your presence. Good luck, 47, I shall leave you to prepare.”

Appearance: Emilie looks like the typical old lady: pink jumper, knee-length blue skirt with gray tights and brown, leather shoes. But, over her jumper, she wears a white GAMA Doctor’s coat and small, white spectacles. Her gray hair is tied back into a bun and has a pink bow in it.

Route: Emilie starts in the study room upstairs, where the doctors sit and watch the surgery. She will then move down the stairs (all sets have at least one guard in the stairwell, so they’ll have to be removed beforehand) and go down the corridor, entering the garden. She will walk to the wooden arch and sit down for a while, talking to herself about which patient she could target next (but not close enough to offer herself for a push, so a lure would be required). She will then move down to the restaurant and sit down at a table, drinking some wine and reading a pamphlet (there’s a light fixture above her that can be caused to fall and crush her). She will then move to the main bathroom, go to the toilet briefly and wash her hands afterwards. This sequence will be repeated for the rest of the mission.


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