Elusive Target #18 The Chameleon 01.13.2017 (13.01.2017)


Yeah but people using cheap tactics is probably why io felt the need to put the restriction in
In the first place…


You’re still the Piano Man. :wink: Take comfort in knowing that this ET wasn’t your fuck up to end the streak.


Well, remember that this ET won’t end your streak, it just doesn’t count for the point of your streak.


47 is a CONTRACT assassin, it’s not up to him “you” to decide the conditions, the contract does. You’re a professional, so you follow the rules regardless if you like or agree with them, or you don’t take the contract and let the next assassin come in. As @GorillaDust stated above, there is legit reasoning behind a murder looking like an accident, and honestly, this makes it much more realistic than any previous ET.


@AGENT4T7 @VanillaBeast that’s a good point. Since it’s supposed to look like an accident, you can just say you never did it, and he just ‘magically’ fell off the place with a safety railing :smirk:


More realistic is never a good reason though


That’s relative thinking. For some yes, some no, but it doesn’t change the fact it’s more realistic.


Then they should have made it that non-lethal melee isn’t allowed, since that’s what a FE is classified as.

The number of ET’s where the FE was the fastest method is in the minority.


So a car explosion can’t look like an accident? I would have been fine with them not allowing the FE for this colorado, but removing so many killing options is just bad.


That’s how i see this kill conditions, i’m way to afraid for failing, so i will do as the picture says, push so he falls and dies or drowning him :flushed:.

Non-explosion accident is too vague for me when the picture is showing push and drowning.


If they can integrate a condition into the narrative to make it compelling from a gameplay perspective then I don’t really have a problem with it. It makes the contract feel a little more unique.


I’m sure the briefing will explain more clearly, but I don’t want a Fixer repeat. I feel like I’m going to hay bale him if possible.

Anyway, nobody is talking about the documents. I assume they will be in the house, most likely well guarded, but I could be wrong (oh god, please don’t be in the barn. I don’t want to risk a barn infiltration during an ET)


Well, you CAN fiber wire kill him, but you will just fail the ET. But don’t you want the winter suit and the tactical suit? I know you don’t care about the suits, but you don’t want to ruin the streak of the ETs by missing one.


Yea and that’s all fine and dandy, and believe it or not I agree with you.

HOWEVER, these are Elusives (1 time only playable contracts) so “Freedom of approach” should be more important here now more than ever.

I see what your saying though and I have no problems with having restrictions in contacts mode, Escolations and even the actual story missions.

But one time only contracts…?? During Elusives??
Hell freaking no!!


I feel as if this guy will have a fall kill where he is shown on this screenshot (once you take out the two guards) or you could emetic syringe him and then drown him. There will probably be a poison chance, too.


Yeah I’m so damn tempted to just Fiberwire his ass and have a glorified fail…

But, as much as I would love to do that, I at least want to keep my SA streak, eventhough now my Fiberwire one is gonna end now😕


Poison is not considered an accident


Well technically your fiber wire streak didn’t end because you it’s impossible to complete the ET with the fiber wire kill.


Yeah I know, but still it’s the principle of the thing…
Just the fact I’m gonna have an elusive kill that won’t be from Fiberwire just will feel strange now… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I mean emetic poison, then drown.