Elusive Target #18 The Chameleon 01.13.2017 (13.01.2017)


Maybe start in the house undercover as an hacker and subdue a guard, so you can move more freely, but i don’t remember if the house guard outfit is giving you access to the barn.


It doesn’t, your best bet is point man.


Actually,they made this one accident only, otherwise they would just have said no explosive accidents.


I don’t think FE users are to blame, it’s just an easy way to get SA. Sure it sucks for those users but IO wants this ET to be challenging. They know it’s an easy kill and want it to be harder. They did say that ETs will get harder over time.


increasing difficulty does NOT equal severely limiting your killing options


And what’s easier than an accident kill…?

With accidents body can be found. Fiberwire kills (IMO) are the most challenging. It’s one method where you literally get the closest to your target and you have to be certain the body ain’t found because obviously it isn’t an accident. I really do see why io felt the need to add this restriction, but honestly I really do think that the FE users are a part of their decision…


Tell that to @AGENT4T7.


Yeah it only 1 target, but still… Tell that to Sean Rose or sombody else with extreme OCD :dizzy_face:


No, kills with large lethal melee weapon like axes are harder since you can’t holster them. Loud shotgun runs are harder aswell

Anyway, i would have been fine with them not allowing FE kills for this 1 ET, but severely limiting so many killing options?

That is just a terrible decision


Oh god, now I’m scared.

(Then again every time I worry I do fine.)


Yeah, but if you are in say a guard disguise etc. you don’t have to holster lol


He has done every target to date with fibre wire, and planned to do that for every single target.


I thought we were talking about SA/SO since that what you always do isn’t it?


@AGENT4T7 sorry about your fibrewire streak dude. I’ve been watching that amusedly. :frowning:


Not Anymore!!..

Gotta love it!!


This one doesn’t count. He committed suicide, he wasn’t actually killed by you.


This sure is the most challenging ET until now and in the most challenging map as well.


SA yes, always!
But there were some Elusives I didn’t do it suit only.

But Fiberwire was ALWAYS the way…
But, not anymore :confused:


It adds to the challenge, surely? It’s good to see them messing around with the formula. Keeps things interesting.


Oh damn gotta retrieve documents too? This is one coooooooooomplex ET.