Elusive Target #18 The Chameleon 01.13.2017 (13.01.2017)


Sometimes, the complications make it less fun. Sometimes, they make it more fun.


Again, i know you have to kill him with a non-explosive accident, which means making use of a fixed killing method, there is no way around that. And no, that does not offer more challenge. The challenge should be in his route and how well guarded he is, not removing 90% of your killing options.


That said, we haven’t played the contract yet, and I think I’ll like it, but I don’t think I’ll be any good at it.


If I wanted to play a contract and have it look like a suicide, I’d play contracts. I like immersion as much as you do, but when immersion hits gameplay badly, it becomes a problem.




So is contract mode, but no one cries when you have to kill the targets by accident or sniper or whatever specific way that contract is set to.

And we haven’t seen his route or even where on the map this ET takes place. For all we know there could be 4 different obvious places to kill him, and god kniws how many “off the path” kills there are. Some might get creative and lure him somewhere different with coins. Or cause a distraction and somehow get him into the right spot.

I guess what I’m trying to say is… Don’t complain before it’s out. Sure I could be wrong, and there could be just one fixed spot to kill him, and it would be a boring ET. And if that’s the case then so be it, I don’t mind :open_hands:


Besides, I could make it look like a suicide. If I wanted. But the point is to let the player choose to do that.


The client isn’t really a person. The client is a made up thing. The client doesn’t have to want that, IOI MADE the client want that. In contracts, when it’s not a one off opportunity, then accidents only is good. But as I said before, I play hitman for gameplay, not for immersion.


Hmm, this is an interesting wrinkle, I wondered when they would incorporate those kill method restrictions in the mainstream contracts. I can understand some of the objections, but a contract is a contract. If the client wants it to look like an accident, then that’s what you’ve got to do if you want to get paid.

I think it will be fun. I need to go back and run around in Colorado some more this week, I haven’t even gotten to level 20 there yet.


Yes and the client should indeed get their way! I’m not arguing with that at all.

The problem I have is setting such a restriction during a ‘one time’ only contract. Contracts that are once and done, we as the player should have the choice to eliminate them how ever we see fit.

Keep the "the client requests that"
Scenarios for all the other game modes , that is fine since they are replayable


It’s limiting, maybe it’ll be a good target when it comes out, and there will be a lot of opportunities. But this is a one try only ET, so I’ll never be able to try other methods for this guy.


But look, let’s agree to disagree here, and not clog up this thread. We can debate it more when we see what the target will be like.


Well, I don’t wanna mix this with the “elusive target, no retires” thread, but originally you shouldn’t replay it. So in that case, all Elusives are limited to one method only #NoRetries This one just have fever methods than others. It could still be a challenge, who knows?
Anyway. I look forward to try it, and if it sucks, well there’s always a new ET :open_hands:


This seems legit to me


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Still, why to make it look like a suicide. I mean, we aren’t in a public event and the whole place is trigger happy. Sure I hope a good description of the client’s wishes for this one. The Chameleon title suggest he is an spy so lets see what it’s supposed to mean.


Jeez, the way people are crying about “Freedom of Approach” you would think IO had put these kill conditions on a main mission. It’s an elusive target. There’s going to be plenty more in the future, god forbid that they try and change them up from time to time. If anything this forces people to be more creative and seek out other kill methods. Embrace the challenge people, we finally have an ET that is hard (but not simply because of a static route).


Perhaps he’s carrying the documents on him, like the guy in the Morocco bonus episode? An explosion would likely destroy any documents he’s carrying.


That would make sense. I think that would be cool (although I’d rather the documents be seperate)


Jeezm the way people are talking like this would add any challenge or that it would force people to be more creative, you would think they never played the game.

it’s not a challenge