Elusive Target #18 The Chameleon 01.13.2017 (13.01.2017)


So, is the exit for this Elusive still the underground basement? That adds a new wrinkle, considering you need to pull off an accident kill and recover the docs, plus go down to the nightmare basement.


I also just noticed how the target is named “Richard”. Kinda stupid, since The Ex-Dictator and The Guru were Richards too. Not a big deal, but it still bothers me.


I think this variant will be the Non-Story version where you can leave via the SUV, the Quadbike, and the little kiddie-trike, etc.


Maybe it’ll tie into the plot of Season 2… where we learn the real Shadow Client this whole time is a man named Ricardo… who wishes he was named Richard and that if he can’t have that name no one else can! :wink:

Ricardo: “That’s why I hired you! To kill everybody named RICHARD! Hahahaha…”

47: “That’s a lot of work…”

Ricardo: “Yeah! But think of how much money you’re going to make!”

47: “Here’s the documents you requested from my last assignment.”

Ricardo: “Thanks! I needed these for my VISA application. Especially this old Birth Certificate…I could never read that smudge that was over my name in my mom’s old copy… Hahaha! No… wait… this can’t be right…”

47: “Something the matter?”

Ricardo: “It says here my name is… RICHARD… always has been.”

47: “You know what that means.” points silverballer at Ricardo/Richard

Ricardo: “No! Wait!”


47: “A contract is a contract.”



I find Colorado kind of nerve wracking. The map and I have never gotten along. I have never so prayed for a simple fire extinguisher and go. This? This fresh hell has me nervously hoping that I do it. Some folks are worried about winter suits. I just want to get out alive without spazzing.


Last ET: No consumed poison
This ET: No explosion

This isn’t really anything new. I’d expect some nutty restrictions on other things in the future too. No guns, no actual touching the target, etc.


“Must be killed by Ken Morgan falling out the window after Jordan Cross has pushed him.” :stuck_out_tongue:




i really confused. so can i kill with any melee? or not?


I think it’s appropriate to watch @leet_it_b’s hilarious video again…

Next time on Elusive Target

I know this is in Bangkok, but I wonder if IOI were inspired by this? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I need someone to do this elusive for me sadly. (SA) Any volunteers?

Someone well known around here.


All the same. It’s still a nutty restriction. I actually like that it forces people out of their comfort zones.

Unfortunately it means most videos of this one will be of the same kind of things. But on the other hand…it also means we’ll likely see more failures, which are always a delight.


I look forward to watching someone else do this on Youtube and replicating what they did!


Let me clear that up, as I was the one that wrote it and made the image.

The exact condition description that you’ll find in the game is as per the blog: “Eliminate Richard M. Foreman with a non-explosive accident.”

I added the icons to the image to make the contract condition a little more clear, visually. The basic intention was to spell out that it must not be an explosion kill. The exact icons are taken from the briefing videos and help to ‘underline’ what you hear Diana say. She gives the examples of “a fall, or drowning”.


Are you on PS4 ? I’m not well known around here but I always go for SA, if I can help you :slight_smile:


If you don’t mind and just to be absolutely clear… ?

When it says, “Eliminate Richard M. Foreman with a non-explosive accident”, does this mean:

(i) the only way to eliminate him is in an accident that is non-explosive,
(ii) if you eliminate him in an accident then it must be non-explosive?
That is, you can use any kill method as long as it’s not an explosive accident.

I’m sure it’s the first, but I’m anticipating those who fail the mission then claim it is slightly ambiguous.
If it is the first then it might be better phrased, "Eliminate Richard M. Foreman with an accident that is non-explosive."
If it’s the second then a better phrasing would be, “Eliminate Richard M. Foreman by any means except an explosive accident.”


It is the first mister euler13


As you list it, it’s option (i).

The contract condition is to kill the target with a non-explosive accident. With the briefing video and in-game text, this is very apparent and not at all ambiguous.


Ah, so it’s just examples, thanks for helping us out, you know we are terrified for failing ET’s, so if something is a bit unclear some of us are getting confused and unsure very quickly :flushed: :smiley:.


What is difference in two statements.
I am so confused.